From tough 4WDing, some of the best fishing anywhere and a couple of the most stunning campsites in Queensland, this is the secret Cape York hotspot that we guarantee you won't wanna miss! The Watagans State Forest is home to Cut Rock, CPT80 and Killy Loop - super tough 4WDing that will test these trucks to their limit! Next up, we catch up with Mick and his retina-scorching lime-green four-door JK Wrangler, a truck that looks as unique as it does tough. It's all there and more, on 4WD Action DVD -the next best thing to actually being at Birdsville! In this issue, Graham, Shauno, and Jamie tackle more of the incredible Lorella Springs Station – a one-million-acre property in the heart of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

4WD Action DVD – the only way to experience the best bits of Australia without leaving your lounge room! Broken axles, mental recoveries, ruts and rock steps that would swallow the dirty 30 – and that was just in the first hour! Just an hour north of the city lights, this area has it all – mud, rocks, mud, ruts and more mud! Looking for tough 4WDs to get a bit of inspiration for your next mod? Nissan Patrol (Gu Patrol) They tackle the Balfour, the Climies and even the infamous Lake Cumberland track plus show you some of the sights that only the locals know about. Join us on this issue of 4WD Action TV as we jump on The Spirit Of Tassie and head south to Taswegia in search of the ultimate Tassie offload experiences - the legendary Climes track and the epic Arthur-Pieman region. Join Graham, Shauno and the team as they take on the incredible Mt Skene and Mt Sunday in the middle of the winter - in the biggest snow storm to hit the high country in years. Check out what may well be the toughest 60 Series in Australia, before Tech Editor Paul's dad Steve brings out his pride and joy Sierra for a beach run. Next up is what we reckon is one of the neatest and toughest 120 Series Prados around, and the best part is it has been built entirely at home! A winch won’t save us…. Or will they find out why the Simpson is one of the most unforgiving places to explore in the country. With tracks completely washed away in the devastation, this is going to be one intense weekend! Will Milo make it out in one piece a DVD every month?

With the punishment they're putting Shorty and the Dirty 30 though, there's no guarentee that they're gonna make it though this one, but there is one thing for certain - they're gonna give it a red hot go! The iconic Old Telegraph Track was appealing, but with the wet season not wanting to budge, the safer Developmental Track was looking like the sensible choice. In this issue of 4WD Action we hand the Dirty 30 and D-MAX keys over to two newbie 4WDers and point them at some of the toughest tracks in the country. Isuzu dmax On this insane second instalment of their Vic High Country adventure, the boys search for Australia’s steepest, gnarliest track, and they didn’t have to search for long to find it. I’d be lying if I said it all went to plan though – I don’t think I could come any closer to rolling the old girl if I tried! Grab yourself a cold one and hit play on the DVD remote, because this issue's DVD is packed full of the best 4WD action around. It’s seriously tough country out here, but the rewards are definitely worth it! Plus, we show you how to save money with some DIY ideas, check out some great new products, and Roothy whips up another infamous culinary masterpiece. Plus, we also speak to the guys from Ateco and Xtrail for the latest updates on their ranges. Out here, if you drive it in, you’ve gotta drive it back out again – there’s just no other option. The most incredible campsites ???? Will they make it or will they have to bail out again? Taking along Bamaga local Geoff and Weipa fishing guru Luke, it was one of the best trips we’ve done to date.

Current issue 301 & written notice, by Editor Jock McDonald, in prior issue 300. Just when people were starting to wonder if Milo was getting a bit old and worn out, Roothy was ready to prove them wrong. Panel damage & funny pranks. Then jump in with Roothy for part two of our Best 4WD of 2008 trip, as he pits last months winner, the Patrol, against the newcomer 200 Series to see who reigns supreme off-road. The Victorian High Country is one of Australia’s most spectacular 4WD destinations. Locals were not afraid to voice their scepticism at what the boys were planning, and they’d be right in doing so. All this and more on 4WD Action TV: the only show that comes with a ‘more mud than ever before’ money-back guarantee! It's here on this edition of 4WD Action TV - the only Aussie off-road show that searches longer and harder for incredible adventure!

All this in Australian 4WD Action - the show that's constantly keeping the neighbours awake until 2am with the welder and grinder. After we finish driving in the mud, ruts and rock steps we had to the coast and tackle some massive dunes and finish up on the beach. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so see more FREE episode Want more FREE full length episodes?

