Make it your own. There are so many amazing photographs to be found, and hopefully you will find something that inspires you. I always wondered how other bookstagrammers managed it, I figured they had some kind of magical camera with crazy voodoo to make it look normal ? I appreciate your honesty and all the research you’ve done. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. (Anmerkung: In ein­er früheren Ver­sion des Artikels hat­ten wir geschrieben, dass auch Son­derze­ichen in einem Insta­gram-Benutzer­na­men ver­wen­det wer­den kön­nen. But you want to make a good first impression. Harry Potter is always boss too. A great place to start is always the … A crucial part of creating a stunning photo lies in the work done after the shot is taken, so it’s important that you get comfortable in the editing process of your photos. I recommend trying to reply to comments as they come in. Bookstagram is an Instagram account about books with pictures dedicated to showcasing everything bookish. So, post your favourite photo. Why should they keep coming to my bookstagram or Instagram feed? Want to save this guide for later? While there was nothing wrong with the quality of the photos, nor how they looked together, we soon realised that we weren’t happy with the results. Click to download this Bookstagram guide as an eBook →, Do you want to save this guide for later? This is probably the tip I give the most when people ask me how my photos turn out so clean and clear. By compiling the thoughts of some of the best accounts we know, it is our hope that you will be able to answer any questions that may have been holding you back. I am sure that you will do great! Bookstagram Tip: Put the hashtags in a comment, not the caption. But if you go through them as you go, there will be less to do later. Out of sight, out of mind. Often times, the best results come when letting creativity run wildly, so don’t stress too much about it. Basically, librarian and book nerd heaven. Give us something we didn’t know. This can take many tries, but I always like to play around with the books and props I have around me. Thankfully, everyone in the Bookstagram community is enthusiastic to meet new people. Some of the best bookstagrammers stick with a theme, use unique props and backgrounds, and have signature styles or colors unique to their brand like rainbow bookshelves. Thank you so much! However, if someone is making you uncomfortable, delete their comment immediately. Can you build your own niche? People go crazy. Don’t Forget Those Comfy Nooks & Reading Spaces! With the @pageanchor account, we track our Instagram data on a weekly basis. Use your lack of creativity as an opportunity to try something new! Heck, I used my running shoes that paired well with a book. If someone is rude or discriminating against you, walk away. • • • #bookstagramtips #books #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #booksofig #readersofinstagram #readersofig #booknerd #bibliophile #currentreading #book #booklover #booklion #bookworm #booksandshares #bookfeaturepage #bookstagramfeature #bookishfeatures #wonderwoman #leighbardugo #warbringer #wonderwomanwarbringer #mybookishfeatures, A post shared by Lidia (@mynoveltreasures) on Jul 11, 2018 at 11:00am PDT. This will not only help you decide which image to post next, but also give you a better idea on which edit to choose if you can’t decide between two. By putting herself in the photos and using different books in each picture, her feed never fails to look flawless! By automatically merging them you will be able to play with the lighting creating a final image with detail in deep shadows and bright highlights that comes closer to what the human eye sees. ✈︎ Free shipping on orders over $40 USD ✈︎, Want to save this guide for later? Nonetheless, natural lighting used correctly can make or break a photograph, which is why it is vital to find the brightest room in your humble abode. No one expects your account to be perfect right at the beginning. Thank you for reading! Your email address will not be published. Authors and publishing companies send #bookstagrammers free books, too. I urge you to resist. You want a specific niche, and you want to *mostly* stick to it. When i checked out her dusty account lol, she Still had 1k followers (which I think are mostly inactive or have already forgotten the account even existed lol) I started posting last week and it has been a struggle since my sister’s old style doesnt really match mine so im like in this lost path of what really is my aesthetic so im mostly just riding the wave till i really know what my niche is. Are you wondering if you should start a bookstagram or what a #bookstagram account even is? Thank you so much, Joanna. Specifically, not that I know of or use, but here are some free editing apps: P.S. Are you focusing on just YA books or mysteries? Second-hand models are not to be overlooked, with plenty of used (but loved) cameras in need of a suitable home. Oh boy, is it a thing! This includes all of their filters, updated monthly. I have an Instagram account and am an author. However, if you’re someone that’s always on the go, this will be the perfect Bookstagram theme for you! I personally try to reply to all my messages, it may take me a while, but eventually you’ll get a reply. We would like to leave you with one last key