Follower. When this happens, you pull the trigger, the hammer falls, but the round doesn't go off. Took back apart and took some bend out. The solution for this problem took a lot of time because this malfunction was difficult to find. It is pretty small and easy to lose during disassembly.   Pasted as rich text. The most commonly used bolt release buttons are: The main purpose of the blog and forum is to have a compilation of information about the Remington 870 shotgun in one organized, accessible place. It is probably possible to drill and tap factory bolt release without removing it but it will be more comfortable to remove it.   Your link has been automatically embedded. The Red Neck Tactical Benelli Rapid Bolt Release Tab is inexpensive but looks very interesting. X-Rail Monotube System. 2.6. I have lost a lot of time on stages. Most of the competition shooters use Load-2 or Load-4 belts which enable competitors to load shotguns really fast. I don't want to screw up any expensive benelli parts either. Some people don’t like it, while some think that it is a common thing for the Benelli M2. Failure to Chamber There is a rubber ring on it which is worn out but it still works properly. An oversized Benelli M2 Bolt Release button is easier to find and press especially under stress. The Benelli M2 uses the inertia recoil system which was developed by Paulo Benelli in the 1980s specifically for the first three models of his Super 90 shotgun line. Hammer spring I’ve said it before and Ill say it again, WHAT A PEICE OF CRAP. If you open the loading port too much, the magazine follower (especially if it is worn out) may stick out too far causing malfunctions. Recommended product: Nordic Components Follower for Benelli M2, Roth Concept Innovations Oversized Safety Button. Firing pin. Auto-Loading Lifter by J Kenny & Co. works perfectly but you will need some time to get used to it. This article is not for newbies and I won’t start describing how to prepare the Benelli M2 for practical shooting right out of the box. Nordic springs don’t set over time. This will prevent unwanted movement. 2.1. Additional rear sight, Recommended sights: February 8, 2012 in Shotgun - Technical. Put the flat side into the vise. That is pretty simple. I installed it using a screw with Loctite to make sure it wouldn’t get loose and that it stays in place. 2.8. New spring is 12.3 mm long Just use a regular cotton cloth and degrease the place of installation with something you usually use. You can put it on the forend, drill a hole and install it as designed by the manufacturer. Personally, I ordered almost all the springs that my shotgun has because I think that springs are not going to last forever. Ejector Spring It is the most affordable magazine extension on the market. Extractor/Carrier Latch Spring Trigger Group Pin Why use the A5 follower? When I tried replacing the shell latch, it looked like the problem was solved but it occurred again in 40-50 shots. How are you guys bending your carrier latches? More information: Auto-Loading Lifter (M2) – J Kenny & Co. You can buy Benelli M2 online from, they have following shotguns in stock: NEW! You may carefully experiment with the length of the magazine spring. A copper brush is the best for that purpose. GG&G Bolt Release Button This list isn’t final and complete yet. The modified loading port may look scary at first but it really simplifies the loading of a shotgun. Yes absolutely, its a well know issue. I also took a little more material out of the loading port, it really loads well now. The Nordic Components magazine clamp looks sturdier and many shooters prefer them. If you extend it all the way out to the end of the bolt you'll be able to load shells even if the bolt isn't fully in battery. Its not a stiff spring, its a stiff shell latch which is a problem. I haven't done the other, I've only heard about it. The extractor is made of the hardened metal. The Standard Benelli M2 bolt handle is rather small. That is why I have used the 3M duct tape and made that place more or less flat. Interesting stuff. Benelli Performance Shop M2 Three-Gun Shotgun $2,299.99 It comes together with a template for the Benelli M2. He did my bolt mods as well. You have to be joking, or know nothing of firearms. Also, this doesn't happen very often. I was able to solve it by the following way: Benelli M2 is a shotgun which is very popular in dynamic shooting sports like Practical shooting (IPSC) or 3-Gun. The ammo I used, factory choke, aftermarket Carlsons choke. Always test your ammo using your shotgun to avoid surprises. That’s all my experience with the Benelli M2. -The location of the Velcro, which is also used to attach a Matchsaver, has a pretty complicated form. However, the nut which you will need to unscrew it is tightened with some kind of Loctite on it. Locking head pin. I recently bought a new Benelli M2 in 20 gauge. By clamping one end in the vise and bending it with your hands, or putting the whole "curved" end in the vise and slowly cranking the handle to squeeze it? My name is Vitaly Pedchenko, I started this blog and forum to share information, tips, photos, and advice about the Remington 870 shotgun, accessories, and upgrades. Trigger guard pin Recoil Spring (inside the stock) Firing pin retaining pin. Is it the lifter or the bolt thats modified? Taran Tactical Innovations Oversized Bolt Release The lifter won’t catch your thumb and you will be able to load your shotgun much faster. I had the following problem after the shot: Shotshell was hitting the edge of the latch which should have allowed it to pass through. That caused the last round from the magazine tube to hang and fail to the chamber. That was the pin of the shell latch. Clear editor. This problem was difficult to solve but we found two ways to do that. Having it fire out of battery doesn't sound very good, but if it works and doesn't hurt the gun then it'd be a good mod. This could be a shotgun held in a weak hand or when the shotgun is lying on a table. I make sure the bolt is tightened regularly. A vise? Thanks to my friend Igor Lytvynenko for this article. Benelli M2/21 inch is a great candidate for modifications that boost its practical/tactical performance. So, if you have malfunctions with dummy rounds, it doesn’t mean that you will have them on live rounds. Some shooters recommended visiting a gunsmith to modify a bolt. (You may notice red color inside of the magazine tube. And remember, success during a shotgun match depends on the speed of the reloads. Benelli M2 Field Rifled Slug Semiautomatic Shotguns $1,349.99 – $1,399.99. I bent mine myself and it made a world of difference. Benelli M1/M2 Ultimate Charging Handle by Taran Tactical Innovations I'm in the same boat as you on the out of battery mod. I had the following problem after the shot: Shotshell was hitting the edge of the latch which should have allowed it to pass through. The only thing that is not covered in this post is the Benelli M2 modified bolt. No feed on start and during the stage. It also happened when I pushed the disconnector and the round was hitting the latch and it would not go to the carrier from the magazine tube. That is why the extended charging handle is another feature which is good to have. I was hoping someone who had done it already, tested it, and lived to tell about it would chime in. Just be sure to have one to protect your magazine tube because shooters often hit barricades with their shotguns under stress.

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