I’ve read in a few places I’ve read that drinking more fluids CAN help IBS symptoms in some cases. Digestive upset in lactose intolerance develops because the body is missing an enzyme, called lactase, that digests the lactose in milk, instead of leaving it undigested and able to cause problems 2. Thanks for that information Rhonda! But it is strangely comforting to read about all the people who have the same problem, that I am not alone. Avoiding the consumption of lactose is the best way to prevent lactose intolerant symptoms, according to MedlinePlus 2. Now I feel that I found the answer. The problem may actually be the cream or milk you’re using in your coffee. There is some other constituent of coffee which caused my problem. I drink iced tea throughout the day with no problems. I find it relaxing and energizing at the same time. For some people tea won’t cause as many diarrhea problems. The high levels of caffeine stimulate the bowels, and the acidic nature of coffee may irritate the bowels. My bowel movements are generally very loose, (with the odd exception) this leaves me with a sore bowel and sometimes a sore anus. But lots of people DO have trouble with coffee, and some can’t do caffeine of any kind. In fact, my symptoms were greatly alleviated. LET’S HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT and that stopping coffee helps my terrible symptoms. WOW! Coffee and the Digestive Process I wish i had read this article months ago. Also keep in mind that I eat lots of foods full of fiber and still just feel like everything is just stuck inside, not a day goes by that I’m not bloated or have gas, please help. This gives me sometimes the runs as well, but it’s WORTH it! Some individuals can eat some products made with heated milk like baked foods, or processed milk like yogurt. That took some getting used to though. Just sayin’. Milk makes up an important part of your diet, and generally it will not cause diarrhea unless you're lactose intolerant. Here is my 2 cents on that. L.A. 14 February, 2012, 11:14 am Reply. But not with something else acidic (like tomato). Black tea has from 15 to 60 mgs of caffeine, green tea goes from about 25 to 40 mgs. I think you are onto something here…. My heart goes out to you. When I take probiotics, I don’t get ‘sour stomach’ anymore and I become regular – no more ‘acid’ feeling or diarrhea -regardless of what I drink or eat. I used to drink V energy drinks and coffee like crazy. In other words coffee makes you poop. However the primary factor for me is actually the temperature of the coffee – any time I order iced coffee or iced cappuccinos with espresso shots, hardly any problem… did a 9 hour drive with iced Capps only and never worried where the next rest stop was. Dates have probiotics I have been told, and also help with intestinal problems, so combining with this may help too. I’ve been regular as clockwork with no cramps or pain for well over a month now. Katherine 12 October, 2011, 4:55 pm Reply, Shawn! Green tea has a little less caffeine. Good luck with jumping of the coffee habit! Yay! Current time: 11/02/2020 11:20:08 pm (America/New_York) :))), Shawn 12 October, 2011, 8:49 pm Reply. Next thing I know, I’m guzzling the high octane coffee for breakfast. Soy can cause IBS symptoms in some people (me for instance). Thanks DC, I’ve never heard of that. Problems usually start when we drink more than 3 cups a day, so if you normally have 1 cup of coffee in the morning to start your day you probably have nothing to worry about. Experiment with a little bit at first to see how you react. it didn’t help that my baby brother owns a custom coffee roasting business. And I do still drink coffee but not as much. Its pretty plain to see now. Well, like I say lots of times. My diarrhea stopped immediately and I feel much more energetic. L-Theonine has a reputation for being calming, relaxing, and increasing a person’s sense of well being. I just got a talking to from my doc. It is sooo worth quitting, to know my body is finally back to normal. I hate the thought of it because I love drinking coffee so much – I just love the taste – but I can’t continue to live like this. I drink a fair amount of coffee and it seems as though decafe makes me feel worst than regular coffee is that possible. – Shawn. Bile can be a gut irritant, and that’s why some people say fat causes such a problem for some IBS sufferers. I’ve felt great. Lactase, an enzyme in the small intestine, breaks down the sugar in dairy products. I bet others share your experience and will benefit from your comment. Immediately I found it was no where near as bad. Just thinking about coffee in the morning is enough for me. as a trucker, i always drank lots of coffee. Violent attacks at night with throwing up and Diarrhea? looking for a solution. It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t haven’t run to the bathroom at work since. Thanks so much and I’ll let you know how I do. needmorecoffee In the past I drank coffee occasionally now & then in the morning with just sugar added only. If anyone has issues with anxiety/stimulants, palpitations, etc, beware! Thanks so much for putting things so simply and packing quite a bit of info into one page. Thank you for your page, very informative as I wasn’t quite sure if coffee could be the culprit or not. I was even drinking the pink medicine before going out, using also an adult diaper and taking with me a “rescue bag” with a lot of stuff just in case. Latte Laxatives: Can Too Much Coffee Cause Frequent Bowel Movements? Your email address will not be published.

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