She falsely claimed that Suki gave up on the chance of Sokka ever coming to rescue her, prompting him to attack the princess in a blind and emotional rage. Even though her brother had complied to her requests, he remained focused and alert to her every move, even inviting his friends to keep an eye on her during their trip.[12]. [21], However, following their alliance, Azula's relationship with her brother gradually began to take a drastic change. Azula's cruelty and sadism was only matched by her father's as an adult. However, even since they were children, she had not treated Ty Lee as such. Azula interjected quickly. Ty Lee had unwrapped like a mad woman the night before, increasing Azula's already heightened ego knowing that only her cock could do this to the seemingly innocent acrobat. [10] Of all Aang's enemies, Azula was the only one who was successful in killing him. As an alpha it was pure instinct and natural to want to breed with an omega in heat. Azula fought Toph during the invasion of the Fire Nation. "Well, the avatar's bison was seen flying overhead". I am still pretty new at omegaverse fiction, so I tried my best to capture the theme of this post as best as I could. With each wave of pleasure that went through her body, she could feel it thrust and give way in a small part. Cue Sokka enters his life, a non-bending Alpha unlike any he ever met. What will Azula do now that she can no longer avoid her walking nightmare? Her body tensed as she rode the waves of pleasure. (Azula x Reader x Katara) It’s not everyday that one runs into the Fire Kingdom’s princess, nor when she’s injured. Slowly, she began to grind her hips up against Ty Lee's body, moaning softly. "Do I?" She softly reaches for his hand and pulls him out of the house towards the road leading to the market and he is content in her presence. And a long, weird roadtrip that shows Zuko the rest of the world is not as cruel as his Father made him believe. he now lives with uncle. What do you have in mind, Cutie?" Perhaps he turned them away. Azula attempted to stop Sokka and Zuko from fleeing the Boiling Rock Prison. "I'll show you a whore," she said, seduction oozing from her pores as a thought occurred. She hissed, moving her hips in perfect timing of the girl's passes. Mai was seemingly hesitant to defy the princess outright, although still gave Azula dark looks when the princess' back was turned. [12], Despite this, Azula later on had lost all loyalty for Ozai and instead decided to start molding Zuko into her image of a better Fire Lord. "Mmmm," groaned the contortionist, completely taken in her heat. She fidgeted around with the knots, but to no avail. Her red silken robe hung over her shoulders, unbelted, leaving a good portion of her naked body exposed. Katara’s eyes remind him of the sea he had made his home and he thinks that maybe it is the reason why he felt so drawn to her. Some servants will be here in a moment to help you soak in the wash basin". [29] When Zuko and Azula battled at the Fire Nation Capital, Azula attempted to shoot Katara with lightning after Zuko taunted her, however, Zuko threw himself in the lightning's path and Katara escaped uninjured. A sly smirk appeared on her face as she ran her hand through brown, disheveled tresses between her legs. [25] This, coupled with Azula's affection for Zuko during their time together, proves that deep down they did care for one another, but their different views on life and the nature of their upbringing (Zuko through Ursa and Iroh, and Azula through Ozai) and the subsequent bitterness, anger and jealousy from both sides made them incapable of coexisting. It was definitely an awkward sight to see her, hair disheveled and half-dressed. [8] Although she masked the effects of the incident with anger, Azula was devastated by the betrayal of her two friends and this apparently only served to make her already bad relationship with Zuko worse. Ozai is know you be conservative. "Knot me now, Princess!" literally not canon at all except some references and also LOK characters exist here, azula gets all the girls but never realizes it, bcz azula is stubborn and ty lee is scared, Azula and Ty Lee don't get along at first, Azula has schizophrenia (basically canon), featuring the redemption arc that azula deserves, Canon up until the end of the Search comics, because azula is focusing on her mental health, The Gaang Learns How Zuko Got The Scar (Avatar), if you keep moving, you will come to a better place, Azula is a big fat lesbian but can't say it out loud. Ty Lee had always known she was one of the most beautiful women in the Fire Nation. Azula then gives what is arguably the only genuine apology that has been seen from her in the series and admits that she was jealous of Ty Lee. Type (?) "You taste like pomegranates," Ty Lee told her. Also known as the Zuko and Azula redemption fic/character study no one asked for with lots of Zutara and Tyzula because I’m trash. [1] She once attacked Iroh with a fire blast - after she had, as she put it, "surrendered with honor" - and severely wounded him. However, only a month later Azula disappeared. Although their leader, Suki, tried to deter them by saying the Avatar was not with them, Azula refused to back off, claiming that any friend of the Avatar's was an enemy of hers. She could feel the tension as they fucked. Opening her eyes just enough to see, she saw Azula's hands had replaced her own. "What a beautiful