Less-specific but still commonly described symptoms may include depressed mood, difficulty sleeping, mild anemia, fatigue, or weight gain. The researchers reported: “The present study involving a supplementation of 1000 mg fenugreek for 90 days did not produce any obvious signs of toxicity or adverse effects, as evident from the haematology and biochemical data in comparison with the placebo group.”. What’s more, the majority of the fenugreek supplement group experienced improvements in mood, energy, libido, and sperm count (12). “The analysis of the GCS and SF-36 questionnaires pertaining to the adverse climacteric symptoms and quality of life of the postmenopausal women participated in the present study demonstrated a significant improvement and positive effect of the novel formulation of the Fenugreek supplement in the management of postmenopausal discomforts and hence in the quality of life.”. Fenugreek is used in may cuisines either as a herb, as a spice, or as a vegetable. Bushey, Brandon, et al. Fermented Red Ginseng Boosts Longevity and Fights Cancer. Those scores dropped from 4.35 to 2.21, compared to the placebo group’s change from 4.32 to 4.28. They do not track you around the web, nor collect private information. Various parts of the fenugreek plant have been used in traditional medicine practices throughout history to treat a variety of ailments. Results: Obviously, fenugreek affects hormone levels (that’s why it makes my breasts look and feel amazing when I take it) and clearly, since it increases breast size, its increasing estrogen. For instance, the seeds are rich in saponins and coumarins — chemicals that have been associated with many health benefits, such as reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels (3, 4, 5). Subscribe with your email and receive BOOSTING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM for free! Testosterone helps maintain muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive. Fenugreek does not increase estrogen levels in the body; in fact, it limits their side effects which is why fenugreek is highly recommended for women suffering from PMS symptoms, in fact, according to webmd.com, it is recommended that women take between 1800 and 2700 mg of fenugreek seed powder three times a day for the first three days of a menstrual period, which reduces the need … Secondary outcome measures were sexual function and serum testosterone. These include opioids. Talk to a doctor before trying it. As with any medicinal food or supplement, it is best to add fenugreek to the diet at a slow, steady rate. Steroidal saponins in fenugreek include diosgenin, protodioscin and yamogenin. Background & objectives: MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. All rights reserved. Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial conducted between February and November 2014 in Brisbane, Australia, The active treatment was standardized fenugreek (. Verdict: There is strong scientific and anecdotal evidence that Fenugreek helps increase … Botanicals and Their Bioactive Phytochemicals for Women’s Health. For those who lack estrogen in their body, eating estrogen rich foods should help to get quite a lot of estrogen back into the system. National Center for Biotechnology Information, Unable to load your collection due to an error, Unable to load your delegates due to an error. They include a greater risk of cancer and cardiovascular conditions. Well, unfortunately for me, an increase in estrogen can cause weight gain in some women. If testosterone levels return low, other laboratory measurements should be completed, including for luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating. ©2020 Realnatural, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (Not including the yuk factor of taking an extract of horse urine.). Fenugreek supplements are typically made from concentrated doses of fenugreek seeds. It’s grown and consumed around the world. That’s well documented. One very recent study [10] carried out in the Centre for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine has found that 60 men aged between 25 and 52 who took a fenugreek extract twice daily for six weeks showed an overall positive effect on physiological aspects of libido (sexual drive or desire for sexual activity). Though fenugreek is, by some companies, marketed and sold as a testosterone booster, most studies do not support this claim. Recently, fenugreek has become popular for its purported effects on testosterone levels, causing people to wonder whether it can help treat low testosterone. Get the latest research from NIH: https://www.nih.gov/coronavirus. One study using 3g/kg bodyweight of fenugreek also reported no adverse effects [13]. While more research is necessary, some studies show that fenugreek may have varied health benefits. Our study provided the evidence for estrogenic activities of fenugreek seeds. Substantial Effect of Fenugreek Seeds Aqueous Extract on Serum Estradiol Level in Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome Rat Model. Some research suggests that fenugreek supplements may increase testosterone levels, but additional studies are needed to confirm this. Fenugreek may help increase low testosterone and sperm levels. Symptoms include: • Hot flushes (or flashes) • Night sweats • Skin dryness • Dizziness • Headaches • Breathing problems • Joint and/or muscle pain • Numbness • Vaginal changes • Bleeding issues • Urogenital complaints • Insomnia • Anxiety • Palpitations • Depression • Mood changes • Irritability. Instead of adverse side effects, the fenugreek treatment resulted in positive side effects. Fenugreek may help regulate blood sugar levels, increase breast milk production, and offer anti-inflammatory effects, but more research is needed. People, particularly those with chronic conditions and lactating women, should speak with a doctor before starting fenugreek supplements or significantly increasing their dietary intake. However, very little is known about its estrogenic effect. In