Why didn’t they immediately notify their customer that they had used an incorrect ID number. If the common low-life criminal would get 10 years in prison for a minor offense, crime would drop (i.e. My question concerns losing a driver’s license: I just realized I lost mine 3 days ago. If this is the best service, then I don’t need protection. Thinking it might be my computer I tried to move around the page to fill in the info for the 30 part and it was working fine. “If you have money stolen due to identity theft, LifeLock will reimburse you dollar for dollar-up to $25,000, up to $100,000, or up to $1 million-based on the limits of your plan.”. Keep in mind, it may take DAYS for the credit agency to answer your call for credit verification (no set telephone number or easy method established). You only have to do this with one bureau and they will notify the others. If you find it’s not worth the cost, you can always cancel, so it’s very low risk to see if the value is worth it for you. Having just received a discount offer through an NRA mailing I thought I’d research it now that it’s been out awhile and ran across your article and numerous others. RE: SSNs… NO ONE except the government, insurance companies and financial institutions can demand them from you anymore. You can do this on your own for free at annualcreditreport.com (scores) and Credit Karma (scores and reports). I am not aware of a free alternative to this benefit. Something comes to mind about Civic responsibility and taking out the trash. Money expert Clark Howard says freezing your credit is the No. I am wondering whether hackers will try to hack Lifelock. Excuse me…what does the 1st person mean when he said you cant get into the system after you join? Credit Karma Now Offers Free Credit Report Access! Recently, I bought a new computer and decided I wanted to use Norton to protect it and went back to LifeLock to see what they had to offer. No. It locks your shit down. LifeLock. So, for $120 bucks a year, I can have someone do all this mundane crap for me? See my articles “Smart Planning will get you 3 Free Credit Reports Per Year” and “Credit Karma Now Offers Free Credit Report Access!” on how to take advantage of this. Thanks for all the good input. Additionally, you could set up USPS Informed Delivery. I mean if you’re making a $1 million+ a year, why not? Here’s the link to Experian’s fraud alert. Thank you very much for your tips. 4 days later I get an email they do not offer refunds. Glad I found this. Your bank will take it from there. They want you to Add all your personal information IE Add Your Personal Information So We Can Protect You" Bank Accounts Add Credit Cards Add Mother's Maiden Name Add Driver License These are just some of the things they want to input online" So I enter all my information into another serve online where it can breached? We know it’s difficult to take risk, but Life lock give us more security, good services and more about related life lock. They claim to offer services akin to Life Lock but for a one-time fee instead of monthly fee. Honestly, don't know how these guys are around. Join our community, read the PF Wiki, and get on top of your finances! Credit Karma is a good one for this. It already is, every body and their brother have it. I had four checks stolen out of my checkbook way out of numerical order from my other checks and $4000 of fraudulent checks cashed, no notification whatsoever & after many many years of being with LifeLock they basically said too bad & turned their backs on me, they are worse than the criminals that steal your hard earned money! Then you have those who do know some of what's going on but just don't care enough. If you opt-out of pre-approved, will that keep you from getting offers from legit offers? If you opt out, you opt out of everything. I had the same problem when my husband did his report with Equifax right after me. I kept trying to use the NO button but it wouldn’t accept it. “We’re over 100,000 new members and counting since the breach,” Fran Rosch, the company’s executive vice president of Consumer Business, was quoted as saying. It’s remotely done with wireless WiFi and Bluetooth. Sounds like people will be in more breaches than safety from lifelock. Lifelock like so many sponsors pay to have their protect endorsed by a Rush Limbaugh…this is how he makes money. Thanks for these helpful tips. These all seem like things you can do on your own with a few phone calls (this would be a good time to recommend that you keep a list of everything in your wallet, along with service phone numbers). And what company can you use to check if fraud happened or will happen on bank accounts? The first time was a nightmare… and more hassle than one can imagine… had to go back to every credit card I ever had, even those that we “pac-maned” up by other banks… was advised to cancel bank accounts as well as savings accounts and open new ones… Our local police were great and helped with the process… and thank God, I kept monthly statements for years past. Free Alternative? Again, thanks for a great post. Call Team Clark @ 404-892-8227. Well said! Good article, it prompted me to make my own research and here is some more information that could be useful. Very nice article, but it seems to me that the freeze is a more certain way to go. Free Alternative? Any comments. For longer lengths of time you need to send them a police report. In this day of cyber-hell/identity theft, I would think this would be a major problem with family members. I put a freeze on the three credit agencies a few years ago. Then where would we be? Whenever a new credit account is opened in your name, or a credit inquiry is performed, they notify you immediately (within hours and sometimes minutes) on your cell phone. in Michigan, each bureau charges $10 for *each* action per bureau! There is ways to help yourself and that is by monitoring on the computer your credit card statements also I am a very satisfied Life Lock with Norton protection which cost 34.99 a month I moved they phoned me I got a new credit card they informed me to confirm it was me so they are very good at the job and when I have to call I get someone right away so that also helped. That pin could be easily obtained aka "restored". A couple of things though: I used the http://www.annualcreditreport.com website and chose the Equifax report. How would you receive this alert on your own? Also, I told an independent broker that I had a freeze, and he said just give him my SSN and he was sure he could get my credit – well, he couldn’t. Freeze your credit with all three bureaus: https://www.experian.com/freeze/ https://www.freeze.equifax.com/Freeze/ https://freeze.transunion.com/. Another thing, I got notice about the dark web thing for an old email even that I haven’t used for over 10 years so they are very good and its worth peace of mind. They are around and make hella money because most people do not know what's going on behind the scenes and how easy it is to freeze your own credit or how to do research on a company in the first place. The second was that he site asks us to use the RETURN TO ANNUALREPORT.COM when we are done, but it wouldn’t let me do that either. @ Duane – The fraud alert feature that you can activate does make it so if someone attempts to create a new credit account with your SS #, you must first be contacted by phone – but you are correct, there’s a lot of theft out there that you sometimes cannot prevent. The police did nothing- not even to interrogate the people responsible for this. In other ways, they fall short, and in order to keep up with them, it takes more manual work on your part. Swanker,you couldn’t be more incorrect Lifelock DOES Alert by notification, if your SSN is connected with ANY NAME (even yours) and ANY ADDRESS that they can find in public records. No company seems to be doing a good job of protecting our data these days. Computer, smart phone, bank card. Recently it looks like someone may have gotten info, we’re not sure and wont know til Monday. Very succinct and helpful. I agree. Also, Credit Karma now offers free credit monitoring alerts. lifeLock doesnt actually noti, the credit bereus notify. The short answer is no, because you can get free credit monitoring by setting up an account at CreditKarma.com . Tree hugger! !I went to court to fight for a traffic ticket, the court attendant didn’t even check my ID!!!! Safes aren’t a guarantee. No questions asked!!! Equifax only allows you to put two 90-day flags on your credit file with them. Do you just keep locking down your 3 agencies every 90 days? I think your disdain is misdirected, to be honest. Actually, “would have” in this case is also incorrect. Yes. I think it’s worth it for the Basic package.

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