piece of advice, and it cannot be stressed enough: You need to stay patient. Glad the tips helped ?? Most of you probably already have an account that you are posting on, possibly even as a part of Bookstagram. Packed with beautiful book-related art, Bookstagram has a place for every type of reader interested in sharing their love for books. In relation to the standard square layout that Instagram is famous for, organizing your flat lay in the center of the photograph allows you more freedom to crop it how you want. We have four of them, too, which is crazy sometimes. Tell us why we should care. Remember that no one can produce endless amounts of original and creative posts, and often times a nice looking picture is just as great as a super creative one. Instagram in general is a rough platform lately for followers and engagement. I self-host with Siteground and use WP .org. Try to avoid taking your photos at night or under artificial light, because that, my little grasshoppers, is a big no. Thanks . Thanks so much! At the end of the day, you should never let yourself get so caught up on growing your followers that you forget the first and foremost reason why you are starting bookstagram, which is to share your love for books. Mostly because you can see your stats. Hope you get/got some sleep! There are tons of apps to provide you with filters, but here are my top 3 favorites. For others without a blog, bookstagrammers use IG to make money from ads. First, you need to figure out what you want to be called on Bookstagram. I think starting a fun Instagram or bookstagram account is a great idea. It’s always about the books. Thank you for reading and friending me on Goodreads. Once you’ve decided when you’re going to post, get ready. I use it as a replacement to my phone’s regular camera app. There are infinite possibilities, so just try to collect some ideas for themes that YOU consider to be aesthetically pleasing. Thank you so much! Your email address will not be published. For now, I pretend I am an artist and pray to the lighting and picture gods that one out of the 100 pictures I take will be workable. I say go for it ; ) It’s the perfect time, too, to channel your inner creativity. For one, editing the photos will be easier and you won’t need to crank up contrast and brightness too high, which—allow me to tell you—only decreases the quality of the photo. If you are a book reviewer or book blogger, the bookstagram community is probably for you. If you work with brands, they will also want you to send stats to pay you for ad campaigns and such. I am IN. I loved this! Don’t be afraid to have a discussion with your followers, especially if you don’t have the same views. A must for every serious Bookstagrammer. You made my day! Okay, I should be asleep so I can wake up early and go to work later, but obviously, I was swept away reading your blog post. But books are more important than blood. I’m thrilled to hear that you are picking up the account and giving it a go with your own voice and passion. Consider if you want to be known for your personal name or a quirky brand name. Best of luck with your new bookstagram. – Hope you’ve had a good day! Just do you. I recommend both the original and these editions. I know it can be super awkward to take pictures in public, but trust me, other people aren’t thinking “what’s that weirdo doing?” they are thinking “wow, what a cool idea!” Plus, who really cares what random strangers think of you? The most important thing is to have fun while taking photos, and by all means, do not make it a chore. Just don’t forget to be consistent. Can’t wait to see them. . Since my followers are more travel-oriented, I post a Bookstagram every 6 pics or so. Try drawing or describing that person. #booklover #bookstagrammer #bookaholic #bookworm #bookphotography #igreads #bookadditc #bookblogger  #ilovebooks  #instabook  #bookish #bibliophile #bookshelf #booknerd #currentlyreading #ilovereading #bookgeek #bookgram #readersofinstagram #bookreview #book #bookworm #bookishfeatures #booklover, #booksbooksbooks #bookhaul (everytime I look at these, they shoot up too fast), #currentread #currentreads #boonerdigan #readersofig #bookishlove #bookishfeature #bookdragon #bookreader #booklife, #readmorebooks, #readmore, #bookrecommendation, #booktime, #bookblogger #bookreviews #bookreview #bibliophiles #bookishescape #bookishgirl #timetoread #readingbook #readingbooks #bookreading #bookreviews #bookbloggers #bookaddicts #bookaddiction #bookaddicted, #booksofinsta #bookishcandle #bookishcandles  #bookreviewer  #currentreads #bookphotos #readersofinsta #bookishphotography #readerslife, , #instabooklovers #booksbooksandmorebooks #bookdragons #bookreviewblog #bookishphoto #bookreviewers #bookreviewblog #bookbloggersofig, #literarytravel #literarytravels #bookbloggerslife. When I was a Bookstagram newbie, I struggled a lot with it. 1. Personalized Username Ideas. Hi there, if you are here that means you are looking for some tips on how to become a bookstagrammer. Before we look at how to plan your feed, you need to download an app called Preview. I’m not a serious blogger or anything, reading is just my biggest and most favourite hobby and I feel like I want to share my views but in a creative way as it’s something I’m very passionate about.

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