See if you can find some Black Mouth Curs near you so that you can spend some time with them. She growls and barks at them while backing away and wagging her tail, so she’s just confused. I knew I wanted her. I have a 9 month old black mouth cur. He’s great with other dogs, but fearful towards people. I have a black mouth cur that is a rescue. This pup was exceptionally bold. And that's just what my personality is . It was the darndest thing i had ever seen. Almost a Rusty miniature in looks, look for future crossings of her and Jackson Ranch's Rowdy. Overall a sweet good pup. She weighs 37 lbs at 10 mos., is that normal? ."rosie"! First time used my dogs .. never seen hog before that day…black mouth cur rules. sweetest temperment and wants to please at every turn. American Bulldog Mixes – Which One Is Right For You? I'm about 4 mons old and will probably be a medium to large sized dog. However after Lizzie Belle and considering my house was no more than a cottage I decided to stay with a small breed as well as get a rescue dog. Black Mouth Curs may be prone to ear infections. Interesting to read all the comments and compare. You will also need to check out your puppy’s coefficient of inbreeding, as they are a less popular breed and therefore have a more limited gene pool. She ripped apart 2 fluffy beds I got her and my rug and also a pillow I got her. Family. A similar type of hunting dog, for example, may produce a mix that is relatively similar to this breed in appearance and temperament. Excellent bloodline bred to be all around for wo... … is 10 mnths old. Some reasons the AKC doesn’t recognise breeds is if there are too few of the dogs in the country. We live on a ranch and thank goodness. yes he is most definitely my dog. Welcome to 28 Husky facts. He also comes to intervein when my hubby wants to kiss me good bye in the am? Adams VJ, et al. I love toys and playing with my foster friends and family. I want to get a trainer to work with us as I want to walk with him around this neighborhood where we live. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to He travels very well and looks forward to his dai... Hello! While it is the most intelligent dog (I have border collies), very loyal and beautiful; she is also strong willed requiring exercise and does not get along (tried to kill my chihuahua) with my other dogs. Black Mouth Curs are also good cattle dogs. That was straight from a vets mouth. home house. Nutro is what I use as well. Has lots of energy and wants to “body slam” me. LOl Well thanks for listening to my story about my boy , BLACK MOUTH CUR’S are a wonderful breed. I figure it’s just her high metabolism? He bit one dog that came on our farm and chased him This is not an indoor breed for sure. Arriving this morning into (10-31) Connecticut to her foster mom, this cute approx. We rescued my BMC puppy at the Humane Society and what a gift from God when I needed a close friend. They use their nose, as well as their eyes and ears, to track and tree game. When she’s in her crate and if one of the little dogs walk by her she’s more aggressive with them. He was part of a liter of 4 plus Mom. Your email address will not be published. 2010. I was the first person she saw. But only have a flip phone and don’t know how to post a picture from it onto the internet. I miss that dang dog. She is kind of a diva about it, lol. honest mistake by someone. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight will reduce these risks and help your dog live a long, healthy, active life. With consistent training, Black Mouth Cur dogs can take really well to learning commands. Anyway that’s the story of Molly { that’s me } and Bubba and it’s been a beautiful fun ride , I just pray I have a few more years with my boy. Obedience or agility training does wonders for my BMC – much more than a walk or run. A witness aid someone dumped him out of a truck and took of. He is very smart, and also knows how to track by scent, which is another skill he has naturally, and wasn’t trained to do. She especially prefers when it’s time to dog break the rodeo stock. Most dogs have a black muzzle. A few breed specific rescue organizations can be found in the U.S., especially in the south. Gotta love those ears too , This dog one smart k9 .hes little bigger than expected Texas line. So there’s nothing to say it won’t happen in the future! Riley's cute and smart. We have litters of Black Mouth Cur Puppies for sale! These athletic dogs are medium to large in size. She is always up for the challenge. All our puppies are bred from the best super tree dogs. He ate my husband’s hearing aid at 8 months and a month later he pulled me down while walking when he saw a cat and I broke my nose. My girl loves going to the Creek. I would highly recommend a BMC. She lives with multiple cats and is very solicitous toward them. Black Mouth Cur mixes can vary widely in temperament, size, and health. He was known as the puppy who would get all the other dogs playing. As long as they are healthy and can get the job done, they are happy. Their short coats require little grooming. And doesn’t grab our food if we leave it unattended. She Arrived at the shelter the day I went to look for a dog. Let me tell you his ears perked up, he looked at me, wagged his tail and I got more kisses. We used to have a pit bull mix that was easier to handle than this pooch. But it was recognised by the United Kennel Club on November 1st, 1998. As a