Every licensed private school is required to have a least one approved course or curriculum, see part 126.4 of the Commissioner’s Regulation. Each school should always have a schedule of which teachers are scheduled for the week, as well as each room being utilized. To complete an agent or director applications, the applicant will need your permission to apply. Step 1: Complete the program application and review the program application instructions if needed. The most common format for presenting these policies and procedures is in a school catalog. These guidelines are designed to facilitate an understanding of the refund policies set forth in the Amendments to Education Law Section 5002 passed in July 1990. Even if you are completing the application yourself, you will still need to create a code for each application. *, Any continue education course (CEU) – The school must obtain approval of the agency or body accepting the CEU first.*. The school must submit a description of any and all refund policies which pertain to English as a Second Language programs. While BPSS will verify compliance, it is the school’s responsibility to satisfy the elements needed for renewal prior to the school license’s expiration. All licensed schools must submit a financial statement covering the school’s prior fiscal year by July 1st each year. After the renewal application is filed and the fee paid, arrangements for a site inspection will be made by the school’s Field Associate. BPSS struggled with a very small staff, and lacked key personnel to perform critical tasks. Whatever attendance policy is submitted and approved must also be listed in the school's catalog. Any significant change in the program outline or number of coursework hours requires a fee and follows the same guidelines as a new curriculum application. Curriculum (LPCS) or Program Applications (ESL). The Receipt Form for students is a receipt given to students to acknowledge payment of any fees to the institution. This list will be periodically updated as more vendors are reviewed and approved. Additional documentation can be uploaded under the administrator role using the Manage Documents and Manage Enrollment Agreements tabs, detailed instructions can be found under the help link. Updating textbooks is not considered a significant change.

You can return here to start a new school application or continue an application that is not yet filed. The Curriculum Unit has 120 days to review curriculum after the school’s submission. Step 1: The applicant first needs to decide what type of school you are going to apply for, ESL or LPCS and review the registration and licensure requirements. This constitutes approval. If it is not, please pay any outstanding amount that is due. Step 5:  Select the type of school (LPCS or ESL) and click next. BPSS is funded by revenue from school licensing fees and tuition assessments. Once BPSS sends a letter acknowledging receipt of the school license application and fee, the eight month time period will begin. The catalog is a published document that describes all aspects of the institution including the courses offered, rules and regulations of the institution, graduation requirements, etc. Regular Tuition Assessment and Additional (commonly referred to as “Special”) Assessment, Under the payments section, select “Pay for School Assessment”. Following an extensive 12 month process, we have been granted a two year license by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision within the New York State Education Department. BPSS, to assist the school, has prepopulated curricula with the minimum requirements. The mission is to ensure consumer protection; to promote increasing educational competence, high standards, accountability, and integrity within the proprietary school sector; and to implement monitoring and oversight with fairness and equity. Any significant change in the program outline or hours requires a fee and follows the same guidelines as a new curriculum application. Programs that have an internship as part of the required curricula will be subject to an additional inspection of affiliated sites. Step 2) Select the school (if applicable) Signed and attested to within 30 days of application, not a projection. 4. Different subject and/or different levels of the same subject cannot be taught in the same classroom at the same time without prior written approval from the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision.

You should receive a response with 30 days, but for any reason that you do not, please contact BPSS via email at. Supporting financial documentation as needed. If the school wishes to use this, they must make a statement as part of the application process that each student will receive a copy prior to the time of enrollment. Separate attendance register sections must be used for each class/section. A.  ESL School Teachers You can view a sample language regarding school attendance policy designed to ensure good attendance. Step 1) Under the Inquiry section, select the “View School Information” The curriculum unit, within BPSS, has 120 days to review curriculum upon submission, which occurs after the fee has been satisfied and your application is moved to a “Ready for Review” status. The certificate of completion is critical in assisting students upon school closure. Education Law Section 5002(2)c provides that “The department shall conduct an inspection of each school at least once every licensure period. Certified English as a Second Language (ESL) school can teach English as a Second language, incl.

The Progress Record Form is the student report card which indicates how well the student is doing in the program being offered, whether the student is satisfactorily progressing, being placed on probation, or being dismissed. If the school has a mailing address that is different from the school address. Curriculum that requires another agency approval, prior to submission to BPSS. It is an opportunity for the director to become acquainted with the teacher’s instructional style and abilities. If you already filed your financial statement(s), click the next button. For final approval, the enrollment agreement and quarter with the corresponding figures must be approved. Step 18: Pay the new school application fee. The payment coupon, generated from the system, must be included with the check or money order to ensure that the school’s account is properly credited. The fee is based on the school’s gross tuition income from the school’s financial statement for the previous year. If you are inquiring whether you are required to be certified or licensed by BPSS, please review Education Law Sections 5001(1) and 5001(2). (Please note, teachers do not need an employee verification code.). If you pay by credit card, the system should display that the application has been moved to “Ready for Review” status.

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