After logging in you can close it and return to this page. For example, when you “keep your cool,” you are not talking about the temperature. For example, if someone’s talking about how cool they are because they can do a backflip on a snowboard, you can say while rolling your eyes, “Claimin’ it,” or “he claims so hard.”. This originated from marijuana, but is commonly used for other things as well. The North Bay is snooty. This is usually used to refer to guys. You may have heard some of them, as these terms have spread throughout the English world through Hollywood and music. To leave a place or person unexpectedly, or to not show up to prior plans. Terms of Use. It may also mean that you will be at your best with the specified outfit or item. All Rights Reserved It feels like theyre just normal words really. Our kids 8th gen. about me I am ARABIC native speaker, I am 27 year old ,I will travel to germany 10/6 /2013 just after two months , my plan in german language to listen videos and read for beginner as much as possible when I go there I will work with tutor since they will pay me,so I guess learning process will be speedy than a class room.thanks a bunch in an anticipation . Mastering these words will easily help you connect with young people from California (as well as the rest of the U.S.). ", Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. AMERICAN SLANG WORDS that You Need to Know. "She celebrated her birthday for an entire month. These counties all lie in Northern California, but those in the south know them well as the three counties where most of the state’s now-legal marijuana comes from—hence the name, “The Emerald Triangle.”, The word “grip” means to hold something, either literally or metaphorically. promotion last night. Here are 16 terms to brush up on before you visit. article. +1 347 604 1261 For example, “The party’s poppin’, get over here!”, Psyched – when you’re excited for something. He's so you wouldn't say that some chick is such "A bomby" you would just say shes bombie you can say bombie or bomb the same, like this food's bombie brooo. Putting “the” in front of highway names. ", "I lowkey can't wait for summer to be over. Oakland. extra. I feel really blue beacuse of that one reason beacuse wanna to move to learning a third language but if ENGLISH extremely easy as opposed to oriental tonal languages or even EUROPEAN such as salvic or even german took from me this of amount of work and still need to learn more and more , I do understand learning a language a lifelong jorney and there is always room for improvement but this an overwhelming endeavor now my question is it wise to start learning a third language while I still encounter new words in ENGLISH .I will start learning german soon beacuse I need it my company ask me to learn it since they have cooperation with germans companies otherwise they will fire me ,they will pay me all the bills for tutors ,travels ,acommadation,etc .. they asked me to finish b2 within six months and doing bussines courses afterwards , is it possible within this frame time and is true easier to learn a third language than a second language also how i will keep and improve my ENGLISH while studying GERMAN please help I need your insight your answer will be really important for me . ", "Did you see Megan Thee Stallion's lewk in her newest video? I guess that means something. The most common is when someone is tripping out they are making a big deal out of a small problem. We Not many people in state who were born and raised in California use Cali. a lot or very. Its a SoCal thing. ", "What you said is the biggest cap I've heard in a minute. And It’s no usual someone out of that tribe say something like that. ", "I thought I was posting it to my finsta but it went to my actual This term is used when a person is sad or angry due to some thing or event. Slang in Southern California is easy to pick up. In Southern California, a “grip” also means a lot of something: “That’s a grip of bacon,” or “I just made a grip of cash.”. People from California love to use and make up their own slang, adding color and personality to the language. Dominic-Madori Davis . Some of these i dont recognize but some i do! Like– I have regularly heard and used 11/17 of these terms all my life. In Massachusetts, people use Cali to describe California. With a new year comes a whole host of novel, oft-perplexing slang terms. They’re really comfortable!”. You can also follow us on Twitter where every day we post new slang terms and other English tips. For example, if someone is smoking a cigarette, you can say, “Hey man, can I get a drag?”, Heavy – when something is very sad or depressing. well if youre scoring dank nugs on the daily you hella do.

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