Since the sun sets ~ 6pm every day in the Galapagos, they can not safely leave any later. There are no ferries that do this kind of distance in the area. could you please advise? Hello, is that easy to visit the Isla Isabela and Isla San Cristobal without a tour guide? Were you lucky to make your connection? Each ferry crossing normally takes between 2-3 hours. It would be a long day of travel doing that! For the latest travel status, we recommend checking the official page for Ecuador. Is it ok to get on the 7am Baltra – San Cristobal ferry and get the 11.15am flight from San Cristobal to Quito? From Isla Isabel to Santa Cruz. There are no such speed boats. We’re arriving on the morning of the 3rd with the Avianca 9:20 AM flight (I’ve already heard about the frequent delays with Avianca) and want to go immediately to Isabela for two nights instead of staying on Santa Cruz overnight. Can You tell me, on which time the ferry leave Baltra to Santa Cruz? So I have a question myself. We are coming to the Galapogas in December this year (from Wellington NZ) There will be container ships, but no regular ferry lines. Do they charge extra? Instead, winds from south gently pick up in the evening and we are on our way again! We use private boats on our tours when going between islands and at times like Christmas have to pay more $$$ to ensure all tour services go smoothly…so we can not say with 100% certainty that you will easily find a ferry on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. Hi Kristina! Then this raises another issue – do you think that the ferry will operate on Christmas day ? If you’re really stuck, look into flights with Emetebe from Isabela to Baltra. If 10am is too late for tours in Santa Cruz, then we would possibly spend that mid-day again in Santa Cruz and go on to Isabela in the afternoon- for the night of the 24th in Isabela, night of 25th (doing a tour from Isabela), night of 26th (doing a tour from Isabela), and depart the morning of the 27th for Santa Cruz- and again try to catch a tour on Santa Cruz if it worked. Thank you for the detailed info! Our website uses cookies. It has an urban population of 880,691, with over 1.5 million in its metropolitan area. They go back and forth as soon as the barge is full. I am going to a wedding on San Cristobal the first of Nov. 2017. The islands are very far off the coast. Is there any way I could leave Isabela that morning and still catch my flight? Despite COVID-19 with ferries in the summer vacation 2020! I have a flight out of Baltra at 10am. i.e could I book a ticket for Santa Cruz to Isabela whist I am on San Cristobol? As for tickets, you should be fine buying them that day, or having the boat staff buy them for you the day before if you are worried. In the morning on the third day, January 19, about 200 miles from the Columbian coast, 2oo miles from Panama and 300 miles from Ecuador we approach Malpelo Island- a sinister and forbidding rock formation plunging vertically into the depths of the Pacific Ocean, renowned for its abundance of sharks. About 80 miles before the equator, we reach the doldrums- a no wind zone, where the winds kind of switch from north to south with periods of total calms.

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