Weapons made from the Lunar Fragments are typically your best options. Just do very large zig zags with it.

Terraria Revengeance Boss Guide! Terraria Revengeance Mode Let's Play ||Episode 18||, The Flute! You wont outrun him when hes at full speed. ||Thorium/Calamity Mod Expert Mode||, Providence, The Profaned God! ||Terraria Expert Mode||, Mjölnir V.S All Bosses in Expert Mode! Leaves behind astral mines where it initially traveled. Astrum Deus seems to only despawn if everyone is dead, not from distance. All Rights Reserved. ), so it was bearly slower than us. The small worms will follow closely behind on your ascent. Calamity Mod Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. How to Beat Ragnarök in Expert Mode! Fires lasers from each segment of its body, one by one. astrum deus revengeance mode boss guide. Terraria Revengeance Mode Let's Play ||Episode 17||, Terrarian's Last Knife V.S All Bosses in Expert Mode! Terraria Thorium Mod Boss Guide! Also, I was using ranged, whichever flamethrower I had available for the piercing. I don't know if it's the lack of angel treads (I actually don't know if they boost your flight speed), but he just seems TOO fast. The same strategy of flying up and down works well to avoid the worms. All music in this video is copyright of their respectful owners & no copyright infringement is intended! ATLANTIS + 3 BOSS KILLS! ||Calamity Mod 1.2 Boss Guide||, Angel Treads! Ataxia Armour (Obtainable after defeating Golem by mining Chaotic ore from the Abyss using a Picksaw. Good luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhIRLcJlPR8, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds3hvd-tneI, Purge Guzzler! Copyright © 2017-2020 Let's Play Index. Astrum Deus is not bound to any biome and will not enrage due to biome restrictions. You could also just get a grav potion, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CalamityMod community. For future battles after the first defeat, Astrum Deus may be summoned using a Starcore on an Astral Beacon at night instead.

Tbf I haven’t fought astrum Aureus or Deus since the astral biome overhaul so I don’t know how different the bossfights are, but I remember using a gravitation potion and just flying over the entire map, using gravity to escape them, Honestly don't know which accessory to unequip from the ones I already use. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

It's weird, he is super tanky from the start, then he gets yeeted by the Endogenesis after some hits, and dies. I used a gravitation potion on both runs (melee/ranged) and a penetrating weapon such as the terra shiv or terra flameburster (which is now nerfed against him) and basically fell from the ground to space and to avoid his attacks while moving towards the right of my map to avoid the mines. As you damage the small worms, they will become invulnerable and the main worm will become vulnerable.

I wasn't too far away from him if you ask.

With the mechanical cart you're way faster than the worms, and so you have to slow down every so often to actually attack them. Hello! How to Beat the NEW Astrum Deus! Future encounters are summoned using the Starcore at Night in the Astral Infection biome. How to Beat the NEW Astrum Deus! Once Astrum Deus is below 50% of its health, it will split in half and the fight will be composed of 2 worms. So I'm playing as rogue revengeance and I'm really struggling with this fight. Last time I fought it, we were fighting on an asphalt skybridge riding unicorns, jumping repeatedly with the MOAB. Upon being summoned, Astrum Deus will take little damage until a few seconds have passed. Astrum Deus's rams may be avoided by simply jumping or dashing out of the way, however it should be noted that the boss' projectiles may occasionally get in the way, whether it be left over mines or lasers directly fired afterwards. As Astrum Deus requires a lot of space, it is important to cover up holes in the ground to prevent yourself from getting caught by uneven terrain. Terraria Revengeance Mode Let's Play! This is the most difficult section of the fight, as while each worm still goes with the original worm's AI, both of them act seperately and are considerably faster, meaning it is much more difficult to avoid attacks from one worm without being intercepted by the other. Astrum deus is slower when moving diagonally (like all worms? Astrum Deus can be summoned by killing three Atlas enemies after the Lunatic Cultist is defeated if Astrum Deus has not yet been defeated. Falling back to the surface slowly will open many opportunities to attack. Astrum Deus is a late Hardmode boss that can be fought after the Lunatic Cultist in order to gain access to Astral Ore. Astrum Deus is summoned by using a Titan Heart on an Astral Beacon at night. Terraria Revengeance Mode Let's Play ||Episode 15||. If the arena is large enough, mines shouldn’t be a problem. Using rod of discord to turn around once we reached the end of the bridge. As you damage th… What I do for practically every world now is create a DoG arena at the start of the game to make virtually every boss much easier to fight with a colossal arena, so I reccomend Getting the treads and some good wings and zig zagging back in forth across the arena, discording to turn around. Terraria Revengeance Mode Let's Play ||Episode 16||, Quasar's Flare V.S All Bosses In Thorium Mod! ||Calamity Mod 1.2.1 Boss Guide||, Reaver Armor! terraria astrum deus boss guide. ||Episode 14||, How to Beat New Supreme Calamitas in Revengeance Mode! Killing the third Atlas will change the time to 7:30 PM regardless of the time beforehand and will start the fight. Disabling backgrounds can help players who have trouble focusing on all the different things that are going on during the fight.

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