super efficient, with lots of booths on both sides. We love you guys and often have a good chat or a few laughs when crossing back home. Yet here she stands, rain or shine, snow or gale, safely transporting us about the river without the least bit of complaint. © 2020, The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited. super efficient, with lots of booths on both sides. coming to Canada? Online. As one of the busiest Ontario international crossings, we take pride in our ensuring our bridge is safe, secure, and operates efficiently. to Ontario, Canada multiple times, multiple ways, but I always like this one the best. This is my first choice when doing so. Very beautiful scenery while crossing, but very unpredictable time to clear customs. Crossing into Canada is so much better here than at Detroit. We had no issues leaving the United States and entered Canada with passports. It is as blue as water dyed blue. Here you can get food, Duty Free and event exchange currency for a great rate, while on the way back there is either no opportunity for Duty Free OR the signage isn't noticeable.Lastly the trip over the bridge is kinda fun, at night it looks like a normal highway but man, once you drive the Blue Water by day, it's a whole different experience, you really get to see how high uo you are and the views are really spectacular (of Sarnia/Port Huron.... meh). This bridge is hands down so much better than the old bridge down in. Now numerous signs warn about the last exit before heading into Canada and $3.25 toll, and the broad lanes are well marked to allow streamlined approaches of truck and car traffic into their respective lanes. going to Michigan? Where we were for the night it was a shorter distance to enter into Canada using this bridge. This is my first choice when doing so.The bridge authority does a great job maintaining the bridge. NEXUS lanes into Canada open: Monday to Friday 06:00 to 23:00 Weekends and Holidays 08:00 to 22:00 Second NEXUS Lane: Monday to Friday 15:00 to 21:00 Third NEXUS Lane: Monday to Friday 16:00 to 19:00 NEXUS lanes into U.S. open: Monday to Friday 05:30 to … Start saving by creating a prepaid toll account on our site. Most of my cars have tinted windows, yes - I'm the toolbag drug dealer look-a-like, and that shit typically doesn't fly at the border (I wonder why). See all photos from Kelly P. for Blue Water Bridge Canada. The overhead signs state the middle lane is for busses and Nexus only. So excited going to leave from Pearson International Airport for trip to Iceland. As you get to the end of the bridge, the middle lane is for cars too. If you are bored and looking for something to do in Sarnia, head down to the Bluewater bridge, there is a spectacular, breathtaking view that is second to none. In sheer comparison to the Moroun operated monopoly, Blue Water earns a thousand stars. © Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership 2020. Take an opportunity to admire the bridge from Lighthouse Park in Port Huron or the promenade on the other side, and absorb the engineering that keeps us moving.In the last few years, heavy construction totally remodeled the American side of the approach. You see, I am also the girl who waits with baited breath for the 'new bridge to Canada' to open and ardently defend the construction of a newer, better Detroit-Windsor crossing that benefits Michigan rather than ruining neighbourhoods and lining a callous billionaire's pockets.

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