Assassin's Blade Choosing your race also helps you character in certain areas. Ah, on further inspection I see that the Target/Cost/Range info is only missing on Nightblade class abilities. Find hundreds of ESO build for all classes in our ESO Skillfactory. You can stun one of the mobs from afar and when the other mob gets close go invisible and execute your rotation. And that's my character suggestion I might be using during launch. Go for max health and 45-50k HP is your starting goal as main tank for new trial. Teleport Strike->Veiled Strike->Flurry OR Death Stroke -> Assassin's Blade Charge with Stampede (high chance on critical hit), immobilizing enemy for 3.5 seconds, and then hit them with Flame Lash. You also can have trouble with heavy armor mobs, but this is the downside of any nightblade build I guess. This ability has immense utility, completely unmatched compared to any other nightblade abilities. are there any plans to update the skill calculator? -ALWAYS GO FOR A CROUCH STEALTH OPENER Great damage per second if used right. -PASSIVES SHOULD BE LEVELED ALONGSIDE THESE ABILITIES, YOU WILL HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH SKILL POINTS. And lastly set with Standard of Might, one of the most powerful ULTs in the game, let alone an AoE ability- this ULT was hands down the best for this spec. Slot 2: Flurry-Rapid Strikes (4 out of 5) Extended Ritual gives a negative effect cleanse and a slow AoE HoT. Haste Ice moves at your command coming to your defense and aid as you pull aggro, debuff and concentrate enemy mobs into your deadly ice storms. -Veiled Strike (for stun/damage) New skills have been added and old have been updated. Then either use Stampede, followed by Flame Lash to certainly finish off your enemy- or use Reverse Slice after activating Wrecking Blow instead. Thank you Restoration Expert. This should be used to apply/refresh the 40% armor pen debuff, or when you need a stun for survivability/control--otherwise save the magicka. Next I take Strife in Siphoning tree to help with healing and to get to Agony. They all say different things. Old builds might have missing skills or icons in them so, please, update them accordingly. Your attack spells. I don't know if I trust them yet. This is your only stamina dump, aside from movement related actions (sprinting, stealthing, dodging). Can be used with Drain Power (in the siphoning tree) for even more AoE damage. Why does the staff tree say it costs stamina to use the abilities? Imperial . Twin Slashes (ONLY to level dual wield tree--you can respec out of this later) Thank you Restoration Master. Why it Works (Ability Explanation) Flurry (replace twin slashes) TABLE OF CONTENTS: Skill Calculator. Post in the comments and let me know what you think! Breath of Life. To summarize this threads findings so far: - Just released today and looks great. -Flurry Let me know if this sparked ideas for your own build. +15% healing targets under 30% health. During the tutorial section on Coldharbor I go for Shadow Cloak (which is your 2.5 second invisibility) so I can level Shadow skill line from the start. Chances are other builds WILL have stronger AoE, but this should more than suffice. Level 38 Khajiit Nighblade. Since I rely heavily on skills I am more concerned about having enough magicka and health for survivability than stamina. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, This spell speaks for itself. Sorry about that. Search. My take on a Healing Templar. Insane Single Target BUFFED DPS - Solo Elites Easily- Leveling Efficient ! 5 Piece Necropotence or Ysgramor (Including Staffs) This is where I am currently at in game. Thank you Practiced Incantation, Extended Ritual, and Restoring Focus along with Focused Healing. Slot 5: Haste-Focused Attacks (3 out of 5) Best skill calculator/build maker site? I've also think this one is the best one. hello Login or register to save your builds. 1. C: Leveling Advice This build made it possible for me to kill single targets very quickly with low chance of dying. German; English; French; Discord; My Skillfactory. You can forgo all of that and specialize solely in the type of weapon and armor you are going to use (although supplementing this with the right race choice and the right class choice can make your weapon and armor choice so much stronger). Seeing as how I played a rogue on WoW for 5+ years, I was instantly drawn in to the nightblade class. UPDATED: Added more passives and an ultimate. 5 Medium Armor and 2 Light Armor, with Two-Handed Weapon. Death Stroke The best ultimate for DPS, hands down. This is how ability usage usually goes down with single questing mobs. Hope you enjoyed! LEVEL 14 ABILITIES: (~level 15) Siphoning Strikes A powerful attack dealing crazy damage, and even crazier damage vs. targets either stunned or immobilized, while also healing you. Stamina and Magicka Builds for PVE & PVP Gameplay. Argonian Again, this build is not supposed to make you invincible or a juggernaut dealing tons of damage. Instant healing for three targets. This ability should be used when at range for some damage, or while in need of HP. Standard of Might is useful to have on backup ult, as you don't really need take flight with the options of Stampede and Extended Chains. Pretty simple, use Power Siphon before Whirlwind for maximum damage, and use Veil of Blades for even more damage. This is an Argonian Templar using a Restoration Staff and Light Armor. A: INTRODUCTION/BRIEF EXPLANATION Finish off with spells from the Restoring Light tree benefiting from 'Mending' to get up to an additional +30% and you have a +30% to +60% chance for most of your heals to crit. ArzyeLBuilds - ESO Builds & Guides for new and veteran players. Skills. Shoulder - Shadowrend Use any 4 one handed weapons for your swaps. You will mainly be using Bar 1. Overall this is really all you need. Login Register. aka the anti-caster.. Feel free to use whatever ULT you would like. With its low cost this is great to have running on your allies. Search. 100/100 Skillpoints used (But i count some more when you get all skyshards, didnt put any points to Alliance-Skill-Trees cause of that. Each of these directs your character a certain way. I'm currently farming a few sets and would love to be able to check potential stats, wouldn't have to be 100% accurate just ball park figure.

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