What is This Notch on My Teeth at the Gumline? Pull the string tight against one tooth, and very gently scrape up and down to release the film of germ growth on the tooth surface. Is Using A Floss Pick As Good As Regular Flossing? Luckily for us, we don’t have to wait for huge corporations to get on-board with eco-friendly products and eco-friendly dental floss. With all the positive side effects of flossing, you’re probably ready to pick up some floss and get to cleaning, but you still need to choose your tool. Because floss picks are so ergonomic, it can be easy to use them too harshly. Wowe uses plastic-free eco-friendly packaging, so you can feel good about every part of your purchase. Floss picks will typically run you between $5 and $17, and typically contain between 30 and 150 picks. Do you want to learn about more ways to save money, your health, and the environment by purchasing eco-friendly products? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. First, you need to choose your floss. When you floss an area of your mouth, the floss gets covered with bacteria. As such, each and every floss pick that has ever been used has ended up in a landfill, or polluting some natural area. In fact, it has been shown in. Here’s why…. Reusing dental picks is not advisable, as you risk redistributing bacteria and fraying the floss. Most people use a flosser by popping it between the teeth and moving it up and down. When you purchase your first, reducing your risk of gum disease, prevent gingivitis, improving breath, and making your teeth appear whiter, waxed dental floss vs. unwaxed dental floss. If your gums don’t completely fill the area between the teeth, you have a food trap which makes the problem worse instead of better. Flossing is the most effective way to remove harmful material from these areas. Dentists of Reddit, can you convince me to floss? Taking everyday products and making them environmentally friendly. Generally speaking, floss picks come in two main shapes: flat and curved. They’re easier to use, especially when reaching into the back of your mouth. Rather than being waxed with harmful ingredients like Teflon, Wowe’s Natural Biodegradable Silk Dental Floss is waxed with natural candelilla wax, and flavored with natural mint. Floss picks will typically run you between $5 and $17, and typically contain between 30 and 150 picks. Trish moved to The Colony in 1992 after finishing her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene at Texas Woman’s University, and has been helping Dr. Rossen take care of his patients’ smiles since 1999. The long-handled flosser with the disposable floss tips (Johnson & Johnson Reach Access©) do a great job of cleaning between the teeth as well. Together we can make a difference! In fact, it has been shown in this study that floss picks are just as effective as regular flossing. Close. If you try to use the same piece of floss in another area, you’re just transferring bacteria. What is That Water Tool That You Use to Clean My Teeth? Again, a mixed material plastic, dental floss cannot be recycled. Archived. Waxed slips between your teeth easily, while unwaxed doesn’t but does clean better.. Monofilament is expensive, but won’t shred or break. Dentists of Reddit, can you convince me to floss? View davidjrossendds’s profile on Facebook, 5204 South Colony Blvd. Flossing is an integral part of any full oral health routine. This brings in a clean piece of floss and avoids transferring bacteria to another spot. Stop to smell your floss since you’re in the mood. Dental floss is the oldest flossing method around, and its long-lasting popularity is well deserved. Why Do Adult Teeth Sometimes Feel a Little Loose? Your email address will not be published. The flat floss picks look sort of like a harp, but are more difficult to use in the back of the mouth, which is why we recommend the curved type instead. First of all why floss at all,  isn’t brushing enough? You can pick your friends and you can pick your brain, but should you pick your teeth? When you purchase your first Natural Biodegradable Silk Dental Floss from Wowe Lifestyle, you also receive a plastic free dental floss box made from stainless steel. There have also been studies linking mouth bacteria to Alzheimer’s disease! Learn how your comment data is processed. In fact, you shouldn’t be focusing on cleaning the spaces. Let’s face it, they’re convenient, but for everyday oral hygiene their not a good idea. You are the reason I floss today! Flossing is an integral part of any full oral health routine. Here’s why: Improving or maintaining a level of dental health is the #1 reason people floss, and rightly so! Check out Wowe Lifestyle, and see how we make living eco-friendly a little easier. Now that you understand why we think dental floss is so much better than dental floss picks, you might be wondering if there are differences between different kinds of floss. Many people choose floss picks to make the process easier, but they shouldn’t be a replacement for normal floss. The handle doubles as a toothpick. Repeat the process for the rest of your teeth. Many people wonder if there are alternatives to wrapping a piece of string around your fingers, and the answer is yes. What Causes a Clear Bubble to Form in the Lining of My Cheek? They’re ok to clean a certain spot, but overuse can damage the gums and make them recede. Flossing removes the plaque, residual food, and bacteria from between the cracks in your teeth, reaching deep into crevices your regular toothbrush won’t reach. Dental floss is even more readily available than dental floss picks, and will typically run you between $1 and $15 for packs of 1 to 3 boxes of floss. Required fields are marked *. The packaging used to protect dental products is typically made from hard and mixed plastics that can be harmful to the environment and take hundreds of years to decompose. In fact, it has been shown in this study that floss picks are just as effective as regular flossing. Afterwards, rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouth rinse to wash away any loose bacteria. Floss second. When flossing with regular dental floss, you only need around 12 inches of floss per day. Repeat this with the adjacent tooth before popping the floss pick back out. Anyway – thanks so much for sharing what you know with us!! Required fields are marked *. Floss picks are OK for occasional use. Once the floss is below the contact scrape up and down the side of one tooth, then do the same to the opposite tooth.

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