England and Wales company registration number 2008885. John, like a lot of forums there is a time limit on when you can edit otherwise following posts do not make sense. to secured creditor GE Commercial Corporation. 1000-unit minimum order by any dealership wanting to reintroduce the brand Geist Aktiv Range (Caravan): 5 out of 5 stars from 5 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au. Buy, sell or hire new and used trucks, buses and equipment at Australia's No. [Tent Reviews], Please note we are not responsible for the content of external sites & any reviews represent the author's personal view only. They are a touring van, not off road or long stretches of corrugated road. There is a DVD put out by C&M featuring the Geists. Australia's No.1 place to buy, sell or research a caravan or camping equipment. Even if the vehicle is at a slight angle, that could be the problem with the cooling unit. We find that fifteen litres each per day, lets us use the shower, cook and have a cuppa, we can stretch the tank out to last three days, free camping. I think that your message would have been better received without the attacks on others. permission of Dennis Amor. James Donald He had a wheel come adrift on his and wrecked his wheel arch and damaged the surrounding panels, he couldn't get the parts he needed and ended up have compromise repairs done by a local repairer, this was after some time investigating various avenues. (I hope this makes sense?). They also have an interesting safety feature? He urged enthusiasts to support his website at PS: The Geist gathering is at Yamba, 22 May 2013. order of 1000 units per year may be outside what is feasible to sell," he These hitches contain a friction pad and locking device that prevents sway, they are of an over ride nature. outnumbered Did you read the links posted by Wombat that point to the testing & upgrades for Aussie conditions? × Looked at what went wrong and went back to Germany and upgraded the areas necessary. Vic  - Mitsubishi Outlander and rear end tent.... We have recently purchased a second hand Exlusive 660 and wondering where we can purchase some parts. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. × In our case, we thought that the 485 and 535 where the best layouts for a small van and the ensuites where by far the best in the range. Hi All anybody own a Geist caravan would like to here your cmments please been looking to buy one on my second german van now find them excellent just gone from 2 - 4 berth now looking to go fixed or twin bed had several british vans sorry never again to many problems and leaks etc ?   Your previous content has been restored. This appears to have been caused by failure of the chassis rail on the BPW v-tech swing chassis. By A bit like saying Japanese cars are not built to suit Australian conditions???? popular brands are now doing". It is now in the hands of the factory in factory and at least two gatherings of Geist owners in Australia this We did not receive notice of the recall as the dealer from whom we purchased new in 2005 gave up the franchise. One of the big advantages of the European caravans in general is there towing hitch and brakes. into the Australian market towards the end of 2010". It appears that the previous owner may have left the jockey wheel down as he travelled and has bent it slightly and I would like to replace it. Catch ya later,indoors. -- Edited by Landfall on Wednesday 11th of April 2012 07:46:30 PM. Parts are becoming scarce, although there is a regular supply coming from the UK. He wondered whether the factory would agree to "flat pack" units being Which new battery to be slimmer but affordable. Blackhart I like the look of them & they are German made I think, but like you I would be very careful on questions of suitability for Aussie conditions & service availability before commiting. The first recommendation I would make is do not post on this site as one cannot edit or change the information. The BPW Swing V-Tec chassis was employed, with a Winterhoff hitch stabiliser. Also one guy said they had a big crease in the wallboard. Strip away the vitriol & you make some good points. Gives me more faith in the product despite the shortage of supplier support. [Virtual Brochure]  A guy had heard there was a problem and thought there ought to be a recall !! We are all entitled to our opinions & should be able to air them without the risk of verbal attack. Again Lllie,read through threads on this forum, take advice from other experianced caravaners, have your caravan checked and serviced by a reputable person and enjoy. I have discovered chassis cracks. Very comfortable and a dream to tow. They tow, unbelievable. My Geist is still going after doing 400 km on dirt roads in the Flinders Ranges … By Mr Treasure hoped there would be further talks with Geist UK and the Being trained to this, we take a couple of twenty litre containers with us whenever we go for a drive, this extends our free camping out for whatever time we need. Am interested in a light weight van bout 21foot that can be towed by a falcon. I have a Geist Spirit 560 Motorhome. Permalink . Thanks for that, seems a couple of people " may " have had for whatever reason a problem with their 'vans, all I can offer Lillie is the fact that in the ten years I have known the company LMC/TEC, the Chairman and the Marketing Director personaly, I have not been aware of a recall by the 'van or the chassis manufacturer. because it would involve a major investment to tool a factory in Australia ... geist Review Clear All. There are a lot of ignorant remarks posted by people who have never owned or towed one. Hello Landfall, That is the most informative reply I have ever read. would love to go this way. The van has been serviced every year by a caravan service engineer. found "then some spectacular new vans and possibly motorhomes could come May 15, 2011 in Other Models. I am aware of the shortcomings of European vans in general and the associated risks of buying one. A guy met someone in France who'd had so many problems, he'd got a replacement 'van. Ask a question about Geist Aktiv Range in Caravans. The LV/XK 485 (ours) has two North/South singles at the front of the van, which can be made into a very large Queen size bed by pulling out a slatted extension built in to the centre cupboard. The profile was distinctive, but not particularly attractive. "It certainly would force the RVMAA lobby group to shed some of their own As I said, we used to tow with our Falcon XR6Turbo and never had any problems towing at any speed on any type of road. Oakhurst also traded under the names Fraser Coast Ben, another repair place who deal with all sorts of caravans is Caboolture Caravan Repairs who would be worth contacting, see; What state are you in? Is there anyone out there who had a recall? Thankyou very much for your reply, I am sorry I do not know whar you mean by PM you but my email address is dpemberton at tinyworld.co.uk if you could email me. That was the water pressure regulator beagn to leak and the LPG regulator valve clogged up.

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