All rights reserved. (888) 727-8822. In our day and age, mail can seem so drab sometimes. Apart from Arianna Huffington, my cold emails have received responses from Mashable’s founder Pete Cashmore, DramaFever’s founder Suk Park, and founders of various London-based startups like Deliveroo and TransferWise. Looking back at all of those requests, there are a few elements that I believe are particularly effective in cold emails. By asking Arianna to specifically speak about her company’s vision for global expansion, I lowered the possibility that she would reject the request because another foreign founder with a U.S.-based company could do the job. It allows that sense of connection between fans and celebrities to continue, as well as helping to show the celebrities themselves as being caring about their fans and keen to make personal contact.”, The most reliable responders appear to be writers. What will your contact get out of responding to you? 8 Celebrities Who Actually Reply to Fans on Instagram. In other words, turn this one-sided request into a mutualistic relationship. Maybe it's a reply to your fan letter to Johnny Depp, with a signed picture included, or perhaps your email to Strongbad is this week's featured reply on his website! Other ways to build credibility? By Leah Prinzivall i. You can also sympathise when celebrities suspect anything they sign will be put on eBay the next day (as Starr did). Published October 7. I’m going to assume that whoever you want to message receives plenty of emails from equally eager professionals. Spam, bills and holiday cards from the in-laws can really be a drag. Because of this, it’s critical that you introduce yourself in a credible way—and as soon as possible—before your contact clicks on the dreaded archive button. Instead, keep it professional from the get go, and immediately prove why you’re a person worth listening to. “They can be more personal. Muchamore has said that, far from being a drain on his time, his dialogue with his fans influences his work: “Some people see using feedback as commercial, but kids authors need to get inside the heads of people who are much younger and have very different thought processes to themselves.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. List publications you’ve been featured on if you’re a writer, customers you’ve worked with if you’re a salesperson, and impressive stats if you’re making disruptions in an industry. Then explain how these qualities would help advance your contact’s long-term goals. What public people do with their fanmail has been highlighted this week after David Walliams, the comedian who has become a successful children’s author, took to Twitter to urge his young fans to write to him again after a box of fanmail was stolen. Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs. Following my introduction to Arianna, I continued with: “This fall we plan to expand our initiative to promote global entrepreneurship and would love to have you come on campus to speak about founding The Huffington Post as well as your vision for the company’s global expansion.”. “When you know you’re getting emails that don’t require a time-sensitive response, the urge to check [and therefore reply to] those emails drops significantly.” Or maybe it IS you Last modified on Tue 13 Mar 2018 14.16 EDT. What impresses you the most about your work will most likely impress your contact the most, too. There’s flattery, and then there’s sounding like a random stalker who popped out of nowhere. I don’t have time for those idiots.”, For others – particularly huge stars, who can become detached – fanmail is a welcome part of their lives. Bill Murray, wonderfully cantankerous, told an interviewer in 2011: “I don’t answer fanmail. Popular queries: emma watson billie eilish robert plant email daniel radcliffe donald trump ciara hanna stacy draglia tricia. Who else makes the effort for fans who put pen to paper? Free event on 11/12: How to Land a Job in Sales & Marketing. I’m warning you, with peace and love, but I have too much to do. This section of my email gives an example: “With more than 2,000 followers on Facebook and 2,200+ newsletter subscribers, we’d also love to help attract even more students to start following HuffPost.” This might not seem like a ton of people compared to The Huffington Post’s audience, but, because our organization has one of the largest audiences among Columbia’s undergraduate population, those numbers mean reaching a relatively large group of readers with a lot of potential. I hate being externalised.”, Although Twitter and Instagram have become the main ways to reach celebrities, letters are still meaningful for many fans, says Rebecca Williams, senior lecturer in communication, cultural and media studies at the University of South Wales, and an expert on fandom. 1 Beacon Street, 33rd Floor Terms and conditions Jodi Picoult and Chuck Palahniuk are said to reply to every letter. Send A Handwritten Letter (Sort Of) I first wrote about this one a few years back. And not only had she taken the time to read my email, but she had actually responded—with a yes?! But then I stopped to think—what made my email work? The best part about sending your dream email or letter is getting a response--so to help you feel that joy, we've compiled a list of famous people, both fictional characters and real celebrities, who are the most likely to write back. In 2008, Starr put out a video, announcing he would no longer reply to mail. Let’s start with what you don’t want to do. Children’s writers, such as Walliams, Jacqueline Wilson and Robert Muchamore, make a big effort to reply to their young readers. Needless to say, I freaked out. First, Arianna grew up in Greece until the age of 16—hence being more than qualified to promote our organization’s global initiative. There has to be something more endearing about a child fan than an adult superfan, but it’s not as if the relationship is just one-way. Cookie policy What began as a thought (wouldn’t it be funny to DM slide my celebrity crushes? The reply rate is still far from 100% (and I don’t think it ever will be), but with these three steps I’ve been much more successful in hearing back from professionals with whom I never would’ve thought possible to contact. The week prior, I had emailed her (cold) to see if she would speak at Columbia University for the entrepreneurship organization I’m involved in. Sign in Barry Corbin Success - Posted Oct 26, 2020. