— Global Animal, The Global Animal Foundation, 501(c)(3) functions like a Green Cross for animals and gets resources on the ground during disasters and emergencies that put animals, from pets to wildlife, in critical peril…. I have two alpacas that will eat apples right from your hand and others that love to munch on raw brussels sprouts.

At last they arrived at Pippenger’s and were greeted by a scarecrow and pumpkin display.

There are also premade alpaca pellets and treats that you can buy from most farm & ranch supply stores. Tips For A Happy Summer: Protecting Your Pet From The Sun, 8 Indestructible Dog Toys Worth Barking About, Shark Attacks Vs. Shark Finning: Facts Behind The Fear, This Breakthrough Will Help Save Our Coral Reefs, When Humans Go Away, Wild Animals Come Out To Play, Tiger Cubs Exploited In America’s Malls Of Shame — Tiger King’s…, National Rescue Dog Day Is Here, So What Are You Waiting…, The Scary Side Of Gelatine Sweets This Halloween, San Diego Sea Lion Plays In Bioluminescent Waters, 25 Most Bizarre & Fascinating Animal Facts. view prompt, 6 likes Apples, broccoli, and carrots are all good options, as long as you give them small enough pieces that they can chew them without choking. Excitedly the twins asked at the same moment, “Yes, we are going to Pippenger’s apple farm and will have the whole day together.”, “Me too” said Aidan. Alpacas are psuedo-ruminants, which means they have one stomach but three different compartments to break down cellulose. Inspirational Submitted for Contest #63 in response to: Write about two characters going apple picking.... Apparently alpacas are'nt the greatest when it comes to eating apples, but it sure is hilarious! Grandma Joseph was a cautious driver for the most part, but they had been taught to buckle up from an early age. This gives them similar (though not identical) digestive properties to other ruminants, including cud-chewing. If you enjoy this website, consider donating to help us continue our mission of spreading the joy of alpacas! Want more alpacas in your life? After big hugs all round, they sat at the breakfast nook while Grandma finished cooking. You know - you are right.

You must sign up or log in to submit a comment. When they try to eat apples, it's hilarious. Some of their favorites include watermelons, pumpkins, bananas, apples, raisins, and strawberries. Pa was with them that year and had told her that those were special - they provided nutrients for the trees as well as food for rabbits and other animals. All my alpacas found a wonderful home and you must check out my farm buyers new web site: HickoryRidgeOrchard.com I now live on 19 wooded and hilly … The twins knew what to wear for the outing. Both in the wild and when domesticated, alpacas are foragers that love to graze on various grasses. They could eat some of the apples while in the orchard. It turned out he used to be a full time driver on the California Zephyr before retiring and was happy to be on board again, even if it was in a small way. Though adorable, for many Americans, alpacas were a terrible investment, Franz Josef Heinrichs. Hugging one is like wrapping your arms around the foot-long neck of a warm, endearingly smelly cloud. They could eat some of the apples while in the orchard. “The apple farm excursion is our gift to you too each year and a lot of fun for us as well.”. Fantasy, Note: There are two main characters to this story (twins Aidan and Angelina), “Advice from a Tree - stand tall and proud, enjoy the view” - Ilan Shamir. That made her happy. Write about two characters going apple picking. Much to the delight of the children the train sped up on the straight bits of track. It turns out there isn't a lot of money in alpaca trivia. If you’re looking into getting an alpaca, or even if you’re just going to be visiting one, you should probably make sure you know what alpacas eat. The children had a secret code phrase to use with their grandfather when they were ready for a fun day - to infinity and beyond. Alpacas will stop eating when they’re full, so if they do get into your fruit trees, the damage likely wouldn’t be too bad if …

She felt happier watching them. They can eat alfalfa hay as well, but should only do so in small quantities due to its high protein content. Jones, hello. All giggled. Did You Know? The little guys fine. If you want to give your alpaca something special, try feeding them some fruits and vegetables.

Like most animals, feeding an alpaca a treat can be fun for kids and adults alike, but it’s important to take the alpaca’s nutrition into consideration as well.
The adults had mostly Cox’s but added a few of the others as well. Grandpa had to remind Angelina of that again - she had a feeling it would be a standard joke to be retold year after year and was secretly hoping his memory of it would fade. Each one then put their treasures in the back of the car and headed to the play area - it had tables and chairs to have a picnic lunch also. The twins needed no encouragement. And they make for some great GIFs.

The children ran off to play on the swings while the adults rested and quietly sipped their tea. The money from the sale of tickets would be used for the upkeep of the train - the engineer volunteered his time.

Alpacas will eat many kinds of fruits growing on trees and vines. “Maybe next year little one, maybe next year. The first stop was the Cox’s. The apples available for that day were Gala, Fuji, Cox’s Orange Pippin (this was ma’s favorite), and Jonagold. Many alpacas are fond of lettuce, apples, and regular old fresh weeds as treats. Both in the wild and when domesticated, alpacas are foragers that love to graze on various grasses. The Truth About Dog Bites: Don’t Bully Breeds! That experience was a real blessing for him and the beginning of his work with animals. Hold The Salt: Is Beach Water Safe For Dogs? In his pocket were all the tickets they would need that day - bridge pass for the alpacas and other animals, train ride (this was new), coach ride to the apples (on a sort of wagon) and play area for children. Finish up then get dressed and we’ll head out.”. He had an early morning fishing date with his army buddies. He gave up after awhile, spit it on the ground and we gave him some carrot.

Only very big old apple or pear trees can be under-grazed by horses and alpacas. After all of them had been moved over the young one came over to the fence and nestled his head in Aidan’s hand. This year will make 6 years ‘cause we just turned 6.”, “Exactly” said Grandma Joseph. Angelina went to see the goats – she thought the young ones were happy as they jumped around. The apples available for that day were Gala, Fuji, Cox’s Orange Pippin (this was ma’s favorite), and Jonagold. It could only mean one thing - Grandma Joseph was here and she was making her famous apple fritters. Apples& Alpacas will soon be gone off face book as I no longer have my alpacas nor my apple trees. Kids At one point the young animal looked toward an empty pen that had plenty of warm sunshine then looked with longing in his eyes at the boy. Aidan wrapped a little bit of one of the fritters up in a napkin - his cat Midnight had a real taste for them.

The children gathered as many Cox’s as they could carry for their mother. For example, if an alpaca is chewing on a lot of metal, they may be trying to make up for a zinc deficiency. This can be combated by adding supplements to their food, or by providing mineral blocks for them. The leaves were beginning to change color, so it was a pretty ride. Oh, he’ll join us later this morning. They’re soft, gentle, furry giants. They had emptied their backpacks so they could easily carry some apples home. After lunch came the train ride which went past the front of the orchard rows, around the small lake that was on the property, through the pumpkin patch, and around the edge of the play area before the final stop - the bridge that led to the alpacas and other animals. Aidan and Angelina piled into the back of Grandma Joseph’s car and buckled themselves in. Their grandparents took them every year but 2019 would always live on in their memory - the year they helped the alpacas. Overall our alpacas prefer their pellet supplements over any human treat. Grandpa Joseph said “Okay then, let’s go!”. “I hope they still have the alpacas and goats for us to come close to” said Aidan.

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