I hope not! They accidentally dropped his name in one of the much earlier episodes, you could tell it was his real name cause he got kinda quiet. 29 comments. On his journey to planet Earth in cryo-stasis he spent much time playing Earthen video games to endure the journey. Ding Dong has his own franchised brand of bologna, Ding Dong Bologna™. Due to his physiology, his species rarely tend to live beyond two years of age. Ding Dong soon discovered that it was no longer the 1990's. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. According to Chris AKA Oney, Ding Dong's favorite song is, Ding Dong has stated on stream that he used to work as a delivery boy at Joes pizza but was fired after accidentlaly replacing all the pizza with stinky diapies, Ding Dong is a big fan of fighting games. Ding Dong and Julian are now life long romantic partners and both respect each other's creative integrity. save. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In response to some fans trying to find out his real name, ... One of the most popular hosts on the OneyPlays cast, due to … At approximately 11 minutes and 40 seconds of the first episode of the Sonic Adventure series,Dingus Dongus has confirmed that his mother is actually Omo Chao from Sonic Adventure and that she's trapped in the game, Chris O'Neill said that one day he's gonna make a Ding Dong T-Shirt with the quote "Bite my shiny booper, why don't ya? Occasionally, Chris revives Ding Dong's vessel with dark magic to please his fans for streams, afterward, he buries his desecrated corpse once more. I hacked his MySpace, his full name is Dingus Bartholomew Dong III. This new law triggered the Lets-Player invasion of ████, where the Lets-Play Coalition, led by Markiplier, invaded Planet Chicago with the express goal of annihilating the planet with the Pink Mustache. He wants to keep it a secret though. Both bonded over Mad Panic Coaster. I'm prettier sure it was just a joke. It is round with a flat top and bottom, close to three inches in diameter and slightly taller than an inch, similar in shape and size to a hockey puck. Ding Dong has never shown his face and is only visually known through his Oney Plays avatar. DongDongDongDongDongDongDongDongScott PilgrimDongDongDongDongDongDongskeeter He is one sexy little ding dong. Ding Dong is a former co-host of Oney's let's play series Oney Plays along with Julian. Chris O' Neill (associate)Julian Marcel (partner)Ryan Magee (brother)Sonic(Deceased)Mario(old pal)Manta("hes my friend")Marvin The Martian (Bud)ROCKCOCK64 (Dude) Aliases He founded the dancing syndicate Ravers Clavers Sexual Orientation 300,000 Chris has not spoken on the subject. hey i know this is a joke but isn't his real first name mason? Close. Friends Earlier in the same year, he played Worms Armageddon with Chris on a Twitch stream. He has appeared in the Doodle Doods episodes Harry Splatter, Rash Bandiscoot , and Go Go Badget as well as the Grumpcade episodes The Simpsons: Hit & Run and Sonic Shuffle. Though this is yet to be confirmed. I just wanted to shitpost, not give Ding Dong a heart attack. Posted by 6 days ago. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Julian gave refuge to Ding Dong in his new apartment and eventually enlisted his help in building Wan Wan Games. Donkey Kong 5: The Journey Of Over Time And Space. Despite this, Ding Dong's favorite restaurants are; Of course, Ding Dong's greatest love in life is the welfare of the Games Industry. Dingus Dongus 242. Do not get bamboozled! His favorite fighting game series is. Unfortunately, on Planet Chicago, video games were outlawed after the Lets-Play incursion of 0x12ₑ. Ding Dong enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. After completing the games on Oneyplays he was imprisoned by the Pakistani government due to not making Bubbafest 2017 after promising his loyal fans and has been imprisoned on Planet Drool as well as Julian until he creates a new Bubbafest. Physical Age Ding Dong still hasn't gotten over the Banjo Kazooie Game Over screen. Game Grumps Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Throughout this time Ding Dong amassed an archival quantity of video game knowledge and history. https://oneyplays.fandom.com/wiki/Ding_Dong?oldid=7713. Ding Dong crashed his vessel into a swimming pool and was rescued by Julian on his way to California. Seinfeldian Conversation: Comes in the form of many hypothetical questions. Most likely because they misheard him. He has since come back to streaming after serving his time on prison. His own spaceship That's actually the name of his evil 6 inch clone. Contrary to what many people think,Ding Dang actually has an1 -nch long hair and no eyes. Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Red Oney to both Ding Dong and Julian. Ding Dong cannot spell very well, at least not on BabySitter websites. Since coming to Earth, he has become very infamous for creating games like Legend Of Mario and writing acclaimed creepypasta "Mario Says The Fuckword". Gender Afterwards, Ding Dong hasn't appeared on the channel since the finale of the Kingdom Hearts 2 Let's Play series. His species makes use of biosynthetic rituals that reanimate the organic tissue of the recently deceased host. Ding Dong has once eaten 5 raw onions on stream saying that it was good for his immune system. Family Full Name Within two days, Planet Chicago was devastated, and the charred remains of their dying planet was abandoned. The Ding Dong has been produced since 1967, with the exception of a brief period in 2013. Ding Dong (also known as DingDong, DingDongVG, and occasionally Dingus Dongus) is a freelance programmer, a coding genius from Planet Chicago, and the main antagonist of OneyPlays from 2016 to 2019 by acting as a rational, logical foil to Chris' autism. That's his Earth name, his alien name is impossible to pronounce for us humans. ProgrammerStreamerThiefEpic GamerPresident of the United StatesTuba EnthusiastCaretakerCreator Of Legend Of Mario, Santa's Vacation and Mario Says The FuckwordSnowboarderBebe's Kid 1.5k. "Twitter's an armpit." His