a 2014 study, 25 women who had recently given birth drank three cups of fenugreek tea daily for 2 weeks and saw an increase in milk volume in the first weeks. were diagnosed with severe renal and/or hepatic insufficiency. were diagnosed with genital anatomical deformities or had any abnormal secondary sexual characteristics. In fact, fenugreek was given to pregnant women to treat labor pains in ancient Rome and used to treat leg weakness and swelling in traditional Chinese medicine (2). Botanicals and Their Bioactive Phytochemicals for Women’s Health. Now we can add another: The research comes from the Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore, India. MacAdams MR, White RH, Chipps BE. This ‘smart’ ability of this medicinal herb has lent itself to other benefits. Depression scores went from 1.74 to 0.91 in the fenugreek group, compared to 1.76 to 1.82 in the placebo group. Fenugreek does not negatively interact with many drugs, but some of the herb’s compounds may perform similar functions as medications, so taking both may not be safe. Earlier reports show that fenugreek seeds provide a mastogenic effect resulting in enhanced breast size. As feminizing herbs go, fenugreek has garnered a reputation for its ability to enhance feminization in general and breast growth in particular. The women were divided into two groups. COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. NIH Infertility, loss of body hair, and incomplete sexual development may also be clinical presentations. had received any treatment/therapy (including testosterone or anabolic steroids) for any sexual disorder during last 6 months. Transfection and reporter assay (DLR assay), and RT- PCR with an estrogen responsive gene pS2 were done to find out the transcriptional regulatory activity of FCE. These include reducing hyperglycemia and reducing insulin resistance. If you are diagnosed with low testosterone, your healthcare provider will decide the best treatment method for you based on your individual needs. Fenugreek can also act similarly to estrogen in the body, so it may negatively impact people with hormone-sensitive cancers. These stimulatory hormones help clinicians determine whether the identified hypogonadism is of primary or secondary nature. That said, there are many natural ways to increase your testosterone levels, including: In addition to the above tips, there are other natural ways to increase your testosterone. We have laid out some alternatives elsewhere in this publication. Exogenous hormones (also known as bioidentical hormones) are a reasonable approach for some men only after other natural and lifestyle treatment options have been exhausted. This may be because fenugreek seeds contain roughly 48 percent dietary fiber. The researchers also found the fenugreek decreased other symptoms related to menopause. Testosterone is a major factor in your libido, so if Fenugreek helps your sexual health, that’s a good sign there are testosterone benefits to taking it. The fenugreek also stabilized the women’s calcium levels. All information provided on the site is for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Fenugreek might lower blood sugar [11]. Fenugreek supplements are often used by those looking for a natural way to increase testosterone levels. They primarily: In a 2017 study, mice fed a high-fat diet with 2 percent whole fenugreek seed supplementation for 16 weeks had better glucose tolerance than those who did not receive the supplementation. People have used fenugreek for hundreds of years to treat conditions ranging from unstable blood sugar to low testosterone. The present study investigated the effect of chloroform extracts of fenugreek seeds (FCE) in breast cancer cells for its estrogenic effect, and to assess its capacity as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Many people use fenugreek supplements to naturally increase low testosterone levels. doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2020.e03310. Pregnant women should avoid using fenugreek because it contains compounds that can stimulate contractions and may cause birth abnormalities. El Bairi K, Ouzir M, Agnieszka N, Khalki L. Biomed Pharmacother. However, people have been using fenugreek in varying forms for hundreds or potentially thousands of years to treat a very wide range of conditions, such as: Of all the reported health benefits of fenugreek, only a few have been substantially backed by scientific evidence. It’s important to note that some of the studies that found increases in testosterone levels were sponsored by companies that had invested in the fenugreek products being tested. Male hypogonadism is associated with a number of health problems, including increased risk of metabolic syndrome, reduced cognition, and osteoporosis. Another study [12] evaluating fenugreek as 5α-reductase inhibitor failed to affect dihydrotestosterone (non-significant increase) levels. “Physiological Aspects of Male Libido Enhanced by Standardized Trigonella foenum‐graecum Extract and Mineral Formulation.”, Wilborn, Colin, et al. fenugreek increases estrogen. For example, certain vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements, including vitamin D, zinc, and ashwagandha, have been shown to raise testosterone (33, 34). eCollection 2020 Jan. Ben Hameid AS, Al-Sindi TA, Allow AK, Nafie EM, Alahmad BE, Faisal GG. Symptoms of low testosterone include low sex drive, fatigue, depressed mood, reduced energy, erectile dysfunction, and more (10). So in that way, yes, it works.  |  When blood estradiol levels fall, estrogen receptors on the surface of cells lay empty – producing some dysfunction within the cells. A 12-week study in 50 men demonstrated that those who took a daily 500-mg fenugreek supplement that contained concentrated amounts of protodioscin experienced significant improvements in their testosterone levels. Ask doctors free. Fenugreek has been researched for its potential to naturally increase testosterone.

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