I plyed Baseball Mogul for many years. You'll find an almost endless variety of ways to enjoy the national pastime using our Diamond Mind Baseball game and our catalog of related single seasons, All-time Greatest (and Worst!) I tend to "tool hunt" in the latter end of the draft, because just like real life, it truly comes down to blind luck and trusting your evaluation and development teams. Maybe you’d like to make the walls 1,000 feet away, creating a triples paradise. The functionality of trading, the signing of international talent, and the draft have all been vastly improved since the last version. For what my opinion may be worth, DDBB v7 is the best by far. Look at the defenseive ratings for say 2015 in Baseball Reference for example and then look at 1929 certain columns are missing in baseball reference. For example, this year they finally have rainouts. OOTP 18 will feature the ♥♥♥♥♥ Leagues (first time ever), better 3d mode, new tournament and challenge modes, "extensive" AI overhaul, redesigned injury system, and other minor fixes. I find both games are subjective as to their developers version of quality of players. The all-time greatest players series is a great way to play Diamond Mind using more than 4500 of the best players in baseball history. Yesterday, I received an email from MLB.com and one today from Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP) promoting the partnership between the two. 2. Is there a draft, free agency and such? I grew up on Strat, and played in a board game league in college. I played as the Chicago White Sox and hovered around first place before injuries destroyed my team. There's one other thing DMB does better, and that is season database preparation. This is their journey. The pandemic has basically allowed me time to discover so many games, and groups I didn't know existed. OOTP has gotten much better, but it's emphasis on career play also exposes some pretty weak GM AI. My first baseball sim was MicroLeague Baseball on the C-64. Over time, this became the best new feature. I remember in Baseball Mogul I was able to basically trade up from paperclips to mansions, and it felt like cheating. Grab the newest annual database for 2018 and experience the thrilling performances both on the mound and at the plate. Added to the hardware list is Reliever of the Year and playoff series MVPs, as well as a more refined way of adding injury replacements to playoff rosters, which seemed pretty rigid in past versions. 2. I make the roster decisions. Definitely jealous every time one of those emails pops into my inbox. All rights reserved. Diamond Mind is dedicated to providing the most realistic strategy-oriented baseball game for use on home computers and the internet. You don’t start at Level 1 and try to get to 100. From a scouting perspective, OOTP16 is an 80-grade simulation. While this is not entirely different from past versions, there are now new leagues added. I let my manager make the lineup decisions. I'd REALLY like an unbiased as possible comparison between Baseball Mogul 2015 and Out of the Park Baseball 16. OOTP16 is the most realistic simulation game in the world, and sometimes I truly forget that it's just a game. And you can always make your own weird customized leagues. I was introduced to the world of C&D tabletop baseball games, like Strat-o-matic, Inside Pitch, Payoff Pitch, APBA and a host of others. I have definitely seen prospects not hit their projections. I just started playing with OOTP 15 recently. OOTP’s Baseball Manager is a very ambitious attempt at the mobile baseball game genre. While I dabbled in the fictional and historical modes, I primarily worked with the MLB version of the game.

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