After William's death in 1822, Caroline returned to Hanover and re-organised his catalogues into one extensive book, for which she was awarded a Gold Medal by the Royal Astronomical Society, who later elected her a member in 1828. ...and "do not ingest." (Caroline is putting her things into her bags. (She grabs a scalpel from the table and touches Dr. Maxfield with it.) I'm going to get some clothes and you'll pick me up at my dorm? Katherine: Care to share how you couldn’t follow through with one simple task? Caroline and Katherine planned drain the vervain in his system to compel him to tell them everything he know about vampires, Katherine takes over and begins to drain blood from the professor, he tells them that the secret society planned to invite Elena to belong the group but for his suspicions that she was a vampire, they desisted, Katherine then takes the decision to impersonate Elena and Caroline stays with the professor. Caroline: Aw. Katherine: Don't be frightened... We're gonna have so much fun together. Katherine: Don't lie to me, Caroline. He has a stake in his hand. Princess Caroline of Monaco's daughter Charlotte Casiraghi to marry this weekend – details. He followed in his father's footsteps, joining the Hanoverian Guard band to play the oboe, but moved to England to teach music in 1755, eventually settling in Bath in 1766. (Inside the safe, Stefan looks around the safe wildly, starting to breath more heavily as he draws closer to another panic attack.). Katherine: Stefan, who's an expert in history. Caroline: No. Now that Katherine's a human and fragile, everyone thinks that they can just boss her around. Nadia: (to Katherine) I need to speak with you. Caroline worked hard in her own right, and in 1798 she published the 'Index to Flamsteed's Observations of the Fixed Stars', a list of corrections and 560 additional stars. During the rest of his life, Herschel produced lists of thousands of nebulae and star clusters, and he was the first to distinguish between distant clusters and dusty nebulae. Caroline: Wait, no, no, no! At the Salvatore's house, Caroline is trying to move the safe all by herself. He originally named it 'Georgium Sidus' in honour of the British King. (Caroline grabs two pictures of herself with Tyler and shreds them.). Caroline: Why do you keep dragging me into this? By 1789, Herschel had built a 12-metre-long reflector, the largest telescope of its day. Now that you've slept with Klaus, how was it? Come on! Katherine: (muffled) Stop talking. You should have left when I told you to. (suddenly smirks at her) Have you? You understand right? I killed you once, don't forget. I just—I--ugh. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Katherine: No because I didn't realize people still printed photos. She's upstairs, she's upstairs! Katherine: That sucks. She's washing her hands when Katherine arrives. Katherine: Wonderful. Caroline: Okay. (She turns around to face them.). (Katherine's cell phone starts to vibrate. Katherine later threatened to kill Matt, thus using Caroline as her spy—to get Elena and Stefan to break up. You need me. Katherine: What are Stefan and Damon up to? Okay. (Caroline and Katherine arrive at the shredding station at the party. Reflexively Caroline corrects her saying that Elena wasn't there but then she catches herself saying that Elena was there and needed to talk. In addition to grinding and polishing mirrors, she began executing the laborious calculations that were connected with his observations. Okay, Stefan. No. (Inside the safe, Stefan gets no response and starts to hit the sides of the safe in a effort to escape, looking anxious and scared. She's trapped. Prolonged Exposure Therapy. Damon kicked me out, Stefan doesn't remember me and I just spent my last $20 on a meal that I didn't even get to enjoy. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). But I couldn’t exactly kidnap my best friend. You're back! Caroline: Please. I can't... (Stefan continues to gasp for air, before quickly passing out.). Caroline: (On the phone) Of course she does! Caroline: Elena, stop! Done. There Caroline trained and performed successfully as a singer. Her mother opposed her education, and Caroline instead helped in the management of the household. Herschel also measured temperatures in the region just beyond the red colour where no light was visible and, to his surprise, recorded an even higher temperature there. ), Caroline: So we all agree? (Caroline is tidying the dorm room when Katherine enters.). Katherine: In exchange for a place to stay, and Elena's meal card, I will help you deal with Dr. Whoever. Katherine: Enough. At that time, Katherine gets a call from Stefan and decides to invite him, Caroline looks at her curiously. Katherine: Give me. Caroline ask why is Katherine doing this to them. physical objects, comma, certain aspects of duress, comma--", (Inside the safe, Stefan is starting to freak out. Just another tragic side effect from taking the cure. Katherine: (trying to find an excuse) Since she's being conned to go to the Bitter Ball with her best friend Susie Sunshine. Caroline: (as Katherine enters) There you are! ), (Caroline walks around with a flashlight. (When Caroline hanging up her call with Tyler). Yeah, yeah, yeah. (Puts her hand up to quiet Dr. Maxfield) I'm just...I'm trying to do some math. You have already liked this page, you can only like it once. Caroline walks in.). Just forget it. After Caroline heard when Stefan and Katherine are kissing and she leaves a message to