Rachmaninov’s Third Piano Concerto is one of the most technically difficult concertos ever written (which is quite something). 11 is one of the first of the Classical era, though it was still written for harpsichord or fortepiano. 3 in G major. 20 in D minor – K. 466, Concerto for Flute and Harp in C Major - K. 299, Violin Concerto No. This was Beethoven’s fifth and final concerto and it was premiered in 1812 and apparently earned its nickname when one of Napoleon’s officers, stationed at Vienna at the time, called it ‘an emperor of a concerto’. Let’s start as we mean to go on. Mozart’s Flute Concerto No. While Beethoven only wrote five piano concertos, Mozart powered through an extremely respectable 23. Best recordings of Mozart's piano concertos? Though it is not known why Mozart wrote the piece, it is the first piano concerto he wrote since 1788, which was unusual for him. Right, get those headphones plugged in, here we go. This is arguably the greatest work for piano and orchestra ever written – it’s nicknamed the Emperor for goodness’ sake. Mozart wrote the original score for a basset clarinet, which is slightly longer than a standard soprano clarinet and is able to play lower ranges of notes. What makes this concerto unique is Mozart’s surprising use of the solo piano. In 1778, Mozart decided to rewrite his Oboe Concerto No. Dad with dementia’s piano playing is a powerful reminder, The armless musician who played the piano with his feet, Man plays cocktail piano, mixes a drink just by pressing, A young pianist wrote his teacher this thank you card, Nicola Benedetti: we reveal the star violinist’s, Mother proves point by picking up her daughter’s cello, Download 'Symphony No.5 in Bb major D.485 (3)' on iTunes. Showing 1 - 7 of 7 results. It's got a slightly weird and squirmy-sounding opening, which actually makes all the exuberant piano melodies sound even more exciting — and the second movement has some really dense woodwind writing to get your teeth into. The violin is firmly centre stage and you get to really appreciate how clever Mozart’s melodies were without all the orchestral stuff getting in the way.. 9am - 12pm, Symphony No.5 in Bb major D.485 (3) While the final movement of this horn concerto might get all the attention, there's plenty more to explore in the first two movements as well. So, cheekily, he decided that he would simply rearrange his oboe concerto from the year before (1777), with a few alterations to the melodies to make them more flute-like. Yep, it's that one with the bouncy-sounding finale. So we’re including it in our list. Alexander Armstrong The first movement is a dainty affair (very Downton, actually), but it's the final movement where the violin really gets to show off. 24 is as good a place as any. Top. What are some of the best recordings of his piano concertos? That or Dinu Lipatti´s 21st with Karajan, but that of course is not a studio recording. It seems that Mozart was in a bit of a spot, in that he was commissioned to write three flute concertos for a Dutch flautist, but was one short. It’s one of the longest concertos ever written – although the composer wryly called it a “tiny, tiny piano concerto”. Mozart’s utterly delightful Piano Concerto No.21 was written in 1785. 20 in D minor – K. 466. By using LiveAbout, you accept our, Top 10 Mozart Recordings, Albums, and Songs, Ensembles: Making Beautiful Music Together, The Origin of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Biography of Franz Joseph Haydn, Austrian Composer, The Greatest Composers of the Classical Period, Piano Concerto No. Nearly all of his concertos are still performed regularly today and some of them have become absolute staples of classical repertoire. Bilson's performances are very balanced and he uses a very good sounding fortepiano. Piano Concerto No. Feb-24-2015, 16:28 #2. The result is an exquisite example of Baroque ensemble music-making. If you want HIP Mozart, this is the set to get. 20 in d minor). This lush orchestration certainly adds to the concerto’s darker emotional content. Showing off came naturally to Mozart, so it's probably not a huge surprise to learn that composing concertos, a showboater's medium if ever there was one, was something that he did extremely well. If you’re looking to add Mozart’s classical music to your playlists, I highly recommend beginning with this small list of Mozart concertos. Piano Concerto No. Hold on to your hats…. The first movement is a dainty affair (very Downton, actually), but it's the final movement where the violin really gets to show off. This is one of those pieces of music that everyone knows – even if they don’t realise it, like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony or Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Aaron M. Green is an expert on classical music and music history, with more than 10 years of both solo and ensemble performance experience.

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