Animal Restaurant Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. D&D Beyond The chef'll pay for it. They can get it back with a single sniff and never ask for compensation. The Ingredient (Flower/Gardening Tool), Flower Level, and Mailbox Type may all impact Letters Received. A novice skier who injured her arm while skiing. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He likes to fish. He'll be very grateful. For example: (Rose), (Daisy) and (Bluebell) is a combination for a letter, that means (Bluebell), (Rose), (Daisy) is not a new combination. The boss usually speaks little but, occasionally, late at night, he chats with lonely customers about the things they want to do in the future. Click the Wear / Remove button to take clothes on / off. Chef, the heavy rain broke the dam and flooded the area downstream, so I won't be able to come to the shop often these days. Likes shiny things, such as money. Shiba Liang is very gentle, even to flowers. A famous magician in Las Vegas who excels at reading minds. It's allbecause of these pictures and videos I shot. share. Many flavors to choose from. Though every person looks about the same, the queue is rather long. Toad's Pineapple Shop. Just give him whatever he asks for. He charges COD or PLATES, so be careful if you're saving up! He used to work in an office but quit to live in a small town in the country. Just came back from a party without even removing her hat. One more left to get. He's rarely seen, but those who do see him will be in luck. The egg waffle of childhood smells really appetizing. The shop owner thinks that flowers can bring happiness. Can you guess who this is? Can you guess who this is? How cute 1. They're related to pigs, but they've got an entirely different temper, so take care when you're serving them! 14. Posted by 11 hours ago. You can obtain the required flower to attract them from the Gachapon Machine, the Mysterious Merchant, or the Wishing Well. That's why he opened a flower shop, in hopes that everyone will find their happiness. Convenient, hygienic and tasty microwave buns. After years of sewing and mending clothes, his technique is top-notch. A student learning ecological engineering with excellent results. He's extremely troubled by his own habitual nature and can only try his best to avoid crowded spaces. (Taken from the App Store description). You went viral! I also tried using the wikia letter guide, but I’ve found that there are a lot of possible combinations to get the letters. All is well in the world! His smile and chubby face can rid friends of all bad luck! A traditional delight with a long history. I also tried using the wikia letter guide, but I’ve found that there are a lot of possible combinations to get the letters. She puts on sunglasses and thinks she's all that, but even influencers will go out in style! Made from natural ice straight from Antarctica. If you see him, you'll be super-duper lucky! Reminds me of The Little Prince! She spends an average of 8 hours a day brushing her hair. He's unwilling to spend anything on himself, but he's always generous toward others. Add sausage. Isn't he cold? Cheshire Cat . save. Looks happy and carefree, but his faint smile hides dark secrets. The most common deer in the area. He's holding his watch like he's late for something. They tend to worry, so they like to hoard food. He doesn't seem like a bad guy. Permission To Raise Price: Adzuki Bean Dumpling, Permission To Raise Price: Buttered Toast, Permission To Raise Price: Coconut Cassia Wine, Permission To Raise Price: Fried Shrimp Sushi, Permission To Raise Price: Mango Surprise, Permission To Raise Price: Mushroom Pasta, Permission To Raise Price: Porridge & Jam, Permission To Raise Price: Purple Sweet Potato Bun, Permission To Raise Price: Seaweed Rice Balls, Permission To Raise Price: Strawberry Pancake, Permission To Raise Price: Strawberry Shaved Ice, White, chubby foodies that only like sweets. They used to be farm animals, but they were abandoned because they grew too fast. Everyone always compliments him, 'Such a cute little girl!'. Anyone is welcome to use this table to keep track of their test results! He always looks down. Some mementos can be worn by staff members that you hire. And me lyke naps. In order to receive letters in the game, you will have had to unlock the Garden area and Purchase your first mailbox (Garden Facility). Give him your unwanted clothes and plastic bottles. A memento will indicate if it can be worn. 83 comments. The Chicky's Ends they grill are liked by all students. These city-slickers get all suave whenever they see a human. (Just make an account and edit). Loves staying at home. Cutting off your hair is like cutting away our life!'