1/28/99, Question: "For the second year in a row measuring the rate of photosynthesis using spinach leaves, DPIP and a Spec 20 have failed to show any activity with spinach chloroplasts. 10/10/99, Answer 4: "An earlier message suggested putting acetone in a blender to do chlorophyll extraction from frozen spinach. To get started finding Answers To Photosynthesis Ap Bio , you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed. I'm in Los Angeles :P Not that far away. Incorrect usage of the spectrophotometer or neglecting to recalibrate often enough could have caused errors in this portion of the lab. Why that wavelength, and how important is it to be exact? The water solution without sodium bicarbonate is the control group. There is a great resource from Flinn Scientific with some labs using the spectrophotometer, Flinn Scientific Spectrophotometer Laboratory Manual, Catalog # AP8685A. Too much handling, bending, or allowing the paper to touch the sides of the cylinder could all have affected the outcome of this experiment. What is established on the chromatogram is a gradient of the solvent components, with the more nonpolar components moving toward the front and the more polar components staying behind. so many fake sites. Hold the boiling tube in front of your overhead projector. Also, did you use a heat sink and activate the spinach with the light for a couple of hours? 1/26/99, Answer 2: "You set the wavelength at 605 nm because that is the wavelength for which DPIP has its greatest absorbance (darkest color). I had each group of three students do a separate part of the lab and plan an assembly line. The DataLoggers are so versatile that you can use them with PCs, TI8X, or better, and you can even remotely gather data as you would with the CBLs. —Peter Gardiner, St Michaels University School, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It went quickly and although we did not get large amounts of data, it exposed the kids to the procedure. This exercise required 1 50-mL graduated cylinder, a small amount of a solvent, a stopper, filter paper, scissors, a pencil, spinach leaves, and a quarter. If you do not already subscribe to the Biology Place (www.biology.com), this would be a good time to try out the two-week free trial offer. "For a brilliant red color, try shining a 'black light' (longwave UV) on the chlorophyll solution while all other lights in the room are turned off. So, to optimize the reliability of your system, reduce the volume of the chamber, put pads around the inside that are saturated with the solvent, and put a lid on soon after you insert the chromatogram." If the students don't get a measurable change in the cuvette in the light in the first five minutes, they probably won't. Is this correct? Biology Photosynthesis Test Answers Gateway Biology Internet4Classrooms. —Brad Williamson, Olathe East High School, Olathe, Kansas. Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook. The Biology Project. The directions themselves for this lab are a little unclear. The colorimeters are only about $100, so a whole class can be supplied with them for less than the cost of one Spec 20. As Doug pointed out, when you get to the longer red wavelengths you lose some accuracy. Has been used for such experiments for almost 50 years; protocols for chloroplast isolation in part specific for spinach. I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! There are 4-5 main pigments present in plants ranging from green to yellow in color. We also have two Spec 20s that groups take turns using in order to determine the absorption spectrum. It never worked right. Plants contain several different pigments, and the rate of photosynthesis in plant cells is directly related to light and temperature. Or gassy. In order to read or download answers to photosynthesis ap bio ebook, you need to create a FREE account. I use a 0.1 percent DPIP solution from Carolina Science and Boreal Labs. Set the Spec 20 to 605 nanometers (use the wavelength control knob, on top of the instrument). In my class I use the Vernier colorimeters for the DPIP part of the lab—each group can work with their own set up. Putting the chlorophyll in front of the overhead or any other strong white light will also work, but the effect is not as striking as the black-light version. They are cheap enough that I have 12 of them and can have students working in pairs." 12/11/00, Question: "To show that chlorophyll emits red light, I followed the directions suggested as further study for lab 4... but I can't get any redness when the chlorophyll is exposed to light.". Follow the instructions in the Edition D teacher's edition to the letter. I like to use the rounded tips of scissors or the blunt end of forceps to get a nice even line. Should this be diluted further? 1/6/01, Answer 8: "I would concur with those who have had good data from the Vernier colorimeters. why dont scientists transplant human vocal cords to an animal so it can talk to us? The rate of migration on a chromatogram is the Rf value. The Floating Leaf Disk Assay for Investigating Photosynthesis Brad Williamson Introduction: Trying to find a good, quantitative procedure that students can use for exploring photosynthesis is a challenge. To prevent osmotic shock and lysis of chloroplasts. 1/6/01, Answer 9: "I see uses for both pieces of equipment. They work great! What is the source of the electrons that will reduce DPIP? I assume the rxn was running so fast that it completely reduced all the available DPIP. Frozen spinach will not work. Those things can get really finicky sometimes. We want to answer this question in a way that is thorough and understandable at the same time. I am a little unsure what you mean about calibrating with water versus ethanol. —Jo Ann Burman, Andress High School, El Paso, Texas. Be sure to use 95 percent EtOH and not drugstore isopropyl (70 percent), though some drugstores carry 91 percent EtOH, which will work. —Tricia Glidewell, Marist School, Atlanta, Georgia. It makes glucose and fructose chains and also releases oxygen , which passes through the stomata of the plant. ", Answer: "If you follow the instructions in the lab manual for mixing up the phosphate buffer, you will get a 0.1 M buffer. Tip: "I had dropped the photosynthesis lab when I first started teaching AP Biology out of frustration. —Bobbie Hinson, Providence Day School, Charlotte, North Carolina. Gaby Manjarrez. What was measured with the spectrophotometer in this experiment? Now that I've stuck my neck out, it might not surprise you to know that of the specs, I even like the 'older' style with a dial rather than the digital read out. The Rf values will differ from the standards, and will differ from one student to the next because of differences in their local environment, i.e., sun shining on the setup vs. temperature differences vs. location of drafts, etc. What molecule found in chloroplasts does DPIP “replace” in this experiment? Chlorophyll a is the primary plant pigment and makes up about three-fourths of all the plant pigments. 10/18/99, Analysis of chlorophyll using the spectrophotometer, Relative determination of pigment content in changing leaves", Robin Groch, San Ramon Valley High School, Danville, California.

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