The Astra K is smaller (5 cm), and lighter (up to 200 kg) compared to Astra J. In 2002, 2003 and 2006, three different drivers were European Rallycross Champions in the Division 2 driving Astras. The Opel Astra was revised in January 2007, with the introduction of different colors of the posterior lighthouses and a new front. This is cheaper than the previous estate, but has more standard equipment. However, if you’re doing lots of short trips, then carbon cleaning may be on the horizon. When there is no boost generated by the turbocharger, the membrane gets pulled away from the holes and lets the crankcase gasses enter the intake manifold. The first-generation Chevrolet Astra in Brazil had a Vauxhall-style front grille featuring a "V", containing the Chevrolet badge.[11]. The Opel Astra also became available in Australasia badged as a Holden, first in New Zealand in 1995, and then Australia in 1996. Adding a 3″ cat back system gains only a few bhp/lbft over the normal stage 2 output, The first catalyst, also known as the main cat, is the biggest restriction in the exhaust system. The 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008 runners-up also raced in that car. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You may get away with stock pistons and a remap but I would not take the risk.

The duplex timing chain system; balancer shafts and high pressure fuel pump with a direct injection (DI) system result in an impressive 276 BHP (280ps) as standard. Packing a beefy 280PS, 400Nm, 2.0-litre turbocharged direct injection engine, it was quicker than its main rivals by 40-50Nm, and achieved a top speed of 155mph. If you want to replace all four, that will be £1500-2000 if you include the cost of fitting. First, you need to remove the plastic engine cover. However, this was substituted in 1995 and was renamed as SPORT, although only a limited number were produced and the body kit was removed also and it could be selected with the lower-powered, but more modern 'Ecotec' version, the X20XEV (136 hp, 100 kW) parallel with the C20XE. The intake manifold may distribute air unevenly and feed the 4th cylinder with a bit more air, leaning out the mixture. We have found the standard cat back exhaust system to be restrictive at this point, to which end we install our free flowing 3″ cat back system to allow these peak gains.

The J’s engine is known as the A20NFT, or LHU. The PCV system is usually made of pipes, channels and chambers that separate oil from the blow-by gas. The locations of these parts are marked on the photo below. The 2.0T SIDI was used in the Astra VXR (or Astra OPC outside of UK). It shared the powertrain with the Astra G, except when equipped with the 2.4 engine, and it was inserted above the Astra in both markets.

The increase of induction noise and exhaust note come second to the hike in power, although we started to notice power dropping slightly half way around the lap - with data logging showing confirming the intake tempertures causing the drop in power. It will be available with new full-LED front light techniques, A screen in the dash which connect to Android or iPhone comes as standard. Click here for software info, For the power hungry folk, or those who simply want to improve their soundtrack - plenty of upgrades can be offered from MOT legal exhaust systems to full on track ready systems (Not road legal), along with Hybrid or Motorsport turbo chargers and engine internal upgrades.

Before I get to the point, let me briefly explain what the PCV valve is. Just watch out for symptoms of carbon build-up in high-mileage cars. Engines are available with the 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmission. The 1.6T (A16LET) comes with a small risk of 4th piston failure. The 4-door saloon has a number of names depending on market: Buick Excelle GT in China, Buick Verano in North America and Opel Astra sedan/saloon elsewhere. After the Astra F was replaced by the new generation Astra G in 1998, the so-called "REDTOP" C20XE engine was also taken out of production.

[16][17], In 2004, GM's Russian joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ launched the 4-door version of the Astra G as the Chevrolet Viva. This vacuum sucks the crankcase gases through the PCV valve. If it does, you will need to replace the valve cover as the membrane in it has failed. In severe cases, the chain noise may remain for longer after the engine has started. All petrol engines in the Vauxhall / Opel Astra J have variable valve timing (VVT). Full production came on line at Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port Plant at the end of September 2009. There must be another factor that makes only the 4th cylinder fail, while the others are usually fine. Press the buttons below to display the specs and engine technical details. With the Kadett E's successor, Opel adopted the Astra nameplate, which was already used by Vauxhall for the Kadett D and E (see Vauxhall Astra). [10] Indian production ended in 2002. However, the Opel brand and nameplate subsequently pulled out of the Australian market in 2013 due to poor sales, and later versions of the Astra J, namely the OPC and GTC variant, were sold under the Holden brand name from 2013 onwards. The Z16LER is simply tuned for more power. Anyway, carbon-build up is not a massive issue with Vauxhall / Opel SIDI engines. The wheelbase is enhanced to accommodate wider low-profile tyres. Luckily, there are other options. The racing cars were powered by 4.0L V8 engines with nearly 500 hp (370 kW). All turbocharged petrol engines use the Direct Injection Fuel system.[56]. Here’s what timing chain noise sounds like: Any chain stretch symptoms should not be ignored in the 1.3 CDTi, regardless of the mileage. But in The Netherlands, the Astra Sports Tourer was available as Astravan at special order. The Kadett and Astra in South Africa won the title of 'Car of the Year' in two consecutive years (1994 and 1995) even though they were versions of the same car. In a turbocharged engine, the PCV system is more complex because the turbocharger generates boost pressure. If you follow the rules above, you should be fine, in my opinion. It could be detonation (knocking). There is also another air pathway between the engine and the air intake. Similarly to the Astra H GTC, a 'panoramic windscreen' option is available. [34] It was offered only in three and five-door hatchback body styles, with sales starting on 2 January 2008. Your email address will not be published. the M32 gearbox received an update in 2012, 2009-2018, engine codes: A14NEL (Euro 5), B14NEL (Euro 6), 2010-2018, engine codes: A14NET (Euro 5), B14NET (Euro 6), 2012-2018, engine codes: A16XHT (Euro 5), B16XHT (Euro 6), 2013-2018, engine codes: A16SHT (Euro 5), B16SHT (Euro 6), 2012-2018, engine codes: A20NFT (Euro 5), B20NFT (Euro 6), 1.4L Turbo: A14NEL / A14NET / B14NEL / B14NET, 1.6L Turbo SIDI: A16XHT / A16SHT / B16XHT/ B16SHT, 1.7L CDTi: A17DTJ / A17DTC / A17DTR / A7DTS, 1.4, 1.6, 1.4T, 1.3CDTI, alloy & steel rims available in this size, 1.6T, 1.6CDTI, 1.7CDTI, 2.0CDTI, winter wheels, steel rims. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Models sold as Vauxhall, Holden, or Chevrolet have different generation designations reflecting the history of those nameplates in their home markets and their naming conventions. [43] Infotainment and car navigation systems are supplied by Bosch.[44][45].

