This topic sparked an interest in me because women should be aware and learn about the risk factors for developing heart disease. Many complications arise from cardiovascular disease, which may lead up to other life threatening illnesses such as heart attack or stroke. If your blood pressure is too high then it can damage the artery walls which can cause atherosclerosis. Heart disease is a range of conditions that affect your heart. Terrorism is often a result of oppression or is a due to views and beliefs of an individual or an entire organization. "Look into proposes that coronary illness (CHD) starts with harm to the covering and inward layers of the coronary (heart) supply routes." Cause and Effect: Smoking. Everybody, at some point, is being exposed to a risk factor or something that further longs the chances of getting heart disease. What is heart disease? Blood clusters can square plaque-limited corridors and cause a heart assault. Also, more than one cause can lead to one or more effects, for example, eating too much pizza and drinking too much coke for lunch can cause you to get fat and be late for class! Not doing these things and furthering your risk for heart disease not only takes a toll on your life but if you have kids it will effect them too. Anderson The effects of smoking varies from person to person as it will depend on the person's vulnerability to the chemical in cigarette or tobacco smoke. 3  Pages. Coronary heart disease and strokes are the primary types of cardiovascular disease caused by smoking. A stroke occurs when there is a clot in a blood vessel or an artery located in the brain, interrupting or severely reducing blood flow to the brain, preventing it from getting the oxygen it needs. Smoking not only affects the smoker, but smoking also affects the people around the smoker. which lead to several fatal diseases in the future. This is because it puts more workload on the heart than is needed. A heart attack is the death of heart muscle and it is caused by a sudden block of a coronary artery by a blood clot. She…. A heart attack occurs when the blood flow to the heart from an artery is blocked by a blood clot. It is imperative as a nurse to develop an understanding that caring for a patient goes beyond the physical care given and it includes a holistic aspect: caring for the body, mind and soul. Premium Effects of Smoking Cigarettes Therefore these factors also affect the likelihood of developing heart disease. Shortness of breath, Obesity, Heart failure 712  Words | 6  Pages. Approximately 20 million people as of 1964 have died from the use of tobacco, and an estimated 2.5 In today's world, there is a rise in the US population adopting unhealthy lifestyles that lead to cardiovascular disease (CVD).1, 2 Stroke and coronary heart disease are the two leading health conditions and leading cause of death in established countries. Look at the research and try to find a way to organize your main points (MPs) - (chronological, spatial, topical, problem-solution, cause-effect). What We Offer 1. Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, Artery 864  Words | 7  Pages. It may be surprising that while many women believe breast cancer is most threatening to them, it is a fact that they are eight times more likely to die of a heart attack. The risk factors that cause heart disease are mostly composed of everyday problems that our…, Heart disease is a broad term used to describe any cardiovascular disease or condition that affects the cardiovascular system. What We Offer • On-time delivery guarantee • PhD-level professional writers • Automatic plagiarism check However, these two types of cardiovascular disease have identifiable risk factors that can be modified to reduce the risk of developing CVD.3 Additionally, due to an increase in the prevalence of obesity, primary prevention for CVD is catching, Picture this, one bright afternoon a mother and daughter are having a calm, relaxing day in their local park. She is fully involved in her first ever heart attack. MosesReaction With God According To The Crucifixion Of Moses And The Death Of Jesus. What Causes A Heart Attack?"  In addition, this kind of food specially has negative effect on women because it affects women menstrual disorders later. You should strive to prevent heart disease if you can and know…, Most people could probably guess that heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death, but many may not know that strokes are the fourth leading. 3  Pages. Checking these measurements and keeping control of what you eat and how much you eat should be a gimme. Premium Having heart disease can cause someone to also have coronary disease, which is the buildup, purpose of this paper is to show the negative effects of eating a lot of junk food. Heart disease; Hardening of the arteries, also known as Atherosclerosis, is common in people suffering from obesity. Three main components of the cause of heart disease are smoking, high blood cholesterol, and overweight and obesity. In the U.S. alone it claims approximately 830,000 each year and accounts for 1/6 of all deaths, Nutrition Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease The, urinary troubles increasing the fact that smoking, StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. One single cigarette contains over 7,000 chemicals which The Surveillance Cameras In 1984 By George Orwell's 1984, The Importance Of Disaster Management And Disasters.

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