Moreover, this bike features the new Giant EasyRide tubeless system as well as integrated rack mounts. If you are not very enthusiastic about countryside bumps and gradients, Merida Crossway urban bike is for you. I bought I bought a Polygon Cascade 2, It's very good cycle it's worth every penny And they also provided me Good deals on accessories Thank you ChooseMyBicycle team. 98, Worth consideration I think. The B’Twin Riverside 900 is available in three sizes - Small, Medium and Large. Love, Eat and Breath Cycling Additionally, both the front and rear wheels have a quick release option which makes detaching them from the frame quick and easy. Tires on these bikes are also a bit narrower, which gives you a faster ride to keep up with traffic. The ergonomically designed bicycle frame allows for an upright, open-chested, comfortable riding position. Pinnacle Lithium is the best-selling bike as of 2019. If you are looking for a hybrid bike that goes a long way for a long time, Pinnacle Lithium 4 is for you. Road bikes are known for their speed. Go for it.. P.S: I must mention, d buying experience from CMB is just awesome! Hello There and Welcome! Hybrid bikes are not broken down into categories. These are perfect for night-time rides. Specialized is a well-known brand when it comes to hybrid bikes. Disc brakes were not used for road bikes until the hybrid bike started to become popular. Shimano hydraulic brake on the front is present with guaranteed stopping power. The Decathlon B’Twin range come complete with front and rear lights, so you are ready to go, and are available in three frame sizes – small, medium and large – with a weight of 13.6kg for the largest model. Copyright @ document.write(new Date().getFullYear()), CMB Information Portal Pvt Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Cannondale Quick CX 2 is a highly versatile bike. Highly suitable urban bike, A bit pricey With bottom brackets, front and rear derailleurs and levers – all from Shimano – this bike gives off a perfect blend of performance and comfort. Reasonable price The cycle was delivered to me like i had got the cycle from the shop. Additionally, the seat post comes equipped with a quick release option, which makes it easy to adjust the seat height within seconds, and at any point of time, without the hassle of requiring additional tools. Cannondale is a leading name in high-quality bikes, and this is a prime example of why. If you take your bike along brick roads, rough terrain, or on trails, then you want to purchase a hybrid with a front suspension. With sure-footed performance on road and track, Quick CX 2 offers a capable and comfortable ride. The Small bicycle weighs 13 kgs, the medium is 13.2 kgs and the large is 13.3kgs. With greater control, you are in command of your bike. With rigid fork travel, this makes a very suitable urban bike. I'm taking it that mudguards and luggage carrying are not a concern (but it might be worth considering how easy it would be to add these in case you decide you want them at a later time). Aluminium frame, Not the lightest This hybrid bike from B’Twin is an ideal choice when it comes to regular road rides as well as trail use. This bike is built for urban biker or commutator who loves darting around urban jungles most time of the day. Shimano brakes and gears You get the best of both worlds in this cycling machine, giving you a comfortable ride through all terrains. It includes all the Cannondale impressive features at a reasonable price. Please Try Again. However I wanted a 1X without suspension. Merida gives off superb commuting bikes. Most hybrid bikes do not use suspension because it makes pedaling less efficient. It can be challenging to take these bikes over hills as well. You want a bike that is sturdy and can easily whip around corners or go up hills as needed. The semi-raised, 620mm oversized, wide handlebar on this bicycle ensures supreme control when on the saddle. It comes with mechanical disc brakes that are effective in damp conditions as well. Please check your Email Inbox/Spam for an, Enter A Message For Our Experts To Help You, Please enter a valid Password [Min. JavaScript is disabled. Their new line of 2018 bicycles are a perfect example of this. Very responsive Aluminum is the common material used for most hybrid bikes. With a lightweight aluminum frame and fork, it is very light and easy to handle. 5. Riding on Cube SL road bike feels as light as a feather. The Btwin Riverside 500 has been designed keeping simplicity and clean aesthetics a centric idea. Coming at a reasonable price of £810, this bike offers everything a real hybrid bike should. >>> Eight best hybrid bikes 2019: ridden and rated The bike comes equipped with a Suntour NCX Air suspension fork, with remote lockout, allowing you to either take advantage of the 63mm of travel on rougher terrain, or take t… This Riverside 920 is just about the best B'Twin … Made In India, Customize Your Accessories Pick by speaking to our Bicycle Expert. Lightweight and agile, the B’twin is the perfect road bike and has some of those additional features for when the terrain gets a little rough. Value for money bicycles, with no compromise on performance delivered, is this brand’s mantra. 8 Characters]. Not only this, it offers you a chance to have personalized gear choices. That said, being a city-focussed hybrid, it is adequate for city commutes and short rides. The cycle was delivered to me like i had got the cycle from the shop.

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