Henry Cole and Simon O'Brien travel across the UK to find unique items lost in people's homes to fix up for a profit Martin is currently living in a village in Seend, Wiltshire, with his family. First shown: Fri 13 Oct 2017 | 45 mins. is a BBC television series that has been broadcast since 27 May 2002, presented by Paul Martin (although the first five episodes were presented by Mark Harnden).[1]. Our best wishes for a productive day. Flog It! Later, due to her keen eye and sharp skills, she was hired as an antique buyer. Another part would be how the profit made by the experts in the show is something the participant auctioneer can never make. The participant has an expert as a partner, and they together try to sell the item for the most value. Born on March 27, 1954, in Kidderminster, Serrell is currently 65 years of age. Mark Stacy is another British antique expert who appears in a lot of show as an appraiser for the antiques. She began with buying antique furniture in auctions around her locality. Series 2 Episode 15. The show follows a similar formula to Antiques Roadshow, with members of the public bringing their antiques to be viewed and valued by a team of experts. So, we will be looking at some of them as well. on British television. Anita used to drive around the whole country in a truck, buying, and selling antiques. Some of the show which Mark makes recurring appearances in is Flot It! With all his career struggles, Mark has earned some wealth to show for his hard work. Flog It! But he wasn’t always an antique expert; before getting into antique business, Philip was a teacher. is a show about selling and buying antiques, and with over 1000 episodes, its bound to have controversies in its name. Thanks! Find It, Fix It, Flog It is back on Channel 4 with a brand new season. Flog It! Godfery and Martin got married on September 9, 2007, and have two children so far. Find out whether equity release is for you with this guide written by Paul Lewis for our partner Age Partnership. Philip Serrell is one of the regular experts to appear in the show Bargain Hunt and Flog It! Scottish antique expert Anita Manning is from Glasgow, UK. But this show is more than ripping off peoples who do not know the value of objects they own. Watch Flog It! The host and presenter of the show Flog It! TV presenters mostly host one or two shows at a time. Series 2 Episode 16. Briony and Philip even have a daughter together, Clementine. Find out when Flog It! At Normanby Hall in Leicestershire in 2013 a rare, but unrecognised Australian Aboriginal shield was discovered, that subsequently sold at auction for £30,000, being purchased by the Sydney Museum.

It was noted in early 2017 that Flog It! The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! Flog It Cast Back with New Season or Is it Cancelled? Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download.

Paul Martin met his wife Charlotte Godfery while working for the TV show in BBC. Kate Bliss herself presented several editions c. 2004-2005, when Paul Martin was unavailable.

What Happened To Mountain Men’s Marty Meierotto? Her daughter lives with her in Glasgow, but her son lives in Hongkong. The major news about Flog It! is a BBC television series that has been broadcast since 27 May 2002, presented by Paul Martin (although the first five episodes were presented by Mark Harnden). - Season 4, Episode 3 - London: Everyone's invited to join an antiques auction and sell some beloved objects with the help of some experts. The pain controversy surrounding the 17-year-old show would be the staging or scripting of the show. He left the job as a teacher to become an antique dealer, for which he specialized in fine arts and antiques as a Chartered Surveyor. While being a stay at home mother, Anita started delving into antiques, which has always been an interest of hers. Which she later sold for £3800 in an auction making a 7500% profit. Their son, Dylan William Martin, was born in November 2009, and their daughter, Meredith Elizabeth Martin, was born in October 2011. [3], On 2 October 2018, it was announced by the BBC that they would be axing the show after 17 years as part of a shake-up to "modernise" the daytime schedule.[4][5][6]. Currently he's the presenter of World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides (Travel Channel Worldwide), The Motorbike Show (ITV4 and Discovery Networks), Shed and Buried (ITV and Travel Channel Worldwide), The Motorbike Show Special: Steve McQueen's Motorcycles, Find It, Fix It, Flog It (Channel 4) and more recently Find It, Fix It, Drive It (More4). The risk remains that the item being auctioned by the public will get low balled by the expert. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. for 18 years and even met wife on show - here's what he's doing now it's been axed TV antiques expert Paul Martin, 59, on his life after Flog It!, and transforming his body...", "Flog It!, Series 14, Powderham Castle 48", "Flog It: Trade Secrets, Series 1, Something for Nothing", "Flog It: Trade Secrets, Series 1, Found", "Flog It: Trade Secrets, Series 2, Weird & Wonderful", "Flog It: Trade Secrets, Series 2, Hearth and Home", "Flog It: Trade Secrets, Series 3, All that Glisters", "Flog It: Trade Secrets, Series 3, Eastern", "Flog It!

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