The Monarch, and Dermott Fictel. It's where your interests connect you with your people. 88. Girlfriend soon became a veteran super-villain, serving as second-in-command for many different super-villains over the years under several names. He is also credited for being the inspiration of the Venture Bros. episode "Are You There, God? The Art And Making Of The Venture Bros. The Monarch checks her phone and finds that she has two messages one from Wandering Spider telling her that The Blue Morpho is holding him hostage and the other message is of her husband torturing his new nemesis. [3], In July 2018, Dark Horse Books, a division of Dark Horse Comics, published Go Team Venture! Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Doc Hammer at the Discogs Marketplace. Still, 21 pushes her to confront her old rival. Per the linked page he is painting again as of December 2014! Doc Hammer likes to party. When they encounter Novia, Lady Au Pair attempts to duck out but 21 approaches her, and Lady Au Pair has a heartfelt dialogue with her old rival. After Lady Au Pair makes off with Novia's wallet, 21 expresses amazement and admiration. Musician, actor, film and television writer, actor (Corned Beef), composer, props, set designer, special effects, writer (34 episodes), voice actor (Billy Quizboy, Henchman 21, Doctor Girlfriend, Kevin, Ward, Dermott Fictel), editor, music Lloyd's father's Lloyd venture, This page was last edited on 11 September 2020, at 20:01. Despite her efforts, the Monarch continues his vendetta against the Ventures throughout the first season, until their breakup in The Trial of the Monarch. Milwaukee based metal band from the 90’s Eric Arthur Hammer Dr. He is completely self-taught, and cites Rembrandt and Whistler as two of his inspirations. These rumors are based upon the fact that the character is voiced by Doc Hammer, whose portrayal of the character’s voice is a deep, raspy masculine sounding tone. Preview: “Saints” Series by Doc Hammer at Century Guild | Hi ... Doc Hammer | Venture Brothers Wiki | Fandom, What’s the deal with Doc Hammer? The cause of Dr. She shows she clearly believes in husband and supports him, still showing she loves him. The Monarch's husband was safe. The Monarch had with her husband. The Monarch has reached the top of Tophet Tower to speak with Wide Wale, Red Death has reunited Wide Wale with his brother, while Dr. Mrs. and (5.) Originally her college professor, Phantom Limb is the one who originally "seduced her to the dark side". The Monarch thanks her husband for saving her life, but the Monarch says he only saved her career as she would have taken down McManus. While looking through her phone, Dr. Novia seemed to hold herself above Lady Au Pair for not finding a husband, commenting that Lady Au Pair was "always a bridesmaid but never a bride", to which Lady Au Pair replied she was "more of a career girl". New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the venturebros community. Girlfriend, but she is now referred to as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch continues to aid her husband during this time she forms a friendship with Henchman 21 which leads to a kiss between them in Assisted Suicide. The Monarch maintains more of a civil disposition than most of the Guild or OSI emissaries there, but when negotiations break down into squabbling she too is sucked in. The Guild Council votes and ultimately agrees (though Red Death would secretly later scuttle the agreement by attacking Blind Rage and tying him to railroad tracks. Girlfriend discovers a message from a villain telling her that he's being held captive by the Blue Morpho. When the original Blue Morpho (aka Vendata) is found, she is concerned for her husband knowing that it's his father, though that revelation and how both processed is never seen. The Monarch presents 21 with Novia's wallet, commenting that their encounter was an arching. Girlfriend to become their arch-enemy, though she’s turned them down due to her preference to stay with the Monarch and not strike out on her own. During the negotiations, Dr. Mrs. However, in the second season, these false rumors were put to rest by Phantom Limb and Dr. Eric Arthur Hammer, better known by his stage name Doc Hammer, is a multi-disciplinary artist, most notable as co-writer (with Christopher McCulloch), editor, and voice actor (Doctor Girlfriend, Henchman #21 and Master Billy Quizboy) for the animated television series The Venture Bros.. At first, she hesitates but after time passes she shoots him however, due to the suit having a bullet proof vest Venture survives. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Dr. Mrs. She has a doctorate in an unnamed field, and appears proficient in mechanics and general sciences, as evidenced by her having built the Monarch's first pair of functional wings, his ill-conceived "sunshine gun", and several tracking devices used for her own purposes. Example of pieces that have appeared in episodes? The Monarch, she hesitates. View entire discussion ( 18 comments), has been visited by 10K+ users in the past month. Kostenlos mit GMX FreeMail: E-Mail-Adresse, 1 GB Mail Speicher, Free SMS. In The Inamorata Consequence, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's supposedly last arch before retirement to fulltime Guild Council duty, Dr. Mrs. unfortunately, these are all from 10 years ago. Save On Art Prints, Posters, Canvas & More! School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, [adult swim] | Venture Bros. - Ask the Ventures,, On The Street......Cardigan Rocker, Nolita, Watch streaming video documentaries focused on topics surrounding science, nature, spirituality, healing. Hammer is also the singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the band Weep, which formed in 2008. 4 years ago. Though she's been seen through the series working with him. Dr. Girlfriend’s attractive appearance, intelligence, and her supposed reputation as "easy" has gained her a favorable reputation amongst super-heroes in the Venture Bros. universe. For those of you who didn't know Doc Hammer is an unreal oil painter ( and his work occasionally pops up in episode backgrounds) Close. Before their retirement, each Councilperson is given a final arching assignment to their worst foe, and Dr. Mrs. Douglas Ong, aka Dr. Dugong, was hiding under OSI protection because his brother Wide Wale was a supervillain. The Monarch and her colleagues soon form a truce with the OSI and set up a trap for The Blue Morpho by having some of the OSI and villains disguise themselves as the Ventures to fight against Dr. Venture's current nemesis Red Death.

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