Four hours last night. If I said surgery, he’d do it tomorrow. It never hurts to get a second opinion. Ther is an exercise called " walking the wall " where you stand adjacent to a wall and slowly crawl up with your fingertips to stretch out your shoulder. Edited Date/Time: 10/12/2020 3:31 PM. See 2 others before deciding. I can do my job but it’s defiantly tough and it is limiting my abilities in the field. The driver stopped and he’s admitted responability to the police. Looking forward to filling loads of paperwork out with a broken right arm! I’m sitting at home relaxing with the nerve block right now feeling pretty good. I recovered with no significant residual effects. It’ll be worth the wait in the long term. ago in a skiing accident. Did mine a while back (2003), had it operated on. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. I am pretty sure I've done nothing to create this issue. I broke my left humerus mid-shaft transverse last July. And I got to sample the Canadian healthcare system – very handy, efficient, patient friendly, prompt and inexpensive. Thankfully my local HNS service was fantastic (RUH Bath) they take in loads of physio students (from UWE) so I used to get loads of (mostly fit young ladies) practising on me twice a week Also did a lot of work in the pool and with the stretchy rubber bands. It really is up to you. Im only back riding on the tarmac, offroad will have to wait till next year. If I demand to wait, he will wait. Took a spill and suffered a non-displaced spiral fracture w/ butterfly fragment to the distal (bottom) third of my left humerus 9 days ago. I am getting very bored but trying to rest. At 8 weeks they said I no longer needed to use the sling but I had to wean myself off of it over a few days as the muscles got sore and stiff very quickly being used after being immobile for so long. The topic ‘Broken Humerus, recovery time?’ is closed to new replies. I broke my tibia right at the knee joint. I did this about 15 yrs. Probably worth hunting for some research papers. Super excited about that. By now it feels OK though I’ve got some spectacular bruising from all the blood leakage between the muscle fascia. From what I can tell, pros and cons are: Another year later I went to a different guy, big dude, this guy will surely get it out, right? Sometimes it’s borderline and the only way to know if it’s stable is to re-xray after a week or two and see if it displaces. But it sounds like you are on the road to healing so hopefully you'll have more joy than me. Thanks for everybody’s advice along the way! I shattered my wrist in the same crash and had surgery on that a day after the humerus. Shoulders are not easy! I assume they can’t put you in a cast for a break that close to the shoulder? This injury occurs right where the arm bone (humerus) connects with the shoulder blade (scapula) to … Oh well, could have worse problems. The worst bit for my wife was the seizing of the elbow due to weeks in a sling. I’ve got an electric recliner to sleep in though I can’t sleep for long. 2015 Husqvarna TC 125 still the treatment for broken humerus looks scary. I am just over 3 weeks , in a clasby brace and still experiencing pain around the area of the breaks. If it were my arm, I'd lean toward natural healing as much as possible. In short, my bones refused to heal. Classifieds Rules I had a great visit with the surgeon at VCU. My advice, make sure to take control of your care. Interesting about the ER comment. First bad break, ever. There followed a long round of x-rays and eventually a scan which revealed the bone had not healed correctly. Yeah. I have broken my ankle 3 years ago and have 1 plate and a few screws holding it together now. In borderline cases, one surgeon might operate and another might opt not to – neither is wrong per se, although it’s easy to think the more ‘proactive’ approach (I.e. The advantage of no surgery is no / less muscle damage from fitting the mechano to hold it together, Hope you got his number and insurance, nice new bike from the compo. The humerus from what I gather is treated differently to most breaks due to the location. If you’re like me you’ll be fine in short order. I know you pain. Had the same break as OP, long time ago (16 years old). Worst experience and pain I’ve ever had. Just letting the arm float supported by the water was pure bliss, like getting your arm back I felt at the time. I have a mid shaft humerus fracture of my left (non-dominant) arm, which happened on 16th January 2018, so six weeks ago today. Sometimes it’s pretty bad but not often. The arm well be stiff from the scar tissue in a week but the PT will get you back to full mobility. However my consultant (I'm in Surrey) suddenly came up with an opening at the end of November so almost 5 months after my accident I finally went in for ORIF. There are a lot of factors to take into account – it’s never as simple as it seems. A right angle complete break is a different deal. I don’t notice it riding or any other physical activity. Told to begin some basic movement to try and stop elbow from seizing up too much. Most important thing I would recommend is get yourself a good private physio – preferably one that is a shoulder specialist. But if researcher have this than a plate and pins. Good luck. The last I heard they were going to visit a neurosurgeon because the doc had never seen that happen. I had the surgery and the injury got infected. on the road to recovery ready for the next gate drop. so i can't imagine the broken arm with no support! The only issue with the nail / rod is if you leave it in there is the chance of another crash and bending the rod. About 2.5 weeks ago I crashed and