I had 800.00 in cash in my wallet & was in need of a cashiers check so I figured hey why not get my shopping done & cashiers check all in one trip. I have never heard of someone getting away with this much as is on the Post page. Why we need to wait for a long at the branch at newark, broad street for a long time when they do nothing pass time.It's our money, our funds & we wait for what? A charity collected for him $4864 and mailed check to him. Called Chase Executive Office to Reinstate Accounts Chase had Closed. they listen to obamacare. With such Banking ordinary people are robbed in day light! We had a cash out and the funds were suppose to be wired to our account on April 21 and they are still not there and the local Chase branch is blaming the delay on the Title Co.! Whatever the case was it was clear that she was not going to be any help, I soon discovered that the 800 number was about the same in regards to customer service. Finally I said screw them. Thev only thing I did wrong was to wait so long. Took two years to get the mortgage off and still after 5 years, the fraudulent credit card is still there with no resolve from Chase Bank....I wish you luck with this dishonest and unprofessional company !!!! I am gonna take my Husbands advice and start banking with USAA ... ALL THE OVERDRAFT FEES HAVE BEEN PAID SO THIS IS HOW U RUN A DAMN BANKING BUSINESS?? I opened up a checking account in late 2009 for purposes of UNEMPLOYMENT direct deposit, as Chase handles ALL UNEMPLOYMENT funds. When she pays a bill to Chase, she thinks it's a Credit Card Payment! I hope you burn in hell, ALL OF YOU EMPLOYED WITH THIS BANK! I said no, I will just pay that as usual. Not happy with any banks at this time. Look around there is at least one CU in or near your town. they took over my nvr mortgage. I AGREE W/ALL THE ABOVE COMMENTS. the banker assisted me with 10 wire transactions to my landlord for 1,500. MY MONEY a customer over 15 years and it was on a Saturday LIVID!! I just have to accept it.My next call will be to BBB to. 1299034----- my name is jinny lynn my face book. Plain and simple, you borrowed that money at that rate---including any unknown variable rate. i call customer service he gives me the run around saying i didn't close out my account wtf im so pissed off worst bank ever. Chase confirmed receiving refund (I have reference numbers, transaction ID # and emails) but they said they did not see it anywhere so I was "out of luck" and lost a lot of money. Back then it seemed like vast majority of shutdown of this type were overruled after an appeal to an executive office or an analyst. Full and part time guards. Calling all the time. You reap what you sow, and if you keep continuing in these foul practices to hard working individuals and people who have disabilities and have only a very fixed income to survive off on, you're going to experience a major downfall like never before. They forecolsed on me while I was in modification. So seeing I was getting nowhere with this idiot so I hung up.I then called back and another male by the name of Alfredo answered. The loan officer that I am dealing with has some serious remembering issues. Now, the amount she wants to deposit is LESS than $300! I was told by my local branch manager, other supervisors from various departments that when my son's SSI direct deposit hits my account,they automatically put a two day hold on it, and said the local branch manager can call in to have the restriction lifted in order to get my funds. This […], […] Called Chase Executive Office to Reinstate Accounts Chase had Closed […]. That's not the case. euch! IF EVERYONE DID THIS WOULD PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS. have continental chase credit card. No notice, no phone call, no mail...no nothing until Century 21 contacted me and told me the house had been sold back to the bank and They were listing the property. Dealing with Chase Bank it like banging your head on a wall !! My first argument was that I had closed Chase and other credit cards which possibly can’t be a profile of someone who is going to swipe a card and never pay. Though CHASE knew that this error by the other company, wasn't my fault and had been reported as FRAUD, they refused to re-open my account that I'd have for FIVE AND ONE HALF YEARS. Unlike equipment that is predictable, security guards can alter their routes and routines to make it more difficult for burglars to predict where they will be at any given time.

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