Elena to call immediately. She moved to Bath and soon found herself equally captivated by the night sky. She had realized her mother was unknowingly referring to Katherine. Dr. Maxfield: Wait, what? Moving out, giving up? Katherine: Okay. An asteroid was named Lucretia in 1889 in honour of her second name. Caroline: What would you say if I told you that when a certain awful person was in town, I ran into him in the woods and sort of kissed him. Later, Caroline confess to Elena about Katherine threatening her, and Elena comforts her. His sister Caroline helped him to develop the modern mathematical approach to astronomy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Stefan is calming down now, but Katherine still has her hands on her face. Elena gets up and sits next to her friend. In 1798 Caroline presented to the Royal Society an index to John Flamsteed’s observations, together with a catalog of 560 stars omitted from the British Catalogue and a list of the errata in that publication. My phone died. (Katherine walks away. When Katherine is trying to clean her blood after being cut by Qetsiyah in her hand,Caroline offers her blood to heal her but Katherine can't drink vampire blood. EIGHTIES icon Roland Orzabal's wife Caroline died in July from natural causes, leaving the band forced to ­cancel their remaining tour dates. Katherine: You're good. Katherine: Good! You'll kill me! You will kill me. (Katherine tries to leave, but Caroline stops her). Katherine and Caroline did meet again when Katherine used the dorm showers in Caroline's room, but Caroline quickly realized that she wasn't a vampire, and not Elena. It's not my first rodeo. In 1772, he invited Caroline to join him as his assistant. The words that are coming out of your mouth are giving me a headache. In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Caroline, Bonnie and Katherine who is still posing as Elena, attend college classes, they walks into a classroom and Caroline is talking about a fresh start in her life as single. Katherine: and the person we're talking about is... Katherine: Oh wow.. That... that.. Wow. Caroline: Would I make something like this up? William, son of a musician, was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1738. He stops, looks at her and leaves with them. ), (Katherine takes it, but she starts gagging and coughing once she starts drinking the vampire blood.). ), Caroline: I did it. (Caroline loosens her grip on Katherine and backs away. He drew up a catalogue of double stars and showed that some were orbiting pairs. (Caroline tries to grab her by the arm, she pulls away.) Caroline: Perfect! Herschel cast and polished his own mirrors, producing ever bigger and better telescopes. Caroline: Who's they? Katherine and Caroline didn't interact with each other until Homecoming, because after Klaus broke his curse, Katherine immediately fled Mystic Falls. When Katherine and Stefan are getting closer and seemed like they were going to kiss, Caroline felt the need to open the box because she thought it was too quiet . The following year she discovered a periodic comet that was later named 35P/Herschel-Rigollet. In what? I've been calling and texting. Katherine: Look at you. After that, when the news of Klaus and the curse started reaching Mystic Falls (through Rose and Trevor), Elena—desperate for some answers—turn to Katherine, and convinced Caroline to lift the rock that blocked the entrance to the vampire tomb. He was there and obviously wanted to kiss me, so I thought "we'll just make out," but then, it felt really good to kiss him, so then I kind of, totally had sex with him, but I swear, I didn't plan to do it. That’s all I asked. I don't want any part of it. Except for Jesse, who's conveniently not answering his phone. Insightfully she asks "Who did she threaten?" Caroline: I'm just saying that you've been through a lot lately, and your emotions are all over the place. Tenderly Elena coaches it out of her: it is because Katherine is going to be there. Katherine: So tell me.. How was it? Katherine: Acting like a school teacher isn't going to make him feel any better. ), (Katherine walks in the college and sees Nadia and Caroline talking.). I think that making yourself so available could maybe be confusing things. Katherine: Tessa's stupid nonsurgical incision won't stop bleeding. Caroline: Shhh. (looks at her meaningfully as she starts to pace toward her). she tells Bonnie to assist without the company of Jeremy what Bonnie accepts, the three agree to attend the dance. Because we both know I made you better by making you a vampire. She then begins to talk more loudly, knowing that Tyler would hear the conversation). Caroline Herschel, in full Caroline Lucretia Herschel, (born March 16, 1750, Hannover, Hanover [Germany]—died January 9, 1848, Hannover), German-born British astronomer who was a pioneer in the field and is considered the first professional female astronomer. The discovery of the new planet inspired Herschel to cease his career as a musician and teacher and concentrate solely on astronomy. After Katherine's death, Caroline is the only one who feel kind of sad for her. Dr. Maxfield: They'll never let you in and a vampire could never get past the threshold. February 26, 2010 (The Return) (Tyler has been listening it. (She turns around to look at herself in the mirror while removing her earrings.). And how is any of this my problem? So are Stefan's. Katherine: That wasn't exactly a yes or a no.

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