The Homeopathic medicine , Solanum Nigrum is best used to treat : Black discoloration of parts. [22], In South Africa, the very ripe and hand-selected fruit (nastergal in Afrikaans and umsobo in Zulu) is cooked into a beautiful but quite runny purple jam. In North India, the boiled extracts of leaves and berries are also used to alleviate liver-related ailments, including jaundice. People reply on consumer reviews and posting reviews is a way of giving back. In January 1862, General Thomas J. By accessing this site you agree that you are 21 or over. S. nigrum subsp. this time he gave me quite a bit more.

Black Nightshade is a plant. 2. Blue Knight is a rare indica-dominant strain with a noble lineage that stems from Blueberry and Kryptonite genetics. Through experiments on mice gastric ulcer model and control group, the results showed that the extract of black nightshade powder and methanol could significantly affect the secretion of gastric acid and protease in mice, thus significantly reducing the gastric ulcer index of mice. In the fourteenth century, we hear of the plant under the name of Petty Morel being used for canker and with Horehound and wine taken for dropsy. it's not the stuff he usually sells, it's apparently his personal stuff, but he always gives me a little nug of it when i buy from him. It is rich in organic matter, water and fertility on the strong soil growth, in the lack of organic matter, poor ventilation clay, its roots will be stunted, plant growth is weak, commodity is poor. Highy recommend it. She had back to back orgasms and even squirt for the first time under this strain. I was smoking out of my bubbler and i sat there and tried to see if i felt anything yet and didnt so i finished the bowl went in sat down to watch my Steelers and instantly felt warm and a nice body high! [36] The fruits are used as a tonic, laxative, appetite stimulant, and for treating asthma and "excessive thirst". is occasionally cultivated. The thoroughly boiled leaves — although strong and slightly bitter flavoureds — are used like spinach as horta and in fataya pies and quiches. The toxicity of S. nigrum may vary by the region and species where it grows. In Kenya, among the Abagusii, S. nigrum (rinagu- singular; amanagu- plural) is a vegetable delicacy which when blanched and sauteed or boiled to soften and then salted or sauteed and eaten with Ugali (a corn meal product). [28], The plant has a long history of medicinal usage, dating back to ancient Greece. Children have died from poisoning after eating unripe berries. I smoke this strain at least 4 times a week at nights. [38][39], Some experiments indicate that the plant inhibits growth of cervical carcinoma in mice. [48], Select fertile, loose and easy to drain and irrigate strong seedlings. The Black Knight of the Confederacy led his dashing command through the mountains and valleys of Virginia spreading havoc among the invading Union forces. [25], It was imported into Australia from Mauritius in the 1850s as a vegetable during the gold rush,[18] but S. nigrum is now prohibited for trade as a food by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. A tendency exists in literature to incorrectly refer to many of the other "black nightshade" species as "Solanum nigrum". The double-purple ancestry makes for a distinctly fruity aroma, with sweet Kush tones, while the flavor is similar. [29][30] Internal use has fallen out of favor in Western herbalism due to its variable chemistry and toxicity, but it is used topically as a treatment for herpes zoster. In addition, the leaves are collected by women and children, who cook the leaves in salty water and consume them like any other vegetable. [40] The active ingredient of the plant, solanine, inhibits the proliferation of different cancer cells in vitro, such as breast cancer and pancreatic cancer.Its anti-tumor mechanism is mainly through the induction of different cell and molecular pathways, leading to apoptosis and autophagy of cells and molecules, and inhibiting tumor metastasis.

But many countries grow this plant as a food crop. Black nightshade is highly variable, and poisonous plant experts advise to avoid eating the berries unless they are a known edible strain.

[44][45], It is also a treatment of gastric ulcer. [8], Solanum nigrum is a highly variable species with many varieties and forms described. Try this out hopefully the pheno you try is similar in rates. [15] The toxin levels may also be affected by the plant's growing conditions. A great way to share information, contribute to collective knowledge and giving back to the cannabis community. Although not very popular across much of its growing region, the fruit and dish are common in Tamil Nadu (மணத்தக்காளி in Tamil), Kerala, southern Andhra Pradesh, and southern Karnataka. The Solanum nigrum complex — also known as Solanum L. section Solanum — is the group of black nightshade species characterized by their lack of prickles and stellate hairs, their white flowers, and their green or black fruits arranged in an umbelliform fashion. I feel relaxed after a long day! Overall b+.

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