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Site map “The feedback I need most is letters,” Pete Townshend said in a biography, Behind Blue Eyes. I don’t have time for that. Walliams’s feelings about his fanmail are rather different from those of other celebrities. All rights reserved. Apart from Arianna Huffington, my cold emails have received responses from Mashable’s founder Pete Cashmore, DramaFever’s founder Suk Park, and founders of various London-based startups like Deliveroo and TransferWise. No fan mail.”, You can’t blame Starr for being overwhelmed by his popularity. We’re here to help.). Charles Dickens burned his, Ringo Starr begged for no more, and the footballer Joe Hart gets his mum to answer his. (Don’t have a personal website yet? March 16, 2016. Privacy policy Embed this infographic on your site: I started my email to Arianna with: “I'm an operational committee leader of Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs at Columbia University.” By linking the website, I knew I didn’t have to waste another two sentences explaining our group’s mission and initiatives. 1/9. Plus, the gesture shows that I’m not just interested in a one-sided relationship. Email; Political. The best part about sending your dream email or letter is getting a response--so to help you feel that joy, we've compiled a list of famous people, both fictional characters and real celebrities, who are the most likely to write back. Michael Pena Success - Posted Oct 26, 2020. “I apologise if you sent a letter & have not received a reply as I do endeavour to reply to everyone,” he said. Just be brief—remember, this person is busy and will likely lose interest if you go on and on about your qualifications. They're not afraid to @ you next time. Children’s writers, such as Walliams, Jacqueline Wilson and Robert Muchamore, make a … Yes, it can be difficult thinking of what in the world you could possibly offer to a successful (and possibly famous) professional. When you outline the benefits for the contact, only include qualities that set you—or your organization—apart. But every person has something to offer. Celebrities react to the vice presidential debate Hollywood weighed in on the debate between Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence. What’s more, The Huffington Post has launched in nine different languages since 2005 and continues to expand across continents. Contact. Whether you, like me, want to invite an inspiring founder or CEO to speak at your event, or you hope to connect with a reputable professional in your industry, here are three steps for dramatically improving the chances of getting a response from someone you admire, but don’t know—yet. ), developed into a gimmick (I should entice them with fun facts!) David Walliams’s enthusiasm for replying to all his fanmail has been thwarted by a stolen box of post. Connecting with Celebrities Through Physical Mail Find their address. There are two ways this ask is specific to Arianna and not just to any founder out there. I’ll never forget the day I woke up to an email from Arianna Huffington. You don’t want to open up your email going on and on about how you’ve been following this person’s work, how much you liked this and that thing they did, and how you’re such a big fan—wouldn’t they please help you out? “If that has the date on the envelope, it’s going to be tossed. Jodi Picoult and Chuck Palahniuk are said to reply to every letter. But in the darkness, there sometimes shines a light--a piece of mail that we never thought but always hoped we'd get! “Nothing will be signed after 20 October,” he said. Addresses for fan mail are … Tue 19 Apr 2016 07.47 EDT Your contact is much more likely to reply if your request is specific and can’t be completed by just any person out there. I think most fans understand they are unlikely to get a response and so when this does happen, it’s really important. What about my message had enticed Arianna to pay attention to a college student like me? “That’s why I try to reply, so people know they can get through if they want. An easy way to establish credibility is to hyperlink websites—either your company’s or your own—and let the website speak for you. It’s like there are hundreds of thousands of people that think they’re going to become millionaires getting autographs from movie actors. Boston, MA 02108, (888) 727-8822 When sending out your message, make your request as specific as possible to show that 1) you did thorough research about this contact’s expertise, and that 2) very, very few people apart from this person would fit the bill. What, for that matter, had made so many of the more than 100 other requests I’ve messaged professionals this past year successful? Copyright ©, 2014-2020. Steve Martin was … The celebrities had little in common aside from status, follower count, and not knowing who the fuck I was, rightfully and understandably.

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