night!" [1] Azula also pressured an unwilling Ty Lee into joining her search for the Avatar, her brother, and uncle during her friend's performance, forcing Shuzumu to set fire to the net underneath her and releasing the most dangerous animals the circus had. "Yes…yes…let go," urged Ty Lee, bringing her face down for a hungry kiss. Mai gave a slight bow before turning to leave. The feeling seems mutual, however, as she appeared to be unimpressed with him due to his old age and moments of compassion for Iroh. It was no secret that Azula was probably watching how Ty Lee's entrance stretched with each movement. Forum. It is heavily based on their close friendship and many fans speculated that they may have feelings for each other. With her hands on her hips, Ty Lee was about to respond when Azula raced full speed towards them, fingers ready to strike down any target that moved. [2] However, she was forced to back down harshly by Ozai, who then gently and calmly told her that while he was attacking the Earth Kingdom, Azula was the only one he trusted to take care of the Fire Nation in case of an attack, which appeared to calm down Azula, and she finally accepted it after learning that Ozai had decided to declare her the new Fire Lord, which caused her to express visible joy, but she showed concern over what that meant for Ozai, only to learn that her becoming Fire Lord was largely for nothing as Ozai had declared himself the Phoenix King, a higher rank than Fire Lord. She landed on her stomach with a soft moan. Because Azula could not stand to be secondary in skill, even as a child, she shoved Ty Lee to the ground when she was outdone by her friend in acrobatics. Azula and Ty Lee find themselves in a bit of a situation when the acrobat goes into heat at a strange time. yelled Ty Lee, to which the princess gave her a sour look. You need an alpha during this time and I'm happy to oblige, but we still have a mission, remember? All so slowly, all so blissful. Despite her ingenious tactics and attacks, she found Zuko's firebending to have improved greatly and all her attacks were easily deflected by her brother and Sokka, who at that point was an able swordsman, helping Zuko, further put the odds against her, but she was still able to stand her ground against both of them. "Why, thank you," Ty Lee said again, kissing her on the lips. A lot fans have hope that they would eventually reconcile after the war since they are no longer friends. Yet Zuko knows his sister and knows that she'll do whatever is necessary in order to take over Republic City. Follow the beloved characters of ATLA, LOK, and the Kyoshi books as they navigate through magic, teenagehood, friendship, romance, and Quidditch! Ty Lee exclaimed, throwing open the balcony doors. This shaped Azula's fears that she could not count on love or affection from anyone, no matter how close they seemed. Letting go of her hand, Ty Lee cartwheeling herself onto Azula's bed, plopping down with an exasperated sigh. "I know, but this is important, Ty Lee. Although Azula shows no concern or sadness at all over the death of her grandfather or the disappearance of her own mother, especially when it becomes known that Ozai would be crowned Fire Lord,[1] it turns out later on Ursa's banishment had a deep impact on her fragile pscyhe. His desire for her was fire red like the fire that was the cause of his scar. Despite the fact that they were family, Azula never cared about Iroh and was constantly disrespectful toward him. This time there will be no mistakes," she stated confidently. While faintly sympathetic toward him, she impulsively deemed him pathetic, albeit in a somewhat playful tone. The avatar is first priority. He gripped Ty Lee's ankles and pushed them off of her, making Ty Lee fall flat onto the bed. This sent Azula falling to what would have been certain death had she not saved herself by using her firebending to propel herself toward a cliff and used her hair pin to anchor herself there safely. When the soldiers cut off the line, Azula abandoned her attempts to defeat Zuko and had no qualms leaving her brother for dead, although she oddly did not look too pleased about it, but then her friend Mai betrayed her by saving Zuko's life, a reflection that she still loved him. Even as a child, Azula had a considerably low opinion of her uncle; she referred to him as "His Royal Tea-loving Kookiness", as well as promptly torching a doll he had sent her from an Earth Kingdom city and called him a "quitter and loser" for failing to capture Ba Sing Se after the death of his son, Lu Ten caused him to become too despondent to carry on with the siege. Since she constantly belittled him, Sokka was opposed to the idea of letting her come on their journey to Hira'a, though complied for Zuko's sake. "You had better have a good reason for this!". But the desperation was delicious and it was nicely built up. Azula began to wonder if her father would allow her to have a concubine when he married her off on her eighteenth birthday. Character This idiot? Mai and Ty Lee neared the princess who raised her hand without a word for them to stop several feet behind her. She ran her hands over the sheets, giving Azula her sultriest look. Azula felt her body heat rise at the idea. [24] It is known that she cared deeply for the neglected Zuko, despite her daughter, Princess Azula, possessing more superior firebending abilities.

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