. I want to order lots of bento, then come and take them to the construction site. Free if it ain't sweet! During grazing season, they're all over the mountains and plains. Everyone always thinks of this kind of spotted deer, but they're pretty rare around here. These dogs look super cool, but they'd rather play with people than dogs. You can view letters that you've received by clicking on your mailbox . Does anyone have any different combinations for beavers letter 1 than that’s on the wiki for animal restaurant? Add crisp fritter. Players can influence what Letters Messenger Hedwig brings back by adding flowers to Messenger Hedwig's suitcase before sending her away. Some mementos can … The customers are all frequent patrons, and the stall often stays open till 2 or 3 in the morning. It tastes even better with condiments. His droopy eyes make him look a bit down, but he's actually a very gentle cat. This species has a penchant for leopard print. And finally, bluebell 1, white rose 1, iron can. They're always asking if they've lost weight...but they're still as chubby as ever. 5. There are currently 15 doll figure customers in the game. Strawberries and hawthorns available! Hides candies in its pocket. Settles differences with rap battles. Has sharp little teeth that are especially good at gnawing through cables. I’m sorry if this gets asked a lot, but the fandom wiki just doesn’t seem to do the trick. She is peace-loving and takes good care of her health. Got separated from his mother and is going around everywhere asking about her. Prerequisites are either things stated by the game, or letters that you get before the combination works for you. Prince Michael. Mementos provide you automatic bonuses. Tips & Tricks | Events | Customers| Mementos | Letters | Buffet | Fish Pond. He only does three things everyday: reading, eating and watering flowers. They'll curl up into a ball if they get frightened. Its legs may be short, but it sure can jump! Looks like he could be Jiji's distant relative. I hear they can't even live in the city. The worst mouse in the world left the circus and opened a market with his own savings. Anniversary Giveaway Winners Announced! They eat meat with every meal. *Special character: special customers appear at random intervals once unlocked; they do not order food but perform certain positive or negative functions during their short stay in the restaurant. What are you doing criticizing your own food? Perhaps only those with hearts filled with love can make delicious cotton candy. You do not have to purchase these incrementally. If the letter combo/mailbox doesn't work, if you've gotten a letter before a prerequisite was fulfilled, or if you notice anything else, we'd love to hear in the comments/table section below! Nobody knows how this Fried Tofu is made, nor do we dare ask. Old Joe's wife sets up a stall outside the school gate everyday, while Old Joe pulls customers in the streets. (I’m on day 123, if that means anything). Loves going to school in the new uniform. For more information about a Customer's requirements, go check their page! Very shy and afraid of bring chased out, but still perseveres at work! 129. There's an unheard story behind the knife wound. Mementos are items in the game that are dropped by various customers once requirements are met and picked up by tapping them. For more information about a Customer's requirements, go check their page! The skin on his hand is peeling from repeated hand-washing. Snacks and dramas are enough. Gumi's distant cousin. It doesn’t even have a time guide to when booth owners appear. Rumors say that there's even an online store now. save. The combos on the wiki are: white rose 1, bluebell 1, iron can. Received the wrong uniform from the teacher. Shh, don't talk about his height to his face! When will it end? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Everyone is so tired. Little white bunny, ever so white; with two pointy ears, that stand upright. Got hooked onto hip-hop recently. Two dollars to spin the left wheel and five to spin the right, which is said to be easier to get the dragon, but ends up giving the quail every time... A cool doggo turned gentle thanks to a kitty's company. There are currently 46 booth owners in the game. 1 comment. Tips & Tricks | Events | Customers | Mementos | Letters | Buffet | Fish Pond 1 Overview 1.1 Wearing Mementos 1.2 Memento Guides 1.2.1 Mementos & Requirements Table 1.2.2 Mementos by Customer Table Mementos are items in the game that are dropped by various customers once requirements are met and picked up by tapping them. They're always gossiping. They're always chewing on pieces of grass. This cutthroat competitor will stop at nothing to ruin our restaurant's business. Super soft with a gentle personality. Hates being jeered by his peers. A type of sheep from the neighbor's pasture. 1 Regulars 2 Special 3 Seasonal 4 Doll Figures 5 Booth Owners 6 Event-Limited 6.1 Halloween Customers 6.2 Lunar New Year Customers 6.3 Anniversary Customer 7 Changelog Regular customers will visit when the player's restaurant meets the right requirements. share. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nobody knows what breed he is, but everyone likes him! A mean-looking old captain. Hi! Their tummies are always rumbling, but they never go hungry. They're covered in spines but still want to hug everyone. Can build dams, help to fight drought, improve water quality, and even combat climate change. They're so stinky that the chef stays far away whenever he sees them, but they're welcomed by the other animals because they're good at playing dumb and listening in on the humans' secrets., Blue Folding Curtain, Dreams of Tattered Leaves, Mushroom Pasta Permission to Raise Prices, Steamed Clams - Permission to Raise Prices, Obtained by: Growing in Garden / Purchasing from Mysterious Merchant (crow) / Receive from Wishing Well, Obtained by: Purchasing from Mysterious Merchant (crow) / Receive from Wishing Well or Gachapon - ONLY.

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