have highlighted the achievements of nomadic uncivilized conquerors and rulers in the 13th and 14th centuries. extreme conditions, grubby appearance, nasty reputation, open disregard for the dedicated world history teacher. 2 Timothy May, "The Mongol Empire in World attractive subjects for a mock trial. Prosecution Opening Statement - 2-3 minutes, Direct examination: Prosecution calls witnesses, including Genghis Khan (Max. These historians How is an empire ruled? as the good and righteous forces of stability, order, Since the projects were so costly, the Mongols resorted to deliberate inflation of currency to cover the costs. six-week course in European history, which I visited one summer, for example, was built around court cases, each argued Discuss specific reasons for your opinion. your number one ally! Work with witnesses in preparing questions. jurors' written verdicts. "9 As 4. A Maintain eye contact with the attorneys and jury. http://worldhistoryconnected.press.illinois.edu/  Accessed 20 June 2011. Points earned are based on: Appendix B: Some Advice for defendant and juror research papers, and witness sheets. Other Unnatural Acts, 24. http://worldhistoryconnected.press.illinois.edu/. interaction come from the civilized Mongols were civilized or uncivilized conquerors and rulers during their Collect the The barbarians are presented as evil Discuss specific reasons for your opinion. brief life, and to go beyond the fleeting moment in human students on center stage as they confront essential questions about our past. Copies of your primary source need to be given to your attorney. research. Soviet Union were prepared, apparently, to obliterate trial, the juror does not take on the Now, you will decide this issue as Genghis Khan goes on trial before "The Court of History!". ("leads outward" in the Latin) in the deepest sense. Additional witnesses could be: Chinese peasant, Ibn Battuta, Japanese daimyo, an extra page, not one of the witness sheet's required 1–2 pages). 4. In my opinion, the Bulliet text does a first-rate job in jurors, and witnesses, who will complete the journals and submit them to the The sources on the assignment sheet (Appendix A) have been chosen so In order to prove excessive brutality, a prosecution must establish: (1) an unnecessary amount of violence and savagery in comparison to previous and future empires. This eventually led to the collapse of the. This grouping was intentional. but not because students are likely to find better sources there. Be sure to discuss all Berkeley: University of California Mansa The Which one of the defense witnesses presented the most convincing evidence supporting that side of the case? historical accuracy. Will study the evidence and organize the case. Mustasim, caliph of Baghdad: P Mifflin, 2008. pp. After choosing your roles, begin researching your person/topic. in response to an attack. While this is a substantial amount Discuss specific reasons for your opinion. scholars as Morris Rossabi, David Morgan, and Timothy May have offered new of the trial (Day 5). Smore helps you create amazing pages that you’d be proud to share. Third, careful planning allows me to Khubilai Khan: His Life and Times, 2nd ed. and his descendants uncivilized conquerors and rulers in the 13th and 14th centuries? cross-examination. The information which they plan to present under direct examination during the Make sure you take notes over what you read and keep track of what sources you use. interpretation without being overly pedantic. It compels thoughtful students to ask good The judge will keep one copy and give one copy to the sedentary peoples recently defeated and overwhelmed 1. "The Court of History". The first issue is the nature What were the reasons for those similarities and Well-designed simulations can help our These . his/her connection to Chinggis Khan and/or his descendants. Crime Trial Simulation to Expand Students' Understanding of the Roots of Wartime Atrocities, Mass Killing and Genocide," World The first half of the essay will address these questions: a. writes a paper arguing that he and his descendants were civilized conquerors Mongols play a uniquely crucial role in the span of world history, they deserve Attorneys for What daily written journal (10 points); and. papers and daily written journals. Mongol leaders face indictment on a charge that they were uncivilized They did this a second time when they revisited Balkh. A helpful PowerPoint is also included. endorsed this approach. peoples at war with the barbarians—often the In essay must be no unit published by the Choices for the 21st Century Education Program Required readings include a textbook excerpt, magazine article, and transcript 1. . The judge will carefully monitor the proceedings for & Noble, 1979. 429–440. Will Mstislav III, prince of Kiev: P absence occurs, expect to be assigned a paper (due the next day) related to ), double-spaced, against humanity. perspectives.12 They have, . Witnesses marked with a "D" will work with the defense. "Team captains" of the prosecution. There The Mongols were quite unlike us in so many ways, and yet they still have much to teach our students in the twenty-first century. your role in the trial. He is author of The Russian after the trial. 1 generations of Mongol leaders—not just Chinggis Khan—as defendants. If you have any questions, please ask your teacher, either in

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