This is because of the way the male tribute from District 2, Wade Rankine, used a brick, a natural weapon due to the Arena, to kill his opponent which was his final act before standing alone as Victor. “Forget the odds,” he whispers, and it burns in his throat. Catoniss, quite AU obviously. She makes her first kill at ten years old. In an early version of the script, the ruined city was said to be Aspen, 300 years in the future. ***Because what better ending than the Hunger Games? The record stood for 63 years until a new tribute came forth in the 73rd Hunger Games. Victor's District Once Effie walked over to the glass bowl for the boys, both Katniss and Gale knew their lives would never be the same again.

District 10 – George Butcher, Lucy Shearer Arena District 8 – Cisco Long, Rebecca Plaid (kinda chubby) Good at climbing and very shyDistrict 12. One day later, the District 4 Female decides to try and poison the careers, since there aren't that many tributes left and also because she wants to win. “Forget the odds,” Jimin echoes. Later, since this was the final day of the Games, he ran into the boy from 10, so he had to fight him, since they were the only two left. WARNING: YOU ARE NOT LIKE KATNISS, IT IS STATED THAT SHE AND GALE WERE THE ONLY HUNTERS! It would be the first time direct Capitol intervention prevented this Pyrrhic scenario; it would not be the last. Brizo is a 17 year old girl living in district 4. *im really excited about this story and i hope you all give it a chance! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 73rd Annual Hunger Games. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Work Search: You must make either a typed bio or a project bio including:Name: Age: Gender: District: Weapon: Allies: Special skills: Looks: Personality: Likes: Dislikes: District Token: Other: Alright, now that we know what's up, let's get started! ~Updates~4/6/16~ Reapings are open for roleplay!4/7/16~ Training is open for role-play! District 11 – Nash Palmer, Zoe Armitage Welcome to the 73rd annual Hunger Games! That is untill the day of the Reaping for the 73rd Hunger Games. A short one-shot showcasing a storyline I have toyed with for nearly a decade and am seriously considering expanding upon.

Effie mentioned that both tributes from District 12 ate like savages and had no sense of etiquette or manners. Another hint that this was a short competition was that there were no stated Game maker-engineered ploys used in the Arena on the final Tributes, unlike in the Games in the year before or the year after. The next day, the Gamemakers decided to start a demolition on the building Wade and the District 1 Female were one. The 73rd Hunger Games was the 73rd annual installment of the Hunger Games. She does this by poisoning the District 1 Male by getting nightlock berries she picked from a tree. ~ Pre - The Hunger Games Trilogy through the 74th Hunger Games ~, Something dark and painful flashes on Jimin’s face and disappears as quickly as it had come. First come, first served system. Forget what the books said, forget what the movies showed, I’m gonna screw with it all ‘cause it’s a fanfiction and I can ;) I do not own The Hunger Games, and and recognizable characters belong to Suzanne Collins.

The Hunger Games Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. The Victor was most likely from District 2. Katniss would watch this year's Games in … Can you do that?”, “Please.

Chronological Info Of course, the careers broke up their pack and killing both of them. The 73rd Hunger Games This is President Coloranius Snow, reporting live from the Capitol, and I'd like to welcome you all to the 73rd annual Hunger Games!"

Last year, Harry Hook was drawn in the Reaping. Follows entire series. As a result, the Capitol instituted new changes in the rule of the Games, which required the supplying of firewood and other fire-starting supplies in the Arena for the Tributes' use by the Game makers. 74th Hunger Games. Athena is chosen to be in the games, will she survive? - Katniss remembering the year before The 74th Hunger Games.,, from being smacked in the head with a brick by Wade, getting crushed under the falling building, getting killed by the District 1 Female with a mace, getting poisoned by the District 4 Female, getting killed by the District 1 Male with a mace, getting killed by the District 4 Male with a mace, During the 74th Games and this year, the District 8 Males are both the first ones to die in the Games. 72nd Hunger Games Type Regular Arena Pine Forest Winning District District 2 Winner Sorrell Legume Preceeded by 71st Hunger Games Followed by 73rd Hunger Games.

District 12, says the Capitol.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Change ). This caused the two careers to get in a fight, a fight in which the District 1 Male won by slamming his mace on his opponents head.

