“Anyway, luckily two things sprung to mind after a brief moment of panic: ‘stay calm’, I said to myself, and ‘wiggle a finger’. This experience lasted for about another 10 seconds after that and then the force disappeard. In other words, being afraid only made it worse and made it last longer. A European study of over 8,000 people in Italy and Germany revealed that only 6.2% of the people surveyed had experienced sleep paralysis even one time. Its only happened once and this was at my old house I lived in, but other weird and really creepy stuff had happened before this, but this was the last thing before my family moved. That's just one problem with my sleep. It happened about a year ago. Sleep paralysis is not to be confused with “night terrors” where an individual will awaken and sit bolt upright in a panic, often screaming and flailing their arms wildly, unaware of their surroundings and not knowing where they are. I moved my fingers around, swung my arm around some more, and got bold. The experience of sleep paralysis for most is overwhelmingly negative and malevolent. Its very scary and I have looked for reasons but I rewfuse to believe my experience was sleep parylsis I was up for sometime before anything happened and I can't open doors with my mind yes my body can but I was laying down as it slowly happened no disease makes doors open for you. I consciously attempted to push my head through the bed. There was fear. The earliest one I can remember is with my mother in the room and she’s sitting on my bed, her face morphs into a demon like thing. And it usually isn't in a scary way except at night. First I was tired 'n stuff, and didn't want to go out of bed, but then I decided to get up. Help me! Your Ghost Stories is your source for sharing paranormal experiences and hauntings. [Source], 5. The hand felt solid. I am unfamiliar with the term. I said Help! The first is isolated sleep paralysis or ISP. [Source]. The “evolutionary adaptation” explanation appears to be pure conjecture and theory which, while internally logical, can’t be tested at all. The whole event was very blurry, and I think I was having some dream-overlap, but can’t remember exactly what now. Alps are male and they usually visit women in their sleep. Could you elaborate further on what that means? EDIT: No, the door isn’t open when I wake up. The following comments are submitted by users of this site and are not official positions by yourghoststories.com. Some, a very few, are pleasant. The road was a large farm but at the end our landlord had about ten modular homes on some land she owned. I find it only happens when I sleep on my back after a long deep sleep! Instead I spent a few minutes doing some breathing exercises to ground myself and calm down. Does it only happen when you sleep on your back? So I started waiving my arm around, and my shoulder sliped through. Before I learned to cope with it I’ve seen quite a few awful things. One theory on sleep paralysis is that it’s a result of REM sleep disruption where the body is still in a state of muscle atonia which prevents a dreamer from acting out their dreams. It is commonly accompanied by feelings that something or someone is in the room with them or actually seeing or hearing something as well as a feeling of pressure on the chest and other physical sensations. [Source], 25. [Source]. My chest is spattered by blood and foulness from the rotting heads. But when she finally managed to move her head, she heard one say to the other, “She is waking up. 12. It sounded like it had it's face right it front of mine when it said it. As I look back and here stories I start to wiopnder was it an incubus? I asked around and people have said that salt around ones bed will protect you. It's been about 11 years since that happened and I have never had anything even close to that happen again. In short, nightmare used to mean sleep paralysis, not a bad dream. Usually when this happens I just pick my arm up, but this time I got curious. I would stare at it forever and it would kind of float around. Edited by yourghoststories.com. I can't remember how long it was on top of me but my last option was to pray yet I don't no any prayers so a just oneup and that's when it left. Hey just wanted to share a few things I suck a spelling sorry. I try and move a finger. What’s more, even scientists and experts don’t consider the phenomenon to be “explained.”, 19. [Source]. They like to sit on things for warmth at night. I heard myself speaking but not waking. Granted I'm only 21 but this scared the SH*T out of me! The thought of rape enters my mind. Yeah real scientific lol. They can also predict storms, earthquakes, and even deaths. I was pretty sure I was about to be gone. like being pulled into a void. The thing is, when she asked me "Are you sure you don't want to come?" It was like I was above myself. Below is a fantastic and quite short documentary ‘Devil In The Room’ about this very idea. [Source], 16. I blink. [Source], 29. I still felt something holding me and with my legs spread open. I just think if I try to sleep peacefully then I would hear whispers or I would feel something rub on me and open my eyes someone would be there. I couldn't move my entire body and I am a large woman. (I usually do that if I feel like something bad is about to happen). During sleep, Mares are described as “riding” their victims. […], […] While doing a bit of research on that topic, I also stumbled about an interesting article about sleep paralysis, which I found very enlightening and that also theorized about the existence of those creatures […], […] [Thought Catalog] [Dream Studies] […]. Can anyone please help me and try and explain it to me. