Wiki User Answered . So, a giraffe's stomach has four chambers. A sphincter muscle that separates the esophagus from the stomach is responsible for the ability (or lack thereof) to vomit; if the sphincter does not relax to allow gut contents back into the esophagus, material can only move to the intestines.

Information presented on this website is the opinion of the individual contributors and does not reflect the general views of the administrators, editors, moderators, sponsors, Cambridge University or the public at large. Not only because of the mess and foul smell, but because it’s upsetting to see their companion sick. Ruminants voluntarily regurgitate grass from the rumen to chew the grass further in a process called "chewing cud.".

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Answer. Check it out if you'd like, /u/Probablynotabadguy, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Top Answer. As a percentage of body size, compared to deer, cows etc, I don't understand how groundhogs can survive on grass, but humans can't. Thank you. man, I just had an anatomy class last week and we were specifically said that the esophagus-stomach valve IS NOT a sphincter. Questions about the way giraffes vomit spark some curious interest given that the animals have very long necks. I'm sure there are circumstances which could make a giraffe sick in the same way, and there would always be the danger of rumen contents getting into the lungs and causing a pneumonia. Top Answer. It's extremely rare for the vomit then to go any further than that. That is to say, they chew the cud. Are there any problems where several genes need to be replaced?

Horses, rabbits, and some rodents, however can not vomit, or at least it's very difficult for them to. Questions about the way giraffes vomit spark some curious interest given … Diana - Giraffes may vomit, but generally, this would be from the fourth stomach into the second, but what could make it throw up in a way that was more visually similar to a human? An upset stomach for a horse can mean death. Can and how do giraffes vomit? It's pretty weird to see this. If you think about the giraffe's stomach, it's very similar to that of the cow and it's much more complicated than ours. There are even videos of them doing it on Youtube if you're so inclined. Yeah, poor horses, owners have to be very vigilant about feeding and keeping their diet balanced. However, due to the unique structure of its digestive system, it is almost impossible for giraffes to vomit in the way as some people imagine it to be. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. So when we vomit, the vomit comes out of our stomach and then up the oesophagus, and obviously out of our mouths. Ask a science question, get a science answer. Care to elaborate on the "horses are sensitive eaters"? Controlling Covid-19: lockdown, or let rip? Giraffes are foregut fermenters and ruminants, therefore regurgitation is a necessary part of digestion.

Horses are extremely sensitive eaters as a result. In the study, sheep were administered with apomorphine to cause acidification in the rumen to induce vomiting. Press J to jump to the feed.

Well does it take them a long time to do so? Since we as humans know how long it takes us to vomit, which by our standards is pretty quick, how long does it take a giraffe? 63 64 65. Like most ruminants, the stomach of giraffes have four chambers where the grass are broken down by bacteria.

There are some plants that can make cows sick to evacuate most of the contents of the rumen out of their mouths. I also like to imagine that it takes them a while because the thought of a giraffe trying to vomit and going "hold on, this is a process" makes me giggle. How do giraffes vomit given that they have such long necks? Covid-19: saving lives vs saving the economy? They also regurgitate their cuds to chew them like cows do, but that's a bit different from what we humans think of when we think "vomit. For such huge, majestic creatures, its pretty interesting how they have such delicate digestive systems.

I would like to know approximately how long it takes for a giraffe to throw up.

Diana - So, giraffes do regularly regurgitate food up their very long necks, though it's not quite the same as vomiting. What evolutionary pressure pushes animals to be able to vomit or not? Microbes and Muck - Making cattle eco-friendly, Make a donation to support the Naked Scientists, anyone that has a new idea, based on facts.

", They also regurgitate their cuds to chew them like cows do. The first and second compartments are really big fermentation vats and the true stomach, their equivalent of our stomach, is the fourth chamber. It is not common, but cows that have been eating rhododendrons can be sick and we must bear in mind that the capacity of a big cow's rumen is anything up to 250 litres, 50 or 60 gallons. On a tangent... How in the world do grass-eating rodents get enough calories from the small stomach volume? So this can be a spectacular site, especially if a whole herd of cows have found a rhododendron clump. So, the oesophagus, the food pipe of giraffes, quite naturally and frequently works in reverse to bring food up to the mouth. Kinda.

Also called internal vomiting, this phenomenon was shown in a study conducted on sheep, which was published in the American Journal of Veterinary Research in 1981.

Wiki User Answered . Contents of the stomach chambers of the sheep were merely expelled into the another chamber and no vomit was expelled out of their mouths. 1 2 3. Since giraffes are ruminants, it is very rare for the animal to vomit and, in the very rare instances that they do regurgitate food out of their mouths, it will still be different from vomiting. It's extremely rare for the vomit then to go any further than that. Yes. So, in a sense, yes, giraffes can vomit, but it's very, very rare that it actually comes out of the mouth.

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like can they vomit so aggressively that they snap their necks???? can they die from vomiting tho????? I saw it at a zoo recently but here's a video, unfortunately not terribly clear unless you watch carefully.

Do they not have stomach acid, so that bacteria can ferment the fiber in the stomach, unlike us?

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