1. 1. The General is in his office. He says he thought Abas Landing full of bandits. Aeliah Renmus: "Then let's get going!" Despite this, speak with him about the queen's offer: Aeliah will appear in General Renmus's office after you've spoken with him. If the "reward" is the same, then what would you do? She also mentions that she will remember this, then she runs away. Aeliah Renmus: "Oh, right. Khamira wants me to offer General Renmus and the Shields of Senchal a position in the Elsweyr Confederacy that she hopes to reform. 1. This one assumes you get money, and he remains unpunished. 1: Didn't choose it myself, but, obviously, Merormo dies with this choice. Aeliah Renmus is the half Imperial, half Redguard daughter of General Renmus.. After General Renmus refuses to assist with Sai Sahan's expedition to Tideholm, Aeliah points him towards Za'ji and his ship. Jahi takes ownership and accepts her duty, and pledges to mend her family. 1. Short-term Effect: You burn the boats, rescue some villagers, then get congratulated for a job well done, only Tamien's father dies. 1. I don't know what happens if you pick the fort. 1. Quests with Skill Points 1. She will go exact her revenge herself. ESO has shown me that the most impactful and dramatic decisions in a video game can be those that have no gameplay consequences. The quest giver, Dagahar, in the room in the house at the end of the Living area, says she could tell I had it.. Malacath told her to kill me and take it. Short-term Effect: Jakarn's group (w/ Lerissa and Neramo? She cautions you that if she turns on you, you know what to do. Thanks for the excitement. She becomes a skeleton, and she is the new leader of the skeletons. He can be found in Senchal Palace in Senchal with his daughter, Aeliah.[1][2]. This page was last modified on 31 October 2020, at 19:35. You must lead Fadeel to Constable Ebarah. The potential loss of a tangible reward had me grasping at straws to justify the worse action (Oh, I'm sure she'll be happier this way). I didn't kill the general. Athel meanwhile pledges to turn over a new leaf for the Baelbornes and not be a brutal coward like his ancestors, starting by sparing Claudie's son rather than tie up that loose end. You also have the option of speaking with the rest of the Dragonguard, if you'd like. However, when you go to Fort Zeren, everyone there is dead (aside from one mourner). In Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), you advance your character by using different abilities, granted to you through different skill lines.Some quests can grant you skill points, see the table below for more information. 1. 1. Please swap Rapids with Siege Shield and everyone will be happy! 1. She's thrilled, and tells you to talk to Warden Oorg. He tells you Zeira is on a ship at the docks and if you hurry you can reach it in time. Southern Elsweyr Tamien isn't very impressed. Seqbar is willing to take his love's place. She's resigned to her fate, saying "This is the way it must be. You'll first meet Aeliah in her father's office. 1. Queen Khamira wants to speak with me before she begins the ceremony. 1. Gahar laments the loss of Unsulag, and promises to use his magic to aid you. https://en.uesp.net/w/index.php?title=Online:General_Renmus&oldid=2234416. 1. She admits you're right and says she was just angry and will speak with Glagosh. Shan-ra agrees to your request, saying that "I prefer not to have the Thalmor looking over my shoulder anyhow." She states that there won't be a lot of love lost between her and the wyrd, but there will be understanding. Gadris lives, Zur dies. Quest line ends. Then he performs a short ritual, you absorb the stone and Drillk disappears. You give One-Eye the Crown. Let her serve the Guild. Sister, do not weep for me." Quest complete. The thane lives, gives you Bonebane, and a peice of Wuuthraad. 1. All the skeletons in the area become neutral, and they join in the final push against Molag-Bal's forces. Her conversation with her father will be different depending on your choices during the quest. Eranamo lives, but his father disowns him and tells him to leave and never come back. Took the skill points every time. ??? The Spider Daedra releases Shagora, who is left in a daze, and overtakes Seqbar instead. Information is missing from this article. Mira realizes her father is sincere, and goes up to him. You have the option of speaking with him before talking with Sai Sahan upstairs: He will be standing by as Khamira opens a portal to the Jonelight Path. Sai says she wants to speak to you. I do remember there being an Ash'abah on the wall, who was surprised that, as a fellow Ash'abah, you let her live, and hopes you haven't made a mistake. The Dame says she and her guards will kill the remaining cultists and zombies. I was wondering if you'll be able to climb in that to which she replies "not without showing the wedding party a third moon in the sky." Given that, this still feels like the "right" choice. The battle has been won. 1. There’s decisions, like the one with the Astronomer — I think the role is called? Leave Sela in the camp: she will be eaten by kind refuges. He recognizes it immediately, exclaiming, "The king's lucky mug!" She did not take it well. Your choice is left to be entirely about emotions and direct outcomes. Raynor is a little mad at first but comes around. He then says he's done with the case. You then have a choice of how to get Saromir to sacrifice himself. Such a neat little detail. If you have not started the Northern Elsweyr questline, she'll remain there until you've completed it. Here's a little something to help you forget.". Sergeant Galandir is impressed with your bravery, and glad that the others made it out safely. If you give the fangs to Sharava she will thank you and give your reward.Quest line ends. Quests are the main form of leveling in the Elder Scrolls Online.Unlike other MMOs, ESO features detailed questing with engaging backstories and motivations for your character as well as the NPCs. Your choice is left to be entirely about emotions and direct outcomes. I should find Sai Sahan and let him know what I learned from Nahfahlaar. Just Alani, from now on. She later accompanies the expedition and joins the reformed Dragonguard. Eventually though, I realized I was siting there trying to justify driving a woman to madness so I could have a bit more power, and had to tell Uncle Sheo to keep his book.

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