fractured my humerus (up high right below the ball portion of the bone, near the shoulder joint). It’s not easy. but was ok riding the road bike carefully after a couple of weeks I feel the human body is a miracle. I am happy to be an honored member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Edited Date/Time: 10/17/2020 10:55 AM. Besides pain and no sleeping, mobility is pretty much shot. Dave. I downside I found was a distinct lack of bottle afterwards in case I landed on the arm. I had said I would be happy to have a bone graft from my hip if the surgeon thought it necessary but in the event they decided not to do this. His recommendation for a non athlete would be to wait 6-7 more weeks to see how it’s healing and go from there. I think you’re making the right choice. and Privacy Policy and steps will be taken to remove posts identified Very similar injury to yours by the sound of it, fractured just below the ball but also fractured the ball. When they opened up my arm there was no sign of healing and they said it would possible not even heal by itself. A little swelling still and the most gruesome grinding noise on rotation (No pain associated). Edited Date/Time: 10/12/2020 7:38 AM. He told me if he wasn’t so tired, he’d recommend the surgery, because he could make a lot more money. Unlike you I stayed upright (purchased a reclining granny chair for sleeping) and I never had any sprinting or bracing. I think as long as your healing goes well you’d be able to enjoy your holiday but would need to take it easy and make sure you don’t do anything that you shouldn’t. Weightlifting, moto, hunting, wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, etc. Anyone here have experience with that injury and suggestions for what to expect for recovery and paddling mobility? Not That Particular Bone…but I’ve broken quite a few. Healed naturally but my arm is crooked. I’m wondering if the elbow is fractured too. Week 5 check up: Another new doctor. I also broke my tibia in a similar fashion a few years after the humorous, and, because of the two failed rod removal surgeries I just had, I decided to try letting it heal on its own. My entire left chest/left front shoulder is half numb. Walked with a cane after a year. Indications for Broken Humerus Surgery. The doctor said almost two hours of the surgery was just getting the nerve protected. I was very much of the understanding that broken bones take around 6 weeks to heal, give or take. I am unsure whether this is normal? Good luck, hopefully yours won’t be as bad… 2 incisions, 2 plates, probably 14 screws. Find a good specialist and get the plate/screws.I wouldn’t want the rod/pin, keep them awayfrom your shoulder if at all possible. Only regret so far is waiting two weeks to make the decision. Went back to work after two months. Did you by chance ask the surgeon how many of these types of surgeries he has done? Powered by vBulletin® Version 5.6.2 Copyright ©2000 - 2020, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. All times are GMT-5. Edited Date/Time: 10/13/2020 5:06 AM. Well worth paying for. i fractured 3 bones in my foot so maybe things are different. He's still a teen so I hope they figure it out. Its been 2 years and the entire front of my knee and top of my shin is still as numb as when i woke up in recovery. Am I being a total idiot in thinking I can manage and actually enjoy it? Edited Date/Time: 10/12/2020 7:41 AM. i have a sling and at the fracture clinic week 1 I was told to carry on doing what I was doing (which is nothing) as the bones have moved together. I thought an uvula was one of them “wimmen parts”. Anyone else had a similar break? Broken Humerus (upper right arm, mid bone) Surgery vs. No? Think long-term and avoid potential nerve damage. I was working with my Dad building houses, and I honestly didn’t trust it very much climbing around while we were framing for about a year, but overall it worked out well. I’m scheduling surgery in the morning. If theres a real risk to that nerve i wouldnt do the surgery., Don’t type too hardwhen fighting with Waterbird, Hope you heal up fast, A ruptured joint capsule was one aspect the damages found in the surgery for repair of my trashed shoulder (fell on ice, stuck out arm by reflex). Next x ray is in another 3 months. I see a second doctor today at 3. I had it all screwed back in place and though I get twinges I can paddle all day with no problem. The top of the bone is part of the shoulder joint and the bottom is part of the elbow joint. One was very young, had a break like yours and in no time was back to his regular live, the other one was in his forties and was hesitant but the pain and discomfort decided for him (was worst than a clean cut break maybe shattered, can't recall), it took him a while but he resumed normal live and was happy with the outcome. At six weeks post op I had signs of callus and the registrar said he was pleased with progress. We are all pulling for you. 2018 KTM 150 XC-W. Agree on the sports medicine. Keep up your PT no matter what!Didn’t have this, but had rotator cuff surgery. I’ve read some blogs of people with this injury who have gone travelling with it, I could probably find the link for it if you’d like to read it. Forum Main Moto-Related Broken Humerus (upper right arm, mid bone) Surgery vs. No? sooner PT beats laterI found a study that compared range of motion recovery in nearly 100 cases of proximal humerus fracture – half the patients started PT one week after the break and half started 3 weeks after it, The recovery rates in ROM both short and long term were overwhelmingly better in those who started at one week.

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