– Get a written statement from the vendor that the weight and balance information shown in the aircraft documentation – particularly the empty weight – is correct. Kent also lands his Interstate on top of a mobile home, albeit with a flat ‘runway’ top, which is quite something to see. So eventually I set off for Yarrawonga, a rest and refuel stop on the way to Albury, to pick up a Foxbat cabin cover from Diane at Punkinhead Airsports and a Mr Funnel filter from Peter McLean at P&M Aviation, both ordered by Simon. The purpose of these guidelines is not to stop you buying your dream (although there are a couple of red flags) but to ensure you go into the purchase with your eyes open and are fully aware of what you are taking on. Look for water damage inside the aircraft. Even after that, there were intermittent and heavy rain showers, so the day was pretty well a wipe-out. Remember those days? Finally, I called Albury Airport management to check what, if anything, I needed to do after landing – with regard to the permit, health checks and so on. Again, it was one of my dream planes and great to fly, particularly if you wanted to get somewhere fast! Think of the aircraft rocking in the wind for a couple of years…. Any prop strike, however apparently minor, mandatorily requires the gearbox to be checked and overhauled by a qualified Rotax engineer. – seat belt correct installation (A22L & A22LS) – windscreen cracks  (A22LS & A32) – When was the last time the gearbox slipper clutch tension was checked? The airport manager took all my details over the phone and cleared me to exit the airport and go to my motel. Without any kind of acknowledgement, over the next half an hour most of the others removed the reference to the Foxbat, substituting with words like ‘a small 2-seat light aircraft’. Foxbats and Vixxens have an enviable reputation for holding their prices but do not let this general reputation sway your careful examination of the aircraft. – Has there ever been a prop strike? In the end, I sent ‘urgent’ emails to the various newsrooms to say the aircraft was not a Foxbat. we highly recommended any pilot to learn more about them and experience them from the pilot seat.

The media makes it as difficult as possible for you to correct their mistakes. Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. – similar to the normal category but with less stringent requirements eg aggravated use of controls for FAR 23 The aircraft was designed and built, by the renowned Adams family in Queensland, as a surveillance aircraft. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! winds on Sunday and Monday for our trip home. – The asking price of the aircraft should reflect all the factors above. It looked like Simon and Jane would have to wait at least 6 weeks before they could fly their nice new shiny red aeroplane. For 2020, all A22LS Foxbats with the Y-stick control configuration will now standardise on the ‘long leg’ raised instrument panel. – rudder cable bulletin (A22L & A22LS) Therefore, get a written statement from the vendor either that the aircraft has not been modified after original new delivery or that if it has, specific Letter(s) of Approval (LOAs) have been issued – and are attached with the statement. There are a couple of minor downsides – the acrylic screen needs special jigs both for original installation and when a replacement screen is fitted; it’s also more expensive than the original, flat sheet design. The purpose of these guidelines is not to stop you buying your dream (although there are a couple of red flags) but to ensure you go into the purchase with your eyes open and are fully aware of what you are taking on. We also got some good pictures over Martha Cove Marina. (all bulletins are on our website at https://www.foxbat.com.au/safety-bulletins.html)

The minimum number of turns in the spin before recovery action was three. However, after extensive experience with TRIG – a UK (well, Scotland actually) manufacturer – we have decided to include the TRIG TY91 VHF radio as standard on all A22LS and A32 aircraft in Australia. Very weird.

Although replacement polycarbonate screens will continue to be available, a retro-fit acrylic screen kit will also be available for owners wishing (optionally) to replace their existing polycarbonate screen, should it become damaged. Monday 16 December 2019 dawned clear and cool – with a forecast of a hot and sunny, 35+ degrees celsius (that’s 95+ degrees Fahrenheit in old money), later in the day. In late June all was looking good… Although a thorough inspection may cost you up to A$500, it could save you ‘000s.

STOL capabilities with takeoff and landing roll of under 100m. His sole aim was to make the whole buying and owning process memorable and enjoyable for customers. If the vendor is not prepared to give this statement, walk away! – All applicable Rotax service bulletins have been completed. It was very strange when the pilot, announcing our descent into Melbourne, addressed me by name! – The total running time for the engine is recorded correctly. AUD $119,750 no GST negotiable. As well as the easy folding wing, add side-by-side seating, a good weight carrying capability, a genuine 95 knots TAS and you have the makings of an excellent bush plane – some might say it would eat Big Cats for breakfast! Recently, there has been a great deal of discussion and concern following an unfortunate incident in a certified aircraft.

Nevertheless, the results are amazingly good. It can hold 100 lts of usable fuel with a burn of 20 l/hr. Then, second shock – it was running OK and I was the only passenger on the SAAB twin turbo-prop aircraft. First among these is a new windscreen design, using moulded 3mm acrylic instead of … Finally it was time for me to wish them bon voyage back to Cairns – probably a leisurely 2-3 day trip – and I proceeded to the passenger terminal to check in for my flight back to Melbourne. 3. Remember to write down responses, as the answers to all your questions will form part of your contract to buy, should you decide to go ahead.

He seemed to have a natural flair for aircraft control, whatever the size of the aircraft. CONDITION: Used TT: Not Listed ROTAX 582 57 SMOH Call/Fax/Email Dave with your needs!! He brought new ideas and excitement to both Foxbat and AeroEdge. We have offered a variety of VHF radios over the years, including the popular German Filser/Funkwerk OLED radio. Many years later, after a serious dalliance with hot air ballooning, I revitalised my fixed-wing license and came to live in Australia, where my life in the air has been transformed in many wonderful ways I could never have dreamed. And very complex to maintain – I suppose it was primarily designed for civil/military use rather than private flying. Best climb is 1,200 fpm at 57 knts. First shock – the Albury passenger terminal was completely empty. With only 657 hrs since May 2010 and the last 100hourly completed on the 24th August, it has a whole life time of fun and adventure to share. However a power-on prop strike has been known to twist the crankshaft. – When was the last time the gearbox slipper clutch tension was checked? Finally, I called Albury Airport management to check what, if anything, I needed to do after landing – with regard to the permit, health checks and so on.

A nice touch – now I know what it feels like (well, almost) to have your own private airliner! Ido worked with me at Foxbat Australia for over 3 years and, for the last 18 months or so, we were joint directors of AeroEdge Australia.

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