Having a low oil cost team is a major advantage when farming and progressing through the game as you can play many more battles with the same amount of oil. Units of lower rarities will cost less to field than units of higher rarities. Because most of the strongest ships have high oil costs, many players try to bring a balance of high and low oil cost ships.

An oil efficient fleet is a term used by Azur Lane players to describe a fleet that has a low oil cost. Even though there may not be a single perfect fleet in Azur Lane, there are a couple of things you should consider when building your ultimate fleet.

Hybrid ships who have both decent torpedo and gunnery damage or utility focused support ships will still perform better on manual, but are generally more than reliable enough on auto. Throughout his life, he has achieved impressive results in many of these games, reaching high-diamond at his peak in LoL, attaining more than 1000 solo wins in Fortnite, and collected multiple Cutting Edge achievements in WoW. Portland Retrofit– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union), Saratoga Retrofit– Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union), Laffey Retrofit– Destroyer, Vanguard (Eagle Union), Z23 Retrofit– Destroyer, Vanguard (Ironblood), Vestal– Repair Ship, Backline (Eagle Union), Jintsuu Retrofit– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire), Mogami Retrofit– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire), Jean Bart– Battleship, Backline (Vichya Dominion), Tirpitz– Battleship, Backline (Ironblood), Washington– Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union), Hood– Battle Cruiser, Backline (Royal Navy), I-168– Submarine, Support (Sakura Empire), Amagi– Battle Cruiser, Backline (Sakura Empire), King George V– Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy), Bismarck– Battleship, Backline (Ironblood), Saint Louis– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Iris Libre), Montpelier– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union), Neptune– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy), Eldridge– Destroyer, Vanguard (Eagle Union), Illustrious– Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy), Swiftsure– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Royal Navy), Graf Zeppelin– Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Ironblood), Bunker Hill– Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union), Mikasa– Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire), Kitakaze– Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire), Yat-Sen Retrofit– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance), Ning Hai Retrofit– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance), Ping Hai Retrofit- Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eastern Radiance), Ayanami– Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire), Unicorn- Light Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy), Helena– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union), Duke of York– Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy), Minneapolis– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union), I-13– Submarine Carrier, Backline (Sakura Empire), Centaur– Light Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Royal Navy), Essex- Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union), Enterprise– Aircraft Carrier, Backline (Eagle Union), Warspite Retrofit– Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy), Monarch– Battleship, Backline (Royal Navy), Roon– Heavy Cruiser, Vanguard (Ironblood), San Diego Retrofit– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union), Yukikaze– Destroyer, Vanguard (Sakura Empire), Akashi– Repair Ship, Backline (Sakura Empire), Nagato– Battleship, Backline (Sakura Empire), Gascogne– Battleship, Backline (Vichya Dominion), Georgia– Battleship, Backline (Eagle Union), Seattle– Light Cruiser, Vanguard (Eagle Union), Friedrich der Grosse– Battleship, Backline (Ironblood), Azuma– Large Cruiser, Vanguard (Sakura Empire). Furthermore, Yukikaze is an amazing supportive ship that helps out the entire fleet. While you don’t want your ships to die outright, you also don’t want to go overboard on defensiveness. If you looking for a grade to start with, we would recommend beginning with grade D as it is regarded as the best ship.

Tankiness and sustain.

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