Yep, you read that right - this is the $1,000 4WD Challenge! The driving in Coffs is as tough as nails, with a whole range of challenges. Yep, and all this in one action-packed DVD. Along the way Roothy is reminded of why he keeps coming back to the area time and time again - it's as close to 4WD heaven on earth as you'll ever get! In this episode of 4WD Action, Graham and Shaun prove that there’s a whole lot more to the Cape than just the Tele Track. Fred Wright, the man behind ‘Right Said Fred’, is bringing you fuel-saving tips and techniques, and Extreme 4WD’s Rick O’Brien investigates the home of Sprintex Superchargers – and if we’re lucky, we might even get a sneak peek at Glenn’s supercharged 80! Mum, dad and son all drive tough 4WDs – is this Australia’s biggest 4WD family? Join Graham, Borgy and Anna on this edition of 4WD Action TV as they attempt to make their way up the French-man's after an insane late wet season that's left the river crossings high and the track as tough as it gets.

Now it's time to test them on the toughest 4WD tracks in Australia in the Glasshouse Mountains Then, Roothy cooks up a Pork Risotto that will make your mouth water. Lucky the boys all gave their winches a service before they took on Glassy, boy did they pay for themselves! Did we survive Cape York’s truck-breaking Old Coach Rd? See track building at its fi nest, with this well-oiled machine jumping at the opportunity to lend a hand to their fellow 4WDers and team members. In this month’s DVD, Graham and Shorty continue their exploration of the NSW coast, and this time they’re tackling the Watagans! From bush welding to busted radiators, watch as our bush mechanics use all their skills to hold their 4WDs together.

This is Fraser like you’ve never seen it, as the boys head beyond the reach of the backpackers, right to the tip. They're the kind of blokes who'll drive to the end of the country, only to punch their 4WDs up the biggest, meanest hills and through the feistiest bog holes they can find. We've got all the action from an amazing couple of days at the 2013 Birdsville Bash, where more than 2000 4WDers converged from all across the country to come and help celebrate our 200th issue. If you've ever considered getting your spare wheel up from under the floorpan, then this month Editor Glenno's got the DIY for you. Best of all, it's entirely free to camp at, and it's just two hours from Sydney! Join Graham, Dave Cox from Mt Dare Station on the western side of the Simmo and Rob and Graham from Hema Maps as they push north-east from Dalhousie Springs in search of the exact centre of the Simmo. We've done some tough trips over the last couple of years, but Graham and the boys have taken it to the next level this time. All this and more, on this issue of 4WD Action TV - the only show on your telly that lives for the weekend escape! He joins local guides Ronnie and Kinky T to embark on what can only be described as an intrepid exploration. Along for the ride we've got big GUs and GQs on 35s and a twin-locked V8 Cruiser, but even those are no match for the slipperiest, steepest tracks of the Great Divide. Trek east along the Great Australian Bight as the boys travel through some of the most remote coastal scenery in Australia.

If that's whet your appetite for tough off-roaders, then you've gotta check out the beaut custom 4WDs we've found this issue. They’ve found the most insane tracks north of the Jardine Ferry – from mud, ruts, gnarly hill climbs and some of the softest and most pristine beaches in the country, these are the tracks and campsites that only the locals know about! Three different trucks, three different uses, but all with some scorching ideas you’ll want to incorporate into your own build-up! This issue, Roothy, Glenno, Brenno and Dave head north for the muddy, rutted tracks of Levuka Rainforest Recreation Park. If you think you can handle it, stick around as we check out another three awesome customs. It's the outback like it's supposed to be -red dirt, good mates and a couple of tough utes! This time it’s his take on chorizo sausages – which might just be the ultimate bit of tucker around camp when you’re knocking back a couple of coldies. Cape York is unarguably the number one 4WDing hotspot in Oz, and for good reason – with cracking tracks like the Tele that are accessible to everyone, the Cape is the perfect adventure location. Bogged in the snow! More known for its apples than its 4WD tracks, Batlow in the South West Slopes of NSW is a hidden 4WD paradise just waiting to be discovered. Featuring a full exo-cage, y8 power and 37in rubber, not much stops it off-road. We’re talking seriously tough tracks, amazing campsites and all within half an hour of town! GRAHAM CAHILL IS BACK and joins Shaun Whale and Jocko on what turned into our biggest challenge ever. The monthly magazine and accompanying DVD then ceased production, with the final issue sold as a Collector's Edition. All this and more on 4WD Action TV – more adventure per hour than any other off-road show, or your money back! The tracks are wild, the campsites are simply stunning, and it's all within a short weekend escape of home! Join him on a tour of Outback Queensland - his home and the place that Milo's made for. With the 2010 wet season not yet over, Graham Cahill is on his second DVD assignment with 4WD Action. Having had the old green truck on a steady gym program comprising of ARB, Terrain Tamer and Diesel Care to name a few, the old girl was more than ready for anything he could throw her way.

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