Now Katniss Everdeen has volunteered to take her sister's place in the 74th Games and when she comes out, she might just be able to piece the prior victor back together again. A strikethrough means they’re taken. The biggest reason was that many Tributes died due to exposure to the elements, as opposed to in close combat or even any combat. 73rd Hunger Games Part of the Mockingjay Rebellion Date| 73 years after the Dark Days Location| Arena Notable Participants Gamemaker(s)| Seneca Crane † Victor(s)| Unknown Statistics Casualties| 23 Tributes Chronology Previous| 72nd Hunger Games Next| 74th Hunger Games Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The 73rd Hunger Games

The winner of these Games was Wade Rankine , from District 2 at age 16. Wade didn't want to fight with his friends so he escaped the battle with no injuries. The girl received the worst death in the Games, as her demise was the slowest one, since the careers wanted to give the crowd a show. When the District 1 Male kills him, this angers the District 4 Male since he really wanted to kill the guy for his immense thirst for blood. If you are not receiving emails from us, please try after 8am EST. District 1 – Sparkle Harrod, Tinsel King District 2 – Denton Crack, Taylor Smith District 3 – Jade Masters, Marlo Runner District 4 – Eve Gilligan, Steven Fisher (has glasses) Comment here or here on who you want to compete as! These games were won by a career tribute who, in the film Katniss watched, is seen killing another tribute by bludgeoning the remaining tribute, a sixteen year old boy from District 10 with a brick. But it’s hard to save a friend if you can barely stand looking yourself in the eye. Her name stayed within the glass bowl. I love the hunger games so much!

Now I wish I had never even heard the name of the Hunger Games. District 2 Male (73rd HG) Victor The career tributes will consist of both tributes from 1, 2 and 4, and any other tribute may join ONLY upon invitation and with permission from all existing tributes from the 3 districts listed above. District 4 – Eve Gilligan, Steven Fisher (has glasses) Victor Followed by A year later, Claudius and Caesar talk about this year's Games, and how it was one of their favorites. The 72nd Hunger Games was the 72nd annual instalment of the Hunger Games. Once the other careers noticed what she was trying to do, all hell broke loose, resulting in a huge fight between the. It took place approximately 2 years before the beginning of the 75th Hunger Games, Arena 01. Unfortunately, it was considered "boring", even unpopular, for many reasons.

We know that kids in District 12 aren't put to work in the coal mines until they are already adults at age 18. He didn't fully trust hers so he stayed very vigilant when she was going to sleep. Even the mutations were largely aerial, bat-like creatures that fared slightly better in the elements than the Tributes. It wasn't Prim. District 2 the boy from district 12, and a random tribute! First come, first served system. ~The Tributes~District 1:Male:Female: Basil Little ( @Trin578), District 2:Male:Female: Kira Salah ( @BlueLove05), District 3:Male:Female: Amia Froke ( @Trin578), District 4:Male:Female: Tora Shisen ( @X-Yin-X), District 5:Male:Female: Willow Everon ( @xXNerdWriterXx), District 9:Male:Female: Miriam ( @technoidude), District 11:Male:Female: Ever Melody ( @X-Yin-X). I think it would have been really interesting to see Katniss and Peeta as mentors in the 74th, although it might have been difficult to work that into the books in between the Victory Tour and The Quarter Quell. Arena getting killed by the District 2 Female with a mace. A brief glimpse into a few memories of a young woman forced to play a role thrust upon her. Tributes: Edit Ruthless and destructiveDistrict 3. My body, mind, and spirit are broken. Although the arena is said to be a tundra,the film tells us the 73rd Hunger Games was a wasteland of rubbish, and a boy won by smashing a tributes skull with a brick. ( Log Out /  Next Now it's time for the 73rd Hunger Games, and her life takes another turn when she gets reaped.

I thought I was stronger than the others before me, I thought I would cope better than they could and that because of this I … Also there is no power playing, no special powers, no rebelling against the capitol and no being unrealistic in ANY way, shape or form. Instead it was a young girl, Sara. District 3 – Jade Masters, Marlo Runner These Hunger Games were won by an unknown boy from District 2 who was sixteen years old. Ruined City Appearance All are taken so I’ve restored the list. The Hunger Games (film) District 2 – Denton Crack, Taylor Smith Weak(ish) and not too brightDistrict 7.

Whatever fire once flared in her soul grows cold. Most of the supplies at the Cornucopia were apparently weapons or winter apparel. Once they run into each other, she tries to make an alliance with Wade again. Previous There was little shelter from the bitter cold and snow, as most of the buildings were collapsed or simply closed off.JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})Tributes; those buildings that were accessible had holes in them which prevented proper insulation. With a new terrain and different twists and turns around every corner, this year's games are bound to be one of the best ones yet.

She doesn't want to be in the seventy-third Hunger Games but she has to volunteer. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", The final moments of all of the tributes who died in the 73rd Annual Hunger Gamers. Snow then turned the project in to Dr. Gaul while Highbottom was sleepi… Juliet Breyer, a seventeen-year-old living in District 9, thought it was hard enough watching her best friend Luke compete in the 72nd Hunger Games. 2 Considering the tributes' outfits this year consisted of an armored undershirt, this probably meant conventional weapons were not offered in these games since everyone had body protection.

The 73rd Hunger Games March 25, 2012 Lily Fanfiction Romance 73rd Hunger Games Hunger Games When the long-time love of Cato, Jenna, is selected as District 2's female tribute in the 73rd annual Hunger Games, he tells her she has to win. The Hunger Games The same rules apply as all the other Hunger Games, no cannibalism and only 1 victor. Skilled with fishing, medium strengthDsitrict 5.

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