Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. P.S. As for going out at night, I totally agree with Scott Seegars,.. Trespassing is Trespassing, regardless of how you look at it, or how remote the area is.. I grew up in Pageland, but I’ve never heard of this place. I grew up less than 2 miles from that bridge.

Some of the older pageland citizens say its bobcats. Learn how your comment data is processed. When I put in Crybaby Bridge on Google which is an international thing the only bridge that comes up as the one in our town. Many say she was a legend, many say she was truth. WP Designer. And on that note, please nominate your favorite local business that could use some love right now: Several years ago, an innocent young girl was murdered here. We got about 50 feet from the bridge and the screaming stopped, but the sound of footsteps followed until we could see my car again. Perhaps it’s one of those things like having to call it “Wal-Marts” or K-Marts”.

The voice recording that all 5 of us did on our phones just disappeared, user error? Share Your Experience or Comments - Cry Baby Bridge. But I didn’t realize until the advent of the internet just how many of these there were. When the baby was born, the woman delivered it herself, then promptly took it up onto the bridge and threw it in the water.

4) Because of these points Glass, a Maryland folklorist and historian whose work has been recognized by the Maryland Humanities Council and the Library of Congress, concludes that the Westminster Crybaby Bridge story is the result of an Internet hoax, and by extension, suggests that other Crybaby Bridge stories that appeared at the same time as the Westminster story are most probably conscious attempts at creating regional fakelore.

Today, there’s something troubling about being near the bridge, and many report feeling a sense of uncertainty and despair upon arrival. The strangest part is that there are multiple reports of car trouble at the bridge. I am from Flat Creek, South Carolina. (Oh yeah!

Didn’t see or hear anything while we were there, except some crunching in the woods that we assumed was the sound of animals, however my son became very pale and drained, saying he felt the presence of something.

Hey, Kelly. Record them as told to you by others and date the recordings. After a few minutes of VERY amateur film shots there appeared on the screen a perfect image of a babys face in the water of the creek below.
A babies face in the water. […] Marie, on May 28th, 2007 at 8:39 pm Said: Edit […]. Simply head to the Goldmine Loop Trail, a three-mile hike with a fascinating history. That bridge is on the “Old Flat Creek Hill”, the old highway. Of course most of us was scared.

Okay, my brother, three friends, and the youth leader from our church are going to that same crybaby bridge to test the urban legend. We went to get into the car and it wouldn’t start. This land is under DNR regulation and you will be trespassing and may get arrested. Is this Kelly Thompson?!?!?

I really enjoyed this part of the Wikipedia article. I remember how COLD it was there.

My advice to those writing a story of a place they have not been raised around, get local references. I have worked in Family Education (Adult Education, Parent Education, and Early Childhood Development Education). It looks just like CBB to me. Can I visit any abandoned places in North Carolina? What I can tell you is one night, a group of us went out there, parked our car near the abandoned house, and walked over to the bridge. Just looking for a really good story.”. Who ever says they have seen a “baby” on that bridge or a “mom” are either really bored, really want to sound interesting because your actually an average person, or need some serious help.

But she actually ran her car off the bridge on a rainy stormy night. I’ve got a picture of our kids on Easter a few years back, that my grandma’s face was in 6 years after she died. I for one, have been to this Cry Baby Bridge in South Carolina. Just a note. You might think it is just your own until the sound becomes excruciatingly loud. We call it Crybaby Creek Bridge here. Once you know a little more about what to look for, you’ll find that North Carolina’s spirits roam all around the state.

All information on this page was submitted to South Carolina Haunted Houses and was believed to be accurate at the time it was posted. Wikipedia is a public encyclopedia and it plays a valuable role on the net. The ghost is said to be Dr. Jamie Smith, a physician in Asheville, who was stabbed in the heart after accidentally walking into a bar brawl at Broadway's Tavern.

I know that really sucks! It is in a very remote area.

So I started to check stuff like this out.

Several sources claim they were forced to leave the bridge due to the torment of sound. After we got home we went through the pictures, and in one of my son there was a figure behind him, about the size of a toddler.

Or was she even here before them? As she got out and attempted to push the car up the hill, a truck came along, hit, and instantly killed both mother and child.

The online home of author and paranormal researcher James A. Willis.

I am from Lancaster SC and lived here all my life.

All of a sudden we saw a man standing were the trees are wearing a cap. An adulterous woman, angered by a husband who refused to grant her custody of their child, threw the infant over the bridge in spite.

A ‘demon dog’ that chases after your car and keeps up no matter how fast you drive. When it comes to North Carolina's haunted roads, Gravity Hill is at the top of the list. The Cry Baby Bridge is closed off for vehicles, but it is still accessible on foot. Just wanted to add this link to my literary papers at the University of Maryland, College Park Special collections: I have planned a visit to the bridge with some friends….I will not share the date of our visit..I do not want anyone to hide and try to scare us with fake haunting. People have described seeing monster-like figures lurking behind the dense brush. One, any accident this horrific would have been in the local papers. My experiences with this bridge is rather bone chilling and as i went with several groups of people they can totally vouch for what happened. SCott, this is NOT an internet hoax. I don’t know the real story behind the bridge. But visit safely,.. go in the daytime, and if you take snacks or drinks or whatever the case may be, take your trash out with you,.. And that is how I heard the story THE END! Anybody know? One more link: this is to teh apology article:

Thirdly, HOW could we know what the woman heard if she died there with no one else but her already dead child? Some of you probably wont believe me. I’m seeing others say the land is now owned by DNR.

While most will tell you the bridge in question is on Cleveland-Massillon Road, it’s technically on Main Street.

Traveling south on Cleveland-Massillon Road, you will reach an odd-shaped intersection, at which you can bear to the right onto Hickory Street or else stay to the left onto Main Street. or maybe the sad mother will never find her baby again?? Each time the response was “HOLY #$%@!

I know you have heard this one. I am the author of this blog and the photographer that took that pic. I do not believe in ghost or supernatural phenomenon. Your email address will not be published. Male bobcats while fighting other males, make a sound just like screaming baby. I have yet another e-mail from a woman who complained to me about the flood of Crybaby Bridge reports that year. Both were killed and still haunt the spot. Look cry baby bridge in ohio i walked on it with some friends one night leaning over u can here a baby crying and a lite from under the bridge we ran like hell.

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