The Saturn Astra debuted during the 2007 Chicago Auto Show.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Because of the engine design, the 4th piston gets hit the hardest. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Because the Astra J was released at the time when Euro 5 emissions standards came into force, all diesel engines have diesel particulate filters (DPF). The car's bodywork featured gull-wing doors that were each supported by two gas struts. This system is already available, in both the Corsa E and Adam.

It isn’t possible to simply disable the CDC like in the older Astra H. Therefore, it isn’t as straightforward as before to fit aftermarket, conventional shock absorbers. With our 'Stage 3' software upgrades the following are included: The factory size mass air flow-meter (MAF) housing maxes out around 12,000Hz or 256g/s, which equates to approximately 350bhp. I think that a lot is down to the driver and how the car is treated. These DTM racing cars are purpose-built race cars with barely any parts taken from the road cars except for lights and door handles. 08 Astra vxr engine rebuild ( possibly forged ) Thread starter The hen; Start date 22 Mar … You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

For the Brazilian market, the Astra G lasted until 2012, when it was finally replaced by the entry versions of the Chevrolet Cruze.

Choose the higher octane fuel available in your country. The first models were imported from the UK, but later models were imported from Belgium. The Autódromo Juan y Oscar Gálvez got a crowd of 70,000 people. It blew minds.

If you are worried and you want the engine to last, you should follow these directions: Do not tune these cars at all unless you are going to upgrade the injectors. In my opinion, it’s not a very robust design and an area to watch. As for the intake manifold PCV valve, with the engine off, remove the hose going to the PCV valve in the manifold. The Chevrolet Astra is the same vehicle as the Opel Astra, but with some mechanical differences, especially in the engine. The 1.4T SIDI ecoFLEX version have less torque, rated at 230 N⋅m (170 lbf⋅ft) at 2.000-4.000 rpm. This car features a turbocharged 2.0 L direct injection engine with a power of 206 kW (280 PS; 276 hp) and torque of 400 N⋅m (295 lbf⋅ft), HiPerStrut front suspension, a mechanical limited slip differential, an electronically controlled FlexRide active suspension, and Recaro-style sport seats, OPC badge on gear knob, steering wheel, and on instrument dials and different and distinctive front and rear bumper, rear standard spoiler as well as optional OPC spoiler compared to GTC version. Moving forward testing induction kits, recieving the first post-development unit from Airtec motorsport, stage 2 was put through its paces with several laps around the Nurburgring! If you already own a car with the 1.6T, sell it quickly before the piston explodes! HSV VXRs but it never offered a sedan in the UK and Australia are sold as standard with full leather trim, climate control, 6 disc CD and 19-inch alloy wheels. If you ask for any more power, the injectors will max out before reaching the top of the RPM range. The South African Astra turbo included a variant with the same turbocharged engine called the Opel Kadett 200t S.[6] The 200t S was a specific name where Delta Motor Corporation wanted to show the specialty of the type, which could beat the BMW M3 in a quarter-mile in that time. To do this, we take a standard turbocharger and upgrade the internals with a larger exhaust turbine, and most importantly fit larger Billet compressor wheel. This generation Astra was not available as the commercial version Astravan. Required fields are marked *. Based on the new Delta platform, its size was increased compared to the previous version.

The second-generation Astra was manufactured in Brazil. Like I said, it’s not straightforward at all. More importantly, the hybrid flows more air, allowing the engine to produce power beyond 5500rpm, where the standard turbocharger is unable to supply sufficent airflow.

With larger bearings and extra oil channels, the cycle of twitching gear levers and bearing replacements is finally over. The pre-facelift Astra J was briefly sold in Australia under the Opel brand, with its introduction into the Australian market in 2012.

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