single woman, this is important to me, and in fact, the BMC breed website does mention that BMCs are excellent protector dogs for women. I really would appreciate any help, or comments. They are also used for herding, and can handle smaller livestock like goats and sheep as well as cattle. So I took this blah looking puppy home. Maybe you saw a picture online and couldn’t believe how cute they are. Today a lady told me she looked exactly like a Blackmouth Cur. Howard lines produced from some of the finest champion dogs in the country.Our Ladner/Howard BMC puppies are a hybrid hunting and working dog featuring the best traits from both lines. Molly was a rescue who has now been with me for 5+ years. So you may also be able to find information about breeders in hunting publications. She took care of him and played with him as he grew up. We bought her a ball (too big to sink her teeth in) and she chases it all around the backyard (1-1/2 acres). God bless you and your baby’s. We had our little girl just show up in our neighborhood and just hung around and the family a few doors down took her in for about 2 months then they moved and just left her behind so we took her in. He is just precious. Puppies can be destructive. She sleeps in my bed with me or my grandsons and she offers so much love to this family. Just be patient with your dogs and they will come around. She has the The muzzle Leash is affective , and she listens well outside now. He used to have be fine with two labs in my home, but they passed. Whenever she is put into a new environment she gets a bit skittish but she gets over it very easily. Litters of this dog are often quite large, ranging from between 3 to 12 Black Mouth Cur puppies.. For one of these super-smart working dogs you should expect to pay between $300-500 USD. It always ended bloodlessly, with the other dog quickly retreating in terror. I still love that dog, even though he passed away a year ago. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. This breed is a good choice for sporting owners who plan to hunt or compete with their dogs. Still puppies. Mainly used for cattle that are wild, flighty, cattle that hide in the thicket or brush, wanting to hook or fight or cattle that have gotten away with not getting penned, there is no job too rough for this breed. Some extraordinary African dog breeds originate from this, The Airedale Terrier is a strong but loving breed. Alaskan Klee Kai: The Spitz Dog with the Husky Look. For instance, Ladner’s Yellow Black Mouth Curs have been featured in Full Cry magazine. The pup that survived was the pick of one granddaughter, and she spent all her savings and worked for the vet clinic for 9 months cleaning cages and feeding dogs to pay for the treatment to save her. They hunted, herded livestock, and guarded the homestead. So make sure you are prepared to go for plenty of long walks if you are thinking about bringing home this pup. They are active dogs anyway. Her previous owner handed her over to me personally, having recently gone through a divorce and being unable to bring Molly into her new situation. At first he hated it and I slowly got him used to it. I wonder if it has to do with their being prone to ear infections and being intelligent enough to know that water in their ears is bad for business. 2013. I show her affection a lot. If you do something the same time or way it sets a habit. Despite their relatively large size, Black Mouth Curs live a long time. You may have to contact the breeder directly to find out some of this information. These are the absolute very best dogs I’ve ever come across. He always wants to go after people when they leave ? We were told at first in was a Lab mix only to discover other wise. I have read all of your comments about BC’s, however can any one tell me how to keep my BC from being aggressive towards my husband.. And that’s been going on since I got her at 2 months old. A Catahoula Black Mouth Cur mix will probably produce a hunting dog similar to both breeds. I don’t care how awesome your dog is. He has lots of control tips. She’s been acting this way sense I had her after the 2nd week. Don't miss what's happening in … But rain, he doesn’t fancy much. She’s 5 months old now and a perfect size around 30lbs. They are scent hounds. About 2.5 feet tall at the shoulder, and weighs about 80 pounds. Rescued him from our local shelter in Thomaston ME. I had a lab for 13 years and loved her as one of my children. bone has me concerned. We have no idea of her age and just recently found out she is a bmc. for them and they take full advantage of running, jumping and playing BMC’s have white claws. She has plenty of exercise, plenty of out door time. She is by far the best dog ever. life is good❣. Recently I took her to a picnic where someone told me about Black Mouth Curs. They are super high energy, wonderfully accepting and loving to humans we accept into our home, but very protective. After the humans which are of course on top. This breed is also not recognised by the Kennel Club (UK). The UKC has minimum heights set at 16 inches for females and 18 inches for males. This advertiser is not a subscribing member and asks that you upgrade to view the complete puppy profile for this Black Mouth Cur, and to... Nala is a rescued furbaby. We were on a rural highway and afraid he would get hit, loaded him in our car and looked for his owner.

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