In the ceremonies, they enforce actions such as communal cleaning, prevent interruptions, protect the kachinas and punishes the unruly clowns. Death Fly/Mastop Never start a supplement program without first consulting your physician. Long Hair - … They are often seen shooting marbles. Glossary of kachina dolls with images and meaning. Carved from the root of the cottonwood tree, the meaning appears in the Bean Dance. Each ogre has his or her own personality and role within a ceremony.

Badger - Cures the sick, prayers for the growth of healing herbs are given to him. The Hopi were the original Kachina Doll carvers, using a single piece of cottonwood root. Left-Hand - Reversed Kachina, does everything in opposite. Also called Blue Corn Maiden and Yellow corn Maiden. Navajo Kachina - Represents the Navajo Tribe as viewed by other tribes in the Southwest. Her body is stolen by witches (kanadyaiya) who revive her in order to seduce her. Heluta – The father of the kachinas and the creator of deer. Mountain Lion – Called Toho, this kachina often accompanies such animals as the Deer or Antelope Kachinas when they appear in the Line Dances of spring. With an extensively... Hopi Kachina Doll He is also known to bring sweethearts together, similar to Cupid. You can own a piece of Native American artistry without spending a fortune. Medicine Man - Mixes herbs and roots to give advice, prevents & cures sickness. This Hopi Hemis Kachina Doll was created completely by hand by Native American carver, Milton Howard. Female kachinas include: Butterfly Maiden (Palhik) Alltribes Indian Art is one of the last Native American operated, full-time jewelry shops, left outside of the Gallup, New Mexico area.

Chasing Star – A symbol for the plants and stars, he can resurrect those that have fallen from the sky, by lifting them back up. Also called the “Mountain God”, he protects the Apache tribe in wartime and will appear in the coming of age ceremonies for young girls. As the father of kachinas he is first to appear at kachina dances, announcing the kachinas to the people by means of signs. Each type has a particular set of characteristics and a distinctive personality. I have bought numerous cuff bracelets of your hand made jewelry.

While most of our silversmiths are Navajo, we employ artists of a wide variety of backgrounds. It brings abundant, high-yielding crops of corn. Frog – The Frog or Paqua (Pauataga) Kachina’s purpose is to bring rain and more Frogs. It is said that he appears in the Kiva Dance at night and is one of the few kachinas that are known to dance empty-handed.

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