sole goal in his numerous lives is to exact vengeance upon Markiplier's acolytes and restore integrity to the Gaming Industry in the process. The "nublets" on Ding Dong's head have been confirmed to be cosmetic decoration. They will likely leave the channel for good once they are able to move. Ding Dong has allegedly played every single video game known to man. metric units bot | feedback | source | hacktoberfest | block | v0.11.7. His vessel had time-skipped, and he found himself lost in the late 2010', a terrifying time where his idols were retired, and the greatest video-gaming creatives he had heard of were being relegated to two-man development studios. After Ding Dong died from old age, Julian was deported to Mexico because he only had a visa for the caretaking of Dingus Dongus after his work visa was revoked. Ding Dong is the new number one dancer in Jamaica after the late great legendary Mr Wacky (Bogle). He has also been predicted to bring back Ecto Cooler, and hire an intern, Bagingy, who will steal his files, and may try to impeach him. Ding Dong likes to extend patterns. He vowed to renew the industry's interest in exciting game play and sought to sacrifice cinematic spectacle in order to save the world of gaming. In addition, Ding Dong does not have kidneys, rather "kidleys", which puff up and make a giggling sound as an evolutionary defense mechanism. His current appearance resembles that of a Rabbid, a side character in the Rayman series of video games that spun off into their own franchise. He has appeared in the Doodle Doods episodes Harry Splatter, Rash Bandiscoot , and Go Go Badget as well as the Grumpcade episodes The Simpsons: Hit & Run and Sonic Shuffle. Ding Dong 5 He was accompanied by Sonny, a fellow Twitch streamer. Status Oh and did we already say that he has a little wiener? However, he and Julian wanted some more of those Kingdom Hearts munny pickup things so he returned to continue a few series. This gave Ding Dong a purpose for his short life. Julian, his best friend and savior, was inspired by his vision, and thus joined with him to form Wan Wan Games. He and Julian officially returned in November 2018, because they lacked the funds required to move to Chicago. Ding Dong is a prodigiously skilled Quantum Mechanic with exceptional skills in computer programming. ... More posts from the OneyPlays community. His most notable songs "Bad Man Forward / Bad Man Pull Up" (2005) "Fling" and "Genna Bounce" released in 2017 has assisted in his global appeal. For most of his younger life Ding Dong thought that "foot sandwich" was one of the worst swear words in the world due to his parents getting extremely mad at him once for saying it. Although his home planet was invaded and succesfully conquered by Markiplier,h is family was killed by Dingodile. share. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ding Dong made money by scripting peoples plots in Second Life. When and if he should die, Ding Dong wishes for his remains to be cremated and buried under the churro stand in Disneyland. In late 2020, he returned for an episode to play Stuart Little for the Game Boy Color. Occupation By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He found himself lost in a vacuous cesspit of cinematic set-pieces, quick-time events, linear game design, and next-generation graphics. I have been very afraid ever since I found out. Posted by 3 years ago. They don't go off too often. Crash Bandicoot (ex-husband)Ding Dong's Kids (his kids)Bebe (mother) Residence As a trio, they became a veritable sledgehammer of entertainment and creativity, wrought to bring destruction to all big stinkies who run the gaming and entertainment industry. He was a dancer before becoming a Jamaican DJ (artiste) and dancehall reggae recording artist. To Ding Dong this is a mojor accomplishment because of his passion for dancing. prodigiously skilled Quantum Mechanic with exceptional skills in computer programming On a separate occasion in Kingdom Hearts II, they're said to be able to detect crumble rays. Besides liking human food, he claims to be a fan of human music as well (Examples being hip-hop). Despite this, DingDong joined Chris and Waffle for a Resident Evil 4 stream on November 5, 2018, hinting that he might be coming back to finish off the series. Has come back to YouTube and now only uses Twitter for announcements. Chicagoan https://gamegrumps.fandom.com/wiki/Ding_Dong?oldid=98698. He was later killed by the Mafia because they hated Let's Players and the species Dingus Dongus belonged to. The two thus became associated with eccentric Newgrounds personality, Chris O'Neill. Ding Dong has never shown his face and is only visually known through his Oney Plays avatar. Ding Dong is more into vore than Julian Marcel (We really do live in a strange world). I hacked his MySpace, his full name is Dingus Bartholomew Dong III. His favorite food is fried candy wrappers. Has come back to YouTube and now only uses Twitter for announcements. Ding Dong was afraid of the concept of death as a tiny alien boy. Besides always being depicted as having no legs and arms,literally everyone draws him with arms and legs.legs.legs. Archived. According to his birth certificate, it's actually Dong Ding. No it's Dingo Dongaronius, professor of the mystical arts. Creator Of Legend Of Mario, Santa's Vacation and Mario Says The Fuckword. If he really didn't want his name to be out there, they wouldn't have kept it in. Prior to his adolescent metamorphosis, Ding Dong was a slithering phallic object informally referred to as a Long Sleech. As a caretaker,Ding Dong can confirm that babies crying sounds more like "BLLRAAARGGGHHH" than a "WAAAAAHHH".It is believed that he's speaking of when he was in his home planet cuz there is no way that a human baby could make that noise. I figured out Ding Dong's real name. Interestingly enough, Ding Dong's species does not survive on a Levo-Amino based acidic diet, therefore Ding Dong is easily made unwell if eating too much Human food without anti-biotic treatment.

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