It is well worth getting caravan insurance to cover any damage caused when its not attached to the car, theft and other damage to the caravan. Many will have prefered types that qualify for a discount.
Its important to get good locks for your caravan. Shopping around for caravan insurance for the Geist LV Series 535 2004 is well worth while to ensure you get the cover you want for the best price. [More about caravan batteries]. I was impressed with the build quality and general appearance of the vans. Our information shows that the awning size needs to be 974 cm's. The Geist LV Series 550 2004 is 7.64 m (25.0592 feet) long and this is often the information needed when buying a caravan cover. There are a wide range of awnings and accessories available for Geist caravans like the Geist LV Series 550 2004. We have tried to include as many Geist caravans as possible on our site but if you know the details of a caravan that is not included on our site please tell us using this form so that we can share the information with other caravanners, The caravans below are all 2004 models [view all]. If you mainly, use sites with electrical supplies and dont use a motor mover then a smaller battery e.g. Last years models had a V-Tech swing chassis with shock absorbers fitted. With an awning more people can be accommodated outside. Get a caravan insurance quote for a Geist LV Series 550 2004, If you plan to store your caravan outside it will be open to the elements all the times including wind, rain, snow and hot sun. The size of the battery you need will be dependent on your use.

This caravan is fitted with the older 12n & 12s electric connections. Glossop Caravans … ... Hymer Nova 545 DB 2004 Model Caravan - Duration: 0:51. Many will have prefered types that qualify for a discount. To view the caravan specifications and towing data for the 3 Geist caravan models please browse through the list below to find the model you are interested in and click on the link. There are a range of 12v leisure batteries that are suitable for this Geist caravan. 75amp/h may be suffice. A caravan cover can help protect your caravan from the damage that the weather can do to a caravan over time. Geist LV550 4 berth fixed bed caravan + motor mover 0211281570 - Duration: 3:26. Please bear in mind that for some models the information is incomplete and as it is compiled through independent research and submissions it may not be accurate. You will need to make sure that your towing vehicle is also fitted with the 12n / 12s system or alternativley you can purchase an adapter. Wheel clamps and hitch locks. The Geist LV Series 535 2004 is 7.34 m (24.0752 feet) long and this is often the information needed when buying a caravan cover. This caravan is a 4 berth version sleeping a maximum of 4 persons inside the caravan. Please check this with your caravan manual before buying as this number may not be accurate.

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