(20~23'C) and choose Mfg's advice wisely. yes, it does show a modest difference versus the 30% case, but it's the deeper discharges that supposedly show the biggest difference so I'd expect 80% to show the largest gap and 50% and 30% to be relatively close.

Charging AGM batteries properly is an important practice for ensuring your battery lives for as long as it is designed. Any advice here?? The deep cycle battery charger has three main jobs: getting charge into the battery, optimising the charging rate and stopping when the battery has reached full charge. In addition to the charge and discharge current, this monitor also indicates battery voltage, the number of amp-hours consumed, and the time remaining until the battery bank needs recharging. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. What Point(s) of Departure Would I Need for Space Colonization to Become a Common Reality by 2020? Another thing that needs to be kept in mind when calculating charge time is that the last 20 % of the charging process (from 80 to 100 %) takes around four hours with wet, gel and AGM batteries (this does not apply to Lithium Ion batteries). Need Expert Advice - Freecall our Battery Experts on 1800 853 315 or EMAIL, Copyright © Aussie Batteries & Solar From what others have said, 12.0V correlates with %85~80%DOD and 10.6V to 100%DoD.

If you are not using a smart charger to charge your 12V deep cycle batteries, the charging current should be at least 10% of the amp hour rating for a flooded lead acid battery or up to 30% for an AGM lead acid battery. Outside of these limits, the Mastervolt battery charger will continue to supply the connected consumers but not charge the batteries.

The maximum charging current is 50 % for a gel battery, and 30 % for an AGM battery. Voltage: State of Charge: Approx Battery Charging Time to Full Charge at 80 degrees F/ 27C: Flooded: AGM % Charger Maximum Rate: 6 Volt: 12 Volt: 12 Volt: 50 Amps You should look up what the Manufacturer has for self depletion (degradation?) In each of the tests, the time T1 and T2 that passes before battery voltage has dropped to 10.5 volt is recorded. I understand that deep cycle batteries should not be discharged below 12V (approximately 50% SOC). I1, I2 and T1, T2 can be found by carrying out two discharge tests. To help you get the most out of your 12 volt deep cycle battery and understand more about the charging process, we’ve put together this deep cycle battery charging guide. True, should always check the specific battery maker for voltages. Please set your charger to the type of chemistry your battery is. Many Portable Generators do not have battery charging circuitry built-in and should be used with care if they provide a DC outlet (although you could plug a battery charger into the 240V socket, its a fairly inefficient way to operate unless you really need to). In a standard wet battery, this is around 80%. In general, do European right wing parties oppose abortion? Discharging the battery to 11.3V instead of 11.5V could e.g. If you are practicing good battery management, and have even the minimum suggested charge current for an AGM battery, this is a complete non-issue. Because devices such as refrigerators are always drawing power from a battery, even while it is being charged, Mastervolt’s temperature compensation includes a maximum offsetting effect to protect the connected devices. Peter Kennedy has been in  business since 1991 designing, installing and servicing marine electrical systems.

For this procedure, you need a voltmeter to measure the AGM battery charging amps. We recommend a charge current of 20% of the 20 hr rate for both Bulk & Absorption charge phases on AGM & GEL VRLA models. My Volvo engine in my boat says do not use deep cycle batteries on EFI engines. If you are OK with the battery life, then leave it as is. He means the battery datasheet. Mastervolt gel (2 V, 12 V) and Mastervolt AGM (6 V, 12 V) batteries should be charged with a voltage of 14.25 V for 12 V systems and 28.5 V for 24 V systems. For example, some Optima AGMs rest at up to 13.2V. Proving Ridge Regression is strictly convex. \$\begingroup\$ I have just tested the battery’s voltage some 9 hours after the inverter cutoff at 11.5V (and was switched off) and also without receiving any further charge and the voltage has rebounded to 12.2V. We call this ‘temperature compensation’. Battery charging occurs in three stages; bulk, absorption and float charge. Unit 2, 8 Technology Drive, Warana Queensland 4575, Australia. Any more could cause the equipment to malfunction. Peukert’s Law does not apply for Lithium Ion batteries as the connected load will have no effect on the available capacity. It depends on the battery. AGM is a chemistry type and doesnt specify whether a battery is deep cycle or not. The 3 pairs are close enough IMHO. No, an you mix Gel with AGM deep cycle batteries?

These figures assume a temperature of 25 °C. Exceeding this voltage in a Gel battery can cause bubbles in the electrolyte gel, and permanent damage. This process stops when the termination voltage has been reached in order to avoid overcharging. Note that capacity depends on discharge rate. A rule of thumb for gel and AGM batteries states that the minimum charging current should be 15 to 25 % of the battery capacity.

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