1934 "The Wise Little Hen" 9 June 1934 – a Silly Symphony cartoon, "Orphan's Benefit" 11 August 1934 – a Mickey Mouse cartoon, remade 22 August 1941, "The Dognapper" 17 November 1934 – a Mickey Mouse cartoon As Pluto made more appearances, it became common that he would mostly speak in barks and grunts like most dogs. Tina Fey used the term "Goofy Pluto" to refer to seemingly disparate roles for guest stars on 30 Rock, namely the mismatch between Jennifer Aniston playing a character in the show in the same episode in which the cast of Night Court appears as themselves in the episode titled "The One with the Cast of Night Court. Disney animator Ben Sharpsteen said "We thought the name [Rover] was too common, so we had to look for something else. It is not a complete filmography for Pluto as he has also appeared extensively in Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck films. Pluto Saves the Ship, a comic book published in 1942, was one of the first Disney comics prepared for publication outside newspaper strips. One of his films, Lend a Paw (1941), won the award in 1942. . 2 The Sleep Walker. - Disney movies Classics_38 - Tuanninhcp27 on Dailymotion Adults and children are able to meet, play with, and get autographs and pictures with Pluto and his friends at all Disney parks. Hades asks Goofy, "Are you a man, are you a dog, are you a man-dog . It's called the Brrrgh and it's always snowing there except during Halloween. Mickey, however, often cheers up quickly; often telling Pluto "I can't be mad at ya.". [Note 1][2] He is Mickey Mouse's pet. in, Pluto also appears in the Academy Award-nominated films, Sprigman, Chris. Curiously enough, however, Pluto was the only standard Disney character not included when the whole gang was reunited for the 1983 featurette Mickey's Christmas Carol, although he did return in The Prince and the Pauper (1990) and Runaway Brain (1995). Pluto runs his own neighborhood in Disney's Toontown Online. (Mickey's Elephant, Lend a Paw). [12][failed verification] Unofficially, even Disney's animators believed that Walt Disney chose the name to capitalize on the sensation of the newly named planet. In 1998, Disney's copyright on Pluto, set to expire in 2003, was extended by the passage of the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act. Other animals he is less friendly with include Salty the Seal, Butch the Bulldog, Figaro the Kitten, Chip 'n Dale, Spike the Bee, Bent-Tail the Coyote, Milton the cat and other characters. In the event that the player's golf ball goes out of bounds or hits a water hazard, Pluto will come and look for your golf ball. In 1996, he made a cameo in the Quack Pack episode "The Really Mighty Ducks". [4] Together with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy, Pluto is one of the "Sensational Six"β€”the biggest stars in the Disney universe. Common themes in Pluto's stories involve him becoming jealous of Mickey getting another pet (Mickey's Elephant, Lend a Paw, Mickey and the Seal), Pluto accidentally and unwittingly swallowing something and panicking when he realizes it (Playful Pluto, Donald and Pluto), Pluto getting entangled with something inanimate, or Pluto being pestered by a smaller animal (Private Pluto, Squatter's Rights).

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