[2] The steel components of the weapon feature a matte black phosphated corrosion resistant finish while the aluminum parts are matte hard-anodized. Its strength, safety, and wear resistance comes from the materials, which include techno-polymers for the fore-end and stock.

All of them have the five plus one mag capacity, with ghost rings, and Picatinny rail for sight attachment. You can have a round capacity of three or four plus one, and a barrel length that reflects the range you are targeting. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'huntingheart_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_7',166,'0','0']));Benelli shotguns can be considered the Cadillac of the firearms industry. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'huntingheart_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_9',169,'0','0']));Soon after, the boys expanded their services to repairing motorcycles and even tinkered on their own creations. On May 4, 1998, the United States Army's Armaments Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey issued Solicitation #DAAE30-98-R-0401, requesting submissions for a new 12 gauge, semi-automatic combat shotgun for the U.S. military. Its function is designed around an entirely new method called the "auto regulating gas operated" (ARGO) system. [citation needed]. This shooting stability ensures precision in your aim, guaranteed by a rear extension of its coupling point. If you’re looking for more ergonomic rifles, check this Daniel Defense & LWRC comparison here. Instead, the Benelli brothers used the factory as the base of Benelli Armi operations. Its ARGO action differs from the M2s inertia driven recoil system and adds more weight to the Benelli M4. By taking advantage of gasses from further up the barrel than previous gas actions, the ARGO system increases the M4s reliability and versatility. Also touted is the modular assembly basis of the weapon. The sights are military-style ghost ring and are adjustable in the field using only a cartridge rim. The A.R.G.O.

This is an excellent multipurpose tool, technically evolved from the Benelli M1 Super 90. check this Daniel Defense & LWRC comparison here, here’s our Grendel 6.5 & 223 Remington comparison. When it comes to pricing, the Benelli M2 wins against the M4 Benelli because it is more affordable than the M4 series. Unlike the M2 which is the cheapest of Benelli shotguns, the M4 is the priciest. A shotgun that lacks tolerance is prone to malfunction, and it’s a pain when cleaning or doing maintenance. Required fields are marked *.

eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'huntingheart_com-leader-3','ezslot_14',170,'0','0']));The Benelli M2 uses inertia recoil drive to be a ‘field range’ shotgun. The garage was located in Pesaro, Italy where the family serviced motor vehicles and made spare parts. For instance, even after the US government lifted the ban on collapsible buttstocks, Benelli still offers firearms devoid of this feature. The M4 was the first gas-operated shotgun produced by Benelli. This system, though patented to Benelli, the concepts for this system’s working were invented by Carl Axel Theodor Sjogren in 1900. The designer’s name was Bruno Civolani, and the action was patented as the Inertia Driven mechanism. Lunde Studio is reader-supported. The first units (count of 20,000) were delivered to the United States Marine Corps in 1999. The US marines, LAPD, UK military as well as forces in South Korea, Australia, and France favor the Benelli M4. With the M4, you have a purposefully built tactical and HD shotgun. Once the shot has exited from the barrel, dissipating recoil force releases the spring, which in turn unlocks the bolt body. It all started in 1911 when widowed Teresa Benelli invested the futures of her six sons in an automobile service shop. Press Cartridge Drop (Locking) Button 3. Shotguns in inertia recoil action can also be ordered with features that vary according to the specifications of your requirements.

The M2 series is likely the most popular of the Benelli series of shotguns, while the Benelli M4 is the heaviest shotgun in Benelli’s lineup. An inertia spring and the bolt are free-floating, allowing them to stay put during the action recoil movements. Vortex Sparc 2 vs Strikefire 2 – Which is Better. In early 1999, ARDEC awarded the M1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun contract to Heckler & Koch, American subsidiary for importation of the Benelli M4 Combat Shotgun. The rail interface system or Picatinny rail, built into the top of the shotgun accepts scopes, laser illuminators, night-vision sights, and flashlights. The M4 is now available in a weather-defying Titanium-Cerakote finish. This means that a gun is tight-fitting and components don’t rattle with use. The company restricts some features from civilian models, reserving them for use by its top and exclusive clients. But what makes the M2 and M4 both powerful yet so different?

Collapsing the buttstock shortens the weapon by almost 8 inches, allowing easier storage and transportation; furthermore, it permits better maneuverability around tight corners and over obstacles. This is because the M1014 was manufactured before the U.S. 1994 assault weapon ban expired, whereas the M11707 has been manufactured since the ban expired therefore not subject to the terms under the ban. Giorgio Beretta Mercoledì, 09 Marzo 2011 (2011-02-27). Since both run 100% accurate with slugs, the result is a draw. Best Muzzleloader Shotguns: A Buyers Guide, Best AR9 Lower: A Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide, Kentucky Coyote Hunting Tips (You don’t want to miss these!

The MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny sight rail on top allows use of both conventional and night-vision sights, while retaining use of the original sights. One of the features that beat its counterpart in my Benelli M2 vs. M4 comparison is the optics. With this, the Benelli M2 automatically gets its first win against the M4. In comparing the Benelli M2 vs M4, their operating system is one of their main differences. The design uses two stainless-steel self-cleaning pistons located just ahead of the chamber to function opposite the rotating bolt, thereby eliminating the need for the complex mechanisms found on other gas-actuated automatics. So, buying an M4 Benelli may also be a good choice. Its military designation is the M1014, which became successful and was superbly popular with the forces. U.S. Marines armed with an M1014 shotgun raid a suspected enemy bomb factory in Fallujah, Iraq in May 2006. system eliminates the more complicated linkages and heavier parts of other semi-auto shotgun designs. Coming in a wide range of configurations, the Benelli M2 has a tactical model, field gun, a 3 Gun, a waterfowl and turkey performance shooter. ), My Husband Hunts and I Hate It: How to Make Your Spouse Love Your Hunting Hobby, Do-All Outdoors FF550 Firefly Automatic Skeet Thrower Trap, Hunters Specialties Ammo Holder with Pouch, Butler Creek Comfort Stretch Rifle Sling with Swivels, Uncle Mike's Deluxe Canvas Shell Pouch (Brown, One Size), Fnova 34dB Highest NRR Safety Ear Muffs - Professional Ear Defenders for Shooting. Preliminary testing of the M4 puts its reliability at the top of the scale. The M4, on the other hand, uses a gas-operated, piston-based system making it more of a tactical weapon. On its way back, the bolt head picks up the next round, locking the bolt onto the barrel as a super-quick reload. Which is a better home defense Shotgun, the Benelli M2 or M4? It’s also a low-priced shotgun, but the price is not a reflection of poor quality in comparison to other Benelli offerings. We're proud this shotgun sets the standard for the military shotgun excellence, unrelenting performance and exceptional reliability. The Benelli brand continues to produce the most advanced shotguns available. One, in particular, Giovanni believed that the future of shotguns was in semi-automatic configurations. The buttstock is collapsible on the M4 Model (designated 11707) but will not collapse on the M1014. You hold an extra four to six shells out of the barrel’s muzzle, a fantastic choice for home defense. For the average Joe, the Benelli M4 is the most reliable and cleanest-running gas gun available on the retail market. The stock must be direct-shipped from Italy, however it and other aftermarket stocks are commercially available and not restricted by the United States. When our team did a test shoot, we found that the ComforTech feature of the Benelli M2 makes it easier and smoother to shoot than the M4 Benelli, which chugs ammo, shoots softly, and is heavy. Dependent on the gun’s rearward recoil, the inertia system enabled heavier loads to cycle in shorter amounts of time. Suggested retail price of the civilian version is around $1,899. Back in 1999, when the M4 came into play, the optics seemed enormous. The M4 is also available with a fixed stock (pistol grip and semi-pistol grip styles are both available).

The M4 Benelli is paramount in semi-auto reliability because it runs on a dual short-stroke gas piston system that is virtually bomb-proof. With this, the M4 Benelli takes another win. In 1983, Benelli Armi SpA was sold to Fabbrica D’ Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A or simply Beretta.

Acting like a slingshot, the Inertia Driven recoil system capitalizes on the shot energy to move fixed parts of the gun backward. With a super-fast re-cock of the shotgun’s hammer, the bolt is sent hurtling back forward by the inertia spring. Well designed and manufactured weapons have tight tolerances. This shotgun’s popularity has seen it feature in box office hits like john week 3: Parabellum. Although moderately successful, Carl did manage to create around 5,000 semi-automatic inertia driven firearms.

Learn more. Benelli M2 vs. M4 Shotguns – Which is Best? Very thankful for your business. Open Bolt 2. That’s because the company is an established purveyor of high-quality arms with fans all over the world.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'huntingheart_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_6',138,'0','0'])); Back in 1988, the US army was looking for a new 12 gauge splatter gun. The weapon requires little maintenance and operates in all climates and weather conditions. Know more about scopes in this Vortex vs Nikon article. The shotgun cycles with the buttstock in place, as this is where you’ll find the spring housing for recoil. Between the Marines M4 training manual which was very helpful and your Benelli owners manual, you should have everything you need. The same principles were used by Benelli designer Bruno Civolani, adding a simpler yet more robust recoil mechanism.

AirTouch checkering also appears on the forend, assuring your comfort in any shooting scenario. 2nd row, 5th and 6th picture; special police member can be seen wielding a Benelli M4 shotgun with reflex sight.

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