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. For the record, I was 100% sober at the time. I awake to a red frosty light outside my window I froze in the bed as a person or something came threw the glass and in a flash was on top of me it felt like a ton as it held me down I could not scream or move at all. Why won’t you just move?! Devil In The Room from Mackinnonworks on Vimeo. The rest of my torso sliped. I just think if I try to sleep peacefully then I would hear whispers or I would feel something rub on me and open my eyes someone would be there. But after when I woke up, I wasn't, nor was I sad, but I was rather enraged, I sprung out of bed, yelling and cursing, due to that I let my mum go alone. tyroneandrews4, sorry ROOT MAN, your comment suggested that it have nothing to do with the story. This is a very common thing for Jinn (ghosts, spirits, whatever you want to call them) to do. No. Regardless, the results are horrifying as these stories show. And everything kind of calmed down since I had my house blessed. [Source]. There did not seem to be any lights on that side of the house to cast the shadow and the windows were not in the path of the road where headlights might be the cause. But I was pinned down, I couldn't do anything. And then fell asleep again. I keep it locked at night because I have had ones where it opens by itself. Dream expert Robert Moss describes one sleep paralysis incident that was both horrifying and disturbingly sexual where a hag appeared to him in his sleep and he couldn’t move. Sleep paralysis is not common. I forget about the body I have left frozen in the bed.” [Source], 23. I don't know about negativity , but I have also been where you have been. Happened to me, there's a name for this "ghost" in arabic which slips my mind, That sounds just like sleep paralysis, check out. I only hear one sound if any later when I was trying to call out and that was a vibrating noise, like the one you hear from a cell phone when it's on Vibrate. I am not sure how long this actually happens. But I did manage to focus my efforts on wiggling a finger. There is nothing for me to do but stay with this. Now they are affecting me all over again. However, the Mare also rides horses and can even ride trees. I am hoping to record my sleep every night to catch this ghostly figure. That's just one problem with my sleep. My daughter was sleeping next to me but she was totally untouched. It’s like I am groggy and just waking up and all of a sudden it feels as if someone or something has me pinned down by the wrists, I feel weight on my chest as if some one is on top of me. Another creature of legend is the Old Hag who comes into the victims room, sits on their chest, and sometimes steals their breath. When I was 24 I had a similar experience. Then when I wake up everyday I feel like I need to sleep in more because I'm tired and sleepy still. I was sleeping and I wanted to wake up and I did. So, the body is asleep but the mind is partly awake and stuck in the surreal world of REM sleep. I couldn't do anything, I tried to call out the 1st time it happened but nothing came out. Just thought I'd tell you peeps about this. You just feel helpless. I've never been in a fight before but I was swinging hopeing to hit whatever was there. Even more disturbing than the fact that there’s a sleep position that seems to facilitate sleep paralysis like some kind of malevolent magic trick is that attempting to stay out of this position doesn’t really work. 3. And I could literally feel strong hands pinning me down by my wrists. I have experienced the Incubis at many levels. Comments Guidelines | Submission Guidelines | Contact. Last night when I was sleeping, I thought I was having a dream, but now I'm not so sure, it felt so real. I spend so much of my time reading and replying to comments on this article, that I believe the scientific explanation is so firmly engrained in my mind, that I didn’t feel the need to ‘double-check’ that were wasn’t somebody or something in the room with me. But I managed to speak that was a break through for me. I slammed back into my body with a feeling of finality. But I haven't had these since I was a kid. As I layed there I felt somethings on me but they never sexually touched me. But when I can finally move I am scared and it is so real you check the locks on the door and look around the house. .8% of those surveyed experienced sleep paralysis around once a week. (1 stories) (1 posts) (the author is a middle age adult), Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators, Old Hags / Night Attacks / Sleep Paralysis, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCSqT5nZ9n4, Millbank, Uphall, West Lothian. I stayed awake for hours thinking what was it. Hoping someone will hear me breathing so loud and will come shake me out of it. I have a long history related to sleep paralysis but I don’t know if it started out of nowhere of if something caused it. One is the Alp that originates from German folklore and which is described as being a small demon-like creature that wears a hat. I was pretty sure I was about to be gone. However, some experiences aren’t malevolent. And finally, one study conducted in 2014 indicates that among those who experienced this humanoid bedroom intruder, those that were afraid of it tended to have longer periods of sleep paralysis than those that didn’t. Powerful. My bedroom door opening by itself followed by dark figures coming into my room. Then, without notice, she shrieks and runs up and starts choking me. About 20 seconds after I initially felt the force on my body I said to it in a quiet but angry voice (and normally I don't swear) "F&#k off". Obviously my physical arm was still laying on the bed. I can’t cry for help. And everything kind of calmed down since I had my house blessed. Sorry, ROOT MAN. At last, the act is done. But now I have this feeling of someone watching me. The calmness I managed with moderate success, perhaps because this was the first episode in a long time, so I was caught out by it. It literally referred to entities that would come into your bedroom, sit on your chest, paralyze you, and crush the breath out of you. Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon where a person wakes up but finds themselves unable to move or speak. She told me though that she did feel someone touching her hair but that was all. Find ghost hunters and paranormal investigators from Australia. I was trying to yell and couldn't, so I tried another approach. I noticed on a few different occasions that my bedroom had shadows that just could not be explained.

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