However, the “oil factor” reduces U.S. leverage and freedom of action vis-à-vis that country. It has been argued that the first instance of geopolitics was Orientalism, the imaginative geography of the West versus the rest so eloquently elucidated by Edward Said. Since the 2000s, the European Union (EU) has promoted biofuels for transport to achieve climate change mitigation, and rural development in the global South. It is an undeniable fact if someone claims there are possibilities for the Republic of India to be the emerging superpowers of the world as they are several potential attributes can indicate the growth of this country. Before the 15th century, people of groups were organized in different ways such as in tribes, city- states, empires, and kingdoms. What part does GIS or Geographical Information System, plays in evaluating a place’s coordinates? From the beginning of the last century, when the term ‘geopolitics’ itself was first used by the Swedish political scientist Rudolf Kjellén, the range of explanations widely extends. The wars were a major pivoting point in history as it attained the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. Other terms that have described this oppositional attitude include counter-hegemonic geopolitics, geopolitics from below, countergeopolitics, alternative geopolitics, anti-imperialist geopolitics, geopolitics of and for social movements, other geopolitics, and so on. Although it is known that Cold War went on until the fall of Soviet Union, but we should notice that it was Vietnamese largest army campaign which is “Tet Offensive” blowing the United States’ army base caused and made an effective turn around in history. The population of the citizens below the age of 35 is estimated to be almost 65% of its population. These five topics shows and dissects different parts of the world in conjunction with the development of the geopolitics in this day and age. He is also a member of the Bhratiya Janata Party (BJP). What is so fascinating about it? China has proven to have grown tremendously in their economy throughout the years. Some of its associated ideas have attracted analytical attention, such as the anti-geopolitical eye in feminist geopolitics. Regrettably, by this absorption of smaller nations into larger ones, it is usually at the expense of sacrificing one ethnic in order for the other to flourish. The third major issue being faced by Trump is China. The dissertation is an opportunity for students to design and independently execute a substantial piece of research on a subject of their own choice. These five topics shows and dissects different parts of the world in conjunction with the development of the geopolitics in this day and age. These details are considered in subsections ‘The nexus between society and space as a basic element of the geopolitical imagination’ ‘The nation-state as the fundamental “territorial trap” of the geopolitical imagination’, and ‘Post-structuralism and discourse analysis as a basis for the deconstruction of geopolitical representations’. At the 13th century, the Delhi Sultanate was founded by the nomadic Central Asian Turks at northern part of India which indicated the staring era of Muslim rule.

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