its been on my mind for a whole month til i looked it up and found your blog. I’d worry more about BST in my milk than beta carotene. Alcam hand rolled butter is 78% cream , euro butter is 80% what is Kerrygold, And is it sheeted, A process that takes flavor away. With that said. I asked him the cows were feed grass or GMO grain, again, he didn’t know. As more and more people are wanting to turn to a more natural and healthy lifestyle, the profits motivated companies will do more and more to deceptively cash in on this cultural shift, but not to necessarily accommodate. Gah! counting on it for cash income, But then I tried it and was disgusted. EVERY BIT of information on the package is only there because it is mandated by the big bad gov’t. Very oily. Thanks for your informative posts! Well- I hate to break it to you, but this really is the real thing. Our local specialty store just started selling this butter. Its also big business.grow it raise yourself if you cant find a farmer you trust.I’ll buy Alcam butter you buy kerrygold.What you should be writing about is why the chemical companies are buy all the seed companies, Sorry I have to make a correction Alcam butter is 80% cream and kerrygold is 82& cream. Reminds me of the butter I used to make. How wonderful for you to do this bit of research ~ I am sure many would think that Amish butter was from Amish farmers! I will not be using that amush country butter again. 20 years ago, we might have called it “Amish and a few cranky Norwegians who love butter. Then I asked myself why I made the assumption that Amish butter was better. health benefits, maybe not. Great article, by the way Wardee. This milk is churned to make Kerrygold butter.”). They close for the winter so I went on line to research where I can buy it. Sulphur water! I think you saved me the legwork. I know this is an old thread but the butter issue keeps coming up. Amish people own the factory that produces these..but they are massed produced. I quit buying their butter as soon as I realized I was never going to hear from their “customer service” department. The Yellow color is NOT and indication of beta keratin. I coordinate the kitchen in an experiential junior high in the North Carolina mountains and the first thing I did when I took over the ordering was check on my dairy products. I was really surprised to see “butter flavor” added as one of the ingredients. Kathryn — Sherm’s in Roseburg just started carrying it. Feeding the cows food-grade diatomaceous earth regularly increases their milk output while also killing parasites and helps to repel the flies. The Amish farms are about 85 acres max because that’s all you can manage with a horse and plow, without modern equipment. (blank space to give you room to think) The Amish have a devout religious conviction about family-life. Excellent article! In the winter they eat fermented grass silage which is cut grass piled into a pit and covered. Sirloin Steak with Garlic Butter. We actually have our cow share with an Amish family farmer. It may be a darker yellow due to the breed of cow. I love the way you think! Now that I live outside of Pittsburgh, PA I find it more than difficult to find REAL food. If you like a treat, here's one you can enjoy every day. I buy mine directly from the Waldo Way Dairy Farm in Mineola, Texas, so I know it’s the real deal. If you are buying an “Amish’ product from a store (not a local farmers market or direct-from-farmer) you are likely supporting a conventional CAFO type operation. From now on that is the only butter that will be in our refrigerator. ), Soaked Pumpkin Seed Butter (nutty, creamy, enzyme-rich! The taste of alcam is so much better than store bought butter. The Country Store which is a half mile or so off highway 48 stores their butter in a freezer and would be more convenient for travel. This is where we get the old remedy of putting butter on burns – calendula heals burns. For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. How can it be, right? ), Grain-Free Apple Pie Shortbread Bars With Crumb Topping, My first thought was ” that’s awesome”, but after closer inspection it appeared too pale to be grass fed butter. Thanks. I bought “Amish” butter – once. I just purchased a roll of the Amish butter that is mentioned in this article. Thank you and God bless you!!:). I don’t think we can assume that Amish cows are all grass fed. Martisco is a troll, whose only purpose is to stir up trouble and make rude remarks. I actually like hand-rolled butter and would buy it without the Amish label. Chris — We hope so! I found some on azure . I’m not familiar with the Kerry Gold and have not researched it, but couldn’t their label be just a mis-leading? Can’t trust anything anymore. Sucanat’s $6/lb. “Buyer, beware!” This is what comes to mind. Tika, Trickling Springs Creamery based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (a.k.a. Write a Review. I find it funny how many jump on the indignation band wagon.

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