Those files must be copied, using any preferred method, to all client machines where they are to be used. Microsoft 365 A3/A5/ Student Use Benefits 3. By default, Rules and Rule Sets are accessed from C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\Rules. Microsoft 365 F1 4. Only Environment Variables present at sign-on are supported. Application Masking and Java Version Control rely on Rules and Rule Sets. Environment variables are case sensitive. When installed run the FSLogix Apps RuleEditor with Administrative privileges. In this case, the Rule Set would apply to everyone except User1. NOTE: The rules will be saved in the Documents folder by default. Click “Scan”. Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Subscriber Access License (SAL) FSLog… By default, Rule Sets apply to Everyone when active. After you've configured the assignment list, you can select Set As Template and all new assignment lists will default to the current state of the assignment list. The following process changes the scope that the Rule Set is applied to. Application Masking and Java Version Control rely on Rules and Rule Sets. Enter FSLogix AppMasking to once again simply my life. Next select the application we want to hide, in this case Microsoft Office. Assignments are executed from top to bottom. Assignments are executed from top to bottom. The compiled rule set files are located in C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\CompiledRules, Manage the user and group assignments for Rule Sets, Hiding Rule - hides the specified items using specified criteria, Redirect Rule - causes the specified item to be redirected as defined, App Container Rule - redirects the specified content into a VHD, Specify Value Rule - assigns a value for the specified item. The Application Rules Editor is used to Describe the item, such as application, to be managed. For instance, GitHub should be hidden from the Accounting group. The following variables and wildcards may be used for specifying paths as described. You get a much simpler App-V deployment with App-V Scheduler, a higher chance of your App-V apps working with global publishing and the ability to restrict access thanks to FSLogix but wait! In this example, one rule set has already been created named Contoso_1 with GitHub Desktop added. FSLogix App Masking works with App-V applications! It is used to create the rule sets and to assign the rule sets via assignments. Application Masking manages access to Applications, Fonts, and other items based on criteria. The user must have appropriate rights to the network resource. You can simply mask the app from anyone who should not have access to it. The first assignment applies the Rule Set to Everyone, the second specifies the Rule Set does NOT apply to User1. Using AppMasking rules, we can create the perfect junk-free Start Menu with simplicity and ease, also allowing for an immediate rollback of any changes should things go pear-shaped, reverting the … When creating rule sets, two different files are generated (fxr & fxa file). To redirect to a network location, enter the path (in UNC format) into the Destination field. Rule Set Assignments specify how the Rules in the Rule Set will be applied. The FSLogix agent is required to be installed on all machines where Application Masking is going to be used.". The first time you enter the Apps Rules Editor there won't be any rule sets in the left panel. By default, Rules and Rule Sets are accessed from C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\Rules. Files and directories can be redirected to resources located on a network. In this case, the Rule Set would apply to everyone except User1. Variables are preceded and followed by two underscore characters, The following Environment Variables may be used in both source and destination paths. Example: Consider if two assignments were made for the same Rule Set. Give the set a name like “MSOffice365”. Install all applications, printers, fonts, and other resources to be managed with Application Masking; Apply any organization-specific configuration for intended environments; Create your first Rule Set. If the assignments above is reversed, so the application to Everyone is after the exclusion of User1, the Rule Set would apply to Everyone. The service will then notify the driver of a change and the driver performs a live update of your installed rule sets. After creating Rule Sets and Rules, select the rule set you want and click File then Manage Assignments. You are eligible to access FSLogix Profile Container, Office 365 Container, Application Masking, and Java Redirection tools if you have one of the following licenses: 1.

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