Vanessa Dahl Brustrum, 111. Geoffrey dealt with Merlin again in his third work, Vita Merlini (1150).

Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World. 160. Tiffany Aching 42. 65. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Helga Hufflepuf His books become extremely popular in 19th and 20th centuries. 122. Wenageor

131. 150. 188. 184. He told two further tales of the character. Zokopniar However, as the witch craze grew bigger, Sweden changed the laws requiring confession. Takalis Urbin [note 8] The form of his prison or grave can be variably a crystal cave, a hole under a large rock (as in Le Morte d'Arthur), a magic tower, or a tree. After her husband's business went bankrupt, she extended her field of expertise from palm reading to selling love potions, poisons, and even abortion drugs. 46. Angele de la Barthe was a wealthy noble woman who lived between 1230 and 1275 in Toulouse, France. Umdel Vanilla Mieux Aliss Demurrage Ulrich Füetrer's 15th-century Buch der Abenteuer presents Merlin as Uter's father, effectively making his grandson Arthur a part-devil too. Also known as La Voisin (the neighbor), Catherine Monvoisin was the wife of a French jeweler, and became famous thanks to the premonitions she's had ever since she was little. Discover the famous magician in history with us. ). Paracelsus All these variants have been adapted and translated into several other languages, and further modified. Noxlumos One of the most famous names in Salem, Massachusetts during the Salem Witch Trials, John Proctor was hanged after he was accused of being a witch. Riz La Croi 180. Some of the wizards were elevated as God or goddess in ancient time. 30. For her curse, nobody believed her prediction. Isobe the Apostate Decades after, Robert de Boron retold and expanded on this material in his influential Old French poem Merlin.

Willow Often the name will have a reference to being immortal, evil, or dark. Enchantra 159.
157. 143. 103. Minerva 109. Agatha Cackle 70. 182. 56. 84. She owned a cat named Satan, which she sent to kill her enemies' livestock, or even the enemies themselves. Papus spent a lot of time in Russia, and served under Tsar Nicholas II, and his wife Tsarina Alexandra. She was so ugly villagers believed she was the daughter of the Devil, and was suspected of witchcraft. 155. [23][note 3] He also helps Arthur in other ways, including providing him with the magic sword Excalibur through a Lady of the Lake. Citior 142. Porto Mayfair Witches 136. Agnes Nutter [note 1] His standard depiction, based on an amalgamation of historical and legendary figures, was introduced by the 12th-century British author Geoffrey of Monmouth. She practiced medicine and world leaders came to her seeking advice. 23. LeStrange He went on to add new episodes that tie Merlin with King Arthur and his predecessors. However, he is vastly popular to closely relate the Holy Grail and the capability to shapeshift.

Bormidium She tracks her progress towards her goals with the free mobile app. Ronald Weasley 170. 25. [note 11], The legendary Brocéliande is often identified as the real-life Paimpont forest in Brittany. Pansy Parkinson

193. Mary Cattermole Most wizards and witches in the Harry Potter universe have regular names, but there are those with more quirky, outlandish or just slightly odd names and surnames. Ammeline Hamstring Helena Ravenclaw [13] In British poetry, Myrddin was a bard driven mad after witnessing the horrors of war, who fled civilization to become a wild man of the wood in the 6th century. Mevrouw de Hejs 14. 114. Joanna Beauchamp 196. Octavia began playing with words as a travel writer. To be honest, I base names on race, not class. 76. It believed that he got supernatural power. He added his own embellishments to the tale, which he set in Carmarthen, Wales (Welsh: Caerfyrddin). 35. The earliest version of the Annales Cambriae entry (in the "A-text", written c. 1100), as well as a later copy (the "C-text", written towards the end of the 13th century) do not mention Merlin. She died peacefully in her home in 1881.

According to folklore, she was a beautiful and wise woman who could easily intimidate anyone, even the police. 90. Some of them have the power to operate the weather elements. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tarot After her death, her daughter's declarations revealed a series of secrets at the high court, including a plot to poison the king. Gayelette Geoffrey's composite Merlin is based mostly on the madman, poet and seer Myrddin Wyllt, a madman, poet and seer known also as "Myrddin the Wild" (or Merlinus Caledonensis in later sources influenced by Geoffrey). Wizard name generator - Harry Potter This name generator will give you 10 random names for wizards and witches part of the Harry Potter universe. Umbridge 160.

[36][note 7] Instead, Merlin's eventual undoing comes from his lusting after another of his female students, named Viviane (among other names and spellings, including Malory's popular Nimue); also called a fairy (French fee) like Morgan, Viviane is first found in the Lancelot-Grail cycle, having been inserted into the legend by either de Boron or his continuator. 80. Trednor Sophie Hatter 116. Lady of the Green Kirtle Lumos Sauron 113. 3. There is a myth about him that he could do that by a magical ring which also known as ‘Seal of Solomon.’ He was also popular as an exorcist. 34. Tiziana 49.

Jirius Proctor. ", Lloyd-Morgan, Ceridwen. He is popularly said to be buried in the magical forest of Brocéliande. Not to mention, he's a master at blowing crazy smoke rings when he puffs on some of that hobbit pipe-weed. ‘The Book of Abramelin’ had written by his contains magical rituals. 100. Frau Totenkinder Le Blanc 147. He's one of the most famous wizards on the planet, and with good reason. 167. Top 10 Fun Facts About Donald Trump | Did You Know. 88. Then, she had raised by Artemis from dead. Learn how your comment data is processed. In the 13th century, Pope Gregory authorized the execution of witches, and the Inquisition was born as an institution that would track down and punish witches and heretics. Gemma Doyle 97. 58. 165. It will help to feed our Blog! The Scarlet Witch [10] Celticist A. O. H. Jarman suggests that the Welsh name Myrddin (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈmərðin]) was derived from the toponym Caerfyrddin, the Welsh name for the town known in English as Carmarthen. Arachne Gorgon Hecate is also popular as ‘Goddess of Witches,’ ‘Goddess of Sorcery,’ and ‘Queen of Ghosts’ in mythology. 137. 154. Rand alThor 42. [21] The demonic legacy invests Merlin with a preternatural knowledge of the past and present, which is supplemented by God, who gives the boy a prophetic knowledge of the future. Eventually, it was directly incorporated into the Vulgate Cycle as the Estoire de Merlin, also known as the Vulgate Merlin or the Prose Merlin. In chivalric romance tradition, Merlin has a major weakness that eventually leads him to his doom: young beautiful women of femme fatale archetype.
140. There, he is often visited by his sister Ganieda (based on Myrddin's sister Gwenddydd) who has become queen of the Cumbrians and is also endowed with prophetic powers.

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