Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a California Republican who is friendly to Russia and chairs an important House subcommittee on Eurasia policy, became the first American congressman to meet with Assange during a three-hour private gathering at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where the WikiLeaks founder has been holed up for years.

The FBI was never allowed to review the servers independently, and now we know the FBI never even looked at a full forensics report from Crowdstrike. The excerpt is taken from 01:01:00 of the FULL VIDEO HERE. [h/t Michael Sheridan for the excerpt]  The date of the Ratner symposium November 9, 2016, aligns with the time-frame of Ratner’s travel and meeting with Assange as outlined by Butowsky in his lawsuit. [Full Backstory Here]. Mr. Butowsky is making a very serious allegation in this court filing. Related:
The ramifications here are almost too large to describe. Ty Clevenger, who represents Dallas businessman Ed Butowsky in two federal defamation lawsuits, tweeted a video in which journalist Ellen Ratner states that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told her in a face-to-face meeting that he did not obtain the DNC emails from a Russian source. Your email address will not be published. Additionally the DC murder of Seth Rich would hold a far more alarming motive. From a review of the indictment we discover it was under seal since March 6th, 2018: (The DOJ sat on the indictment for 13 months, until Mueller finished). Well, I did. Hopefully this will spur the DOJ under Attorney General Bill Barr to launch an inquiry which must obviously start with the questioning of Ratner.

According to Butowsky, Ratner said that Assange believed that the Washington, DC Metro Police were not conducting a thorough investigation or perhaps any investigation at all. However, recently unearthed footage from Ellen Ratner talking about her visit with Assange in November of 2016 seems to validate what the Butowsky’s lawsuit alleges. The U.S. government’s narrative, supported by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report completed in March and released publicly in April, is that Russian hackers penetrated the DNC’s servers and stole the emails (pp. A lawsuit filed by Joel and Mary Rich against Butowsky, 21st Century Fox and a Fox News reporter was dismissed last August but has been appealed. Mr. Rich said he was reluctant to go public with Seth’s and Aaron’s role in leaking the emails because ‘we don’t want anyone to think our sons were responsible for getting Trump elected.’ Mr. Rich said he did not have enough money to hire a private investigator, so Mr. Butowsky offered to pay for one. [Remember, Robert Mueller never interviewed Julian Assange. The FBI, the DOJ and the Mueller special counsel have each purposefully claimed specific Russian actors were responsible for hacking the DNC in 2016. In the video Clevenger tweeted Sunday evening, Ratner was a guest at the “Speaker Series” sponsored by Embry Riddle Aeronautical University the day after the 2016 presidential election. RELATED: ♦ Dana Boente was head of DOJ-NSD from May 11th, 2017 through end of October 2017 when he officially announced his intent to retire. Learn how your comment data is processed. 21, 2019) — On Sunday evening, Atty. (Jul. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Learn More{{/message}}, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}It appears your submission was successful. According to the amended filing, Butowsky did not immediately contact the Riches, but rather, waited until December 17, 2016. If this information is true and accurate, now bolstered by the video of Ratner, the DOJ claim of a Russian hack –based on assertions by DNC contractor, Crowdstrike– would be entirely false. Almost all independent research into this DNC hack narrative challenges the claims of a Russia hack of the DNC servers; and now this bombshell court filing, again if accurate, makes the DOJ claim completely collapse.
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If this information turns out to be true and accurate, the entire narrative around the DNC “hack” will have been proven to be intentionally manufactured. The message from Assange, Butowsky said Ratner told him upon her return from London, was that Seth Rich had provided the DNC emails to WikiLeaks. “And he does not think they’re from Russians, and he said Russia got credit for something WikiLeaks should have gotten credit for.”. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). Your email address will not be published. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Right there is the FBI motive to shut Assange down when the Mueller report was released. And … One thing he did say was the leaks were not from, they were not from the Russians, they were an internal source from the Hillary Campaign. Again, note the dates: Grand Jury, *December of 2017* This means FBI investigation prior to December ’17.. To me, as a person who has researched this three year fiasco; including the ridiculously false 2016 Russian hacking/interference narrative: “17 intelligence agencies”, JAR report(needed for Obama – December 29th, ’16), and political ICA (January ’17); this looked like a Deep State move to control Julian Assange because the Mueller report was dependent on Russia cybercrimes…. by Sharon Rondeau Why did the DOJ wait until the Mueller report was complete? In the lawsuit Clevenger filed in March in the Eastern District of Texas and revised last Monday, Butowsky claims that Ratner asked Butowsky to relay a message from Assange to the parents of a slain DNC employee, Seth Rich, who was fatally shot in the early-morning hours of July 10, 2016 in the Bloomingdale section of Washington, DC. Documents associated with the case are classified as “secret” and “top secret,” according to the NSA’s response to Clevenger’s FOIA request of October 2017, and “their disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave or serious damage to the national security.”. Butowsky says that in the Fall of 2016, Ellen Ratner told him that she’d just returned from Europe to attend a […] In August 2012, Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London after skipping bail in connection with a case arising in Sweden. (August 2017, The Hill Via John Solomon) Julian Assange told a U.S. congressman on Tuesday he can prove the leaked Democratic Party documents he published during last year’s election did not come from Russia and promised additional helpful information about the leaks in the near future. In late May, Assange was reported to be in poor health in a London prison, where he is serving a one-year sentence on the bail charge. The operatives allegedly then provided them to WikiLeaks, which began releasing them on July 22, 2016, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. In his interview with The Post & Email, Butowsky said that the catalyst for the amending of the March lawsuit with the new information about Ratner was a July 9, 2019 article by Yahoo! — “Our three-hour meeting covered a wide array of issues, including the WikiLeaks exposure of the DNC [Democratic National Committee] emails during last year’s presidential election,” Rohrabacher said, “Julian emphatically stated that the Russians were not involved in the hacking or disclosure of those emails.”, Pressed for more detail on the source of the documents, Rohrabacher said he had